Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask

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Favorite Sleeping Mask!

I have normal but dehydrated skin and have been COMPLETELY OBSESSED with this product. First of all, I love Cosrx - perfect for sensitive skin -
because their products don't have artificial fragrance. Their products seem simple but they're super potent. As for this product, I've been using this for a year, alternating it with the Laniege Waterbank sleeping mask... which is equally hydrating. I find that this is less fun to use, because the latter has a cooling feeling immediately when applied and this one leaves a very slight sticky film on my skin, so I apply very sparingly. Have repurchased but will still repurchase the Laniege one as well. Nonetheless, I love the instant effect this give... It soothes, relieves my tired, dehydrated skin and it really makes my skin plump and just nourished, as promised. I really love sleeping masks because they feel so rewarding.

8 months ago

Definitely recommend!! For quick results :-)

Definitely recommend this product! I use it as an overnight mask and when I wash it off in the morning, you definitely feel its effects already. My skin feels softer and smoother after using this product. You should definitely add it to your skin care routine, especially those with dry facial skin. I think it would definitely help you :-)

12 months ago
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Surprising Result

I have been using this product for barely 2 weeks only and I can significantly see the effect already. My face is smoother and clearer the next day. The oiliness was also reduced significantly. I will make this a permanent sleep on mask routine. This is a must try product.

over 1 year ago
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That extra oompff after your moisturizer

After reading a lot of raves for this product, I decided to but one for myself when my old one ran out. I was a bit disappointed that this did not come with a spatula but otherwise, Im sold. It feels really sticky just like what an overnight mask should. I noticed that my face was softer and smoother once I wash my face in the morning as compared to when I only use my moisturizer.

over 1 year ago

Baby butt soft

Although I have just tried the sample size of this prodyct I can say that I will totally bot getting rid of this in my skin care routine! I put this during nightine last step of my skin care routine and in the morning after I wash my face feels like a baby's butt! I really love and would re purchase this forever!

5 months ago
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Sure that you'll love it too!

The packaging it comes with is easily loveable. It really doesn't have a distinct smell to it so that's a plus. I usually add a drop of Rosehip oil to this cream and it just works perfectly for me. I only use it twice or thrice a week but it depends on your preferences. It makes sure that your face stays moisturized which is great for those with dry skin types. After using it for 2 months already, I can see that this product would last longer than I thought it would. I only wish that it included a spatula.

5 months ago
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A definite favorite!

I've been using this for the past two months now and I just love how wonderful my skin feels the next day. This is perfect for nights when I know I won't be getting enough sleep or I just need that extra pampering. I layer this on as a last step, after a light moisturizer, and it cools my skin and seals everything in for the night. Would definitely repurchase.

6 months ago
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Creamy and smooth!

I could already tell that this mask will last for months. Little goes a long way with this mask and it is so compact and creamy. I tried all the masks by cosrx and this one, I think has the best value for money because it is so 'siksik'. The cream itself is hydrating but does not feel sticky at all. I just love the brand cosrx! It works wonders for my skin.

7 months ago
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Supple is the new sexy!

I definitely hit the jackpot when I purchased this one. It says it's best for dry and dull skin and it REALLY is! I've been using this product every night for 2 weeks now and I've been waking up to supple, glowing and moisturized skin ever since. In terms of oiliness, I was skeptical at first that it wouldn't make my skin oily because it felt heavy and sticky for me but maybe it's because it was my first time to try overnight masks and I was not familiar with how overnight masks were supposed to be. Overall- it indeed does its magic, doesn't give an oily feeling the next morning after rinse, and my skin is not dry anymore. Totally HG for me!

7 months ago
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An impulsive buy that I don't regret

I bought this during a trip to Hong Kong when I was desperately in need of a heavier moisturizer, after I realised that my Vitamin C serum and Vitamin E gel combined cannot give me enough moisture on the 11-18*C February weather out there. And it worked. I came back to regular programming in 34*C Manila and it still worked. I had oily skin but after using this, I noticed that I'm now leaning towards normal skin. I have yet to witness the brightening powers of this moisturizer, but I love that it makes my skin so smooth and soft in the morning, even after washing it off. This stuff is brilliant.

11 months ago
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Moisturize Like Crazy!!

This is easily comparable to the Honey Overnight Mask that Cosrx offers, and it gives off just the same amount of moisturizing to your skin. I usually use it after my moisturizer and my skin feels soooooo smooth the next day!! I can't help but rave about this product! I think this is quite underrated and not as popular as the other Cosrx products, but this should also be up there!! Like any other Cosrx product, this is holy grail worthy and and works wonders on the skin. One tub is quite small but with the right amount of usage everyday, this is bound to last you for a while.

11 months ago
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This is my first ever attempt to use an overnight mask, and it did not disappoint! I use it every time I feel like my face is dull and tired. This product is also customer friendly (meaning - it's not complicated to us), so you really can't go wrong with this. I guess the only down side to this is that it's kind of small with its price (I've consistently noticed this with COSRX products), so thank God that a little product goes a long way! Definitely a must try.

11 months ago

Best ever in skin brightening and moisturizing

This is by far the best of the 4 cosrx products I am currently using. I use this at night and the snail cream during daytime. It is a bit greasy for oily skin but after the wash off in the morning, my skin feels moisturized and hydrated. This gave me the bright and even skin I was aiming for.

12 months ago
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Very nice and effective!

I recently got into Korean skincare routine and found Cosrx among the brands most people talk about. I don't really remember why I bought this one but it's really effective! It makes the skin softer the next morning. I actually tried using it as a day moisturizer because I have dry patches around my mouth area last December. Really good! But kinda heavy lol. It's perfect as a sleeping mask try it!

9 days ago
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Love it!

I've been using the product for about a month up to four times a week. I have oily combination skin that is sensitive and acne prone. I won the skin lottery. My skin is usually pretty blah which tends to mean that I can tell a super good product pretty quickly because my skin drinks up goodness like it's never had it before. This product is ok. I haven't seen a big difference in my skin other than slightly more moisture. Glad I tried it, no harm done but probably wouldn't repurchase.

14 days ago
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Thank you COSRX

I freakin freakin freakin loooove this product from COSRX. It's all worth it! It didn't just gave my face hydration but it even healed and flattened my acne bumps and acne scars. Use this as a sleeping mask and expect to wake up with soft and brightened skin. I also use this as my go to moisturizer in the morning and I looove it.

19 days ago

True to its claim!

I have been using this for more than 3 months already. This product makes my skin super moisturized the next day and it does not feel greasy at night. It is also very easy to apply and the scent is amazing. This is one of my favorite products from Cosrx.

29 days ago
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Nourishing rice...

It's a good overnight mask... It's nourishing... After a good night's sleep I noticed that my face seem to be glowing but most of the time it tends to be more oily... But the good thing is, it doesn't give me any zits... But overall it's a good product... I can recommend this product to those with dry skin

about 1 month ago
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Holy Grail

This is an HG item in my nightly routine. I use this every night after I put on my moisturizer. I was pleasantly surprised on how FAST I saw the results. I saw it the morning after my first use (no joke). My face felt so soft and looked so smooth. I recommended this to a friend who is prepping her skin for her wedding.

about 2 months ago
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Move over, moisturizer!!

Creamy is a word that I'll pick if I should describe this in one word. This is a highly moisturizing mask that I don't need to use moisturizer in conjunctionwith this. In fact, my face gets over moisturized if I do so. So, I only use this sparingly because it is that effective. It helps my skin stay hydrated and plump too :)

about 2 months ago