BMNL 2016 Awards BHA Blackhead Power Liquid by COSRX

BHA Blackhead Power Liquid

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CLAIM TO FAME: A pore-clearing treatment that helps removes blackheads

FAST FACTS: Dislodges blackheads, sebum buildup, or dead skin cells trapped inside pores; prevents oxidized sebum from turning into more blackheads; made with 4% BHA mixed with natural BHA and betaine salicylate to gently clear away impurities; formulated with willow bark water, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid to moisturize and brighten the skin

PERFECT FOR: Skin prone to blackheads and large pores

WHAT YOU GET: (1) bottle BHA Blackhead Power Liquid
NET WEIGHT: 100 ml
INGREDIENTS: Salix alba (willow) bark water, butylene glycol, betaine salicylate (4), niacinamide, 1,2-hexanediol, arginine, panthenol, sodium hyaluronate, xanthan gum, ethyl hexanediol. pH is 4.

Apply a small amount to the target area morning or night after washing/cleansing your face. Spread an even amount over the rest of the face, avoiding the eye area. If used in the morning, apply sunscreen afterwards. When applying to a target area with blackheads, massage lightly and allow full absorption.

COSRX is a cult-fave Korean brand that uses safe and natural ingredients to create minimal yet functional products catering to the needs of all skin types. With more than ten years of experience under its belt, COSRX has actively worked in research and product development to address the needs of its clients. Its client-based, communication-maximizing approach to developing cosmetics and skincare makes its products among the most coveted in the world.

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It's really effective!

I've been using this everyday now for about 2 weeks together with the AHA power liquid of cosrx. At first I really doubted this product because it would sting but there was no difference. But now, my blackheads on my nose have almost disappeared and my pores have slightly gotten smaller. I look forward to seeing more improvement! I use it in the morning while I use the AHA product at night because according to the slightly difficult to understand instructions on the box, you shouldn't use AHA and BHA products at the same time. They both sting most of the time but disappear after a minute or so. The only downside is my skin has been feeling dryer than usual since I started using this which means I should probably just alternate them. Another thing I missed on the instructions is that you're suppose to start off by using it once or twice a week then gradually increasing it for your skin to adjust which is probably why mine got pretty dry. Other than the stinging and dryness, I am very happy with the effectiveness of this product. From using it everyday, it looks like one bottle would last me around 5 months or so because you only need a little. I also like the pump and clear packaging so you can easily see how much is left. I think I would purchase this again.

almost 2 years ago
Certified Buyer

This stuff is LEGIT.

I have been using this for almost two weeks now, and I am still kind of in disbelief that a product actually fixed my acne-prone, sensitive skin. I have spent so much money on so many different skincare products in the past, from drugstore to high end. As well as countless trips to the dermatologists. NONE of them truly improved my skin as fast and as effectively as this one. I am so glad I listened to the reviews here and gave it a try! Because for the first time in over 10 years, no joke, I can actually step out of the house bare-faced. Not a drop of foundation or concealer. Just moisturizer(not tinted! ). My moisturizer is from CosRX now too. I swear their formulas are so bomb, I will definitely try more of their products in the future! To anyone who has troublesome picky skin, I cannot recommend this enough!

over 1 year ago
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Certified Buyer

this. is. a. REQUIREMENT. in your skin regimen.

This is why I LOVE beautyMNL. I got this baby right here as a freebie. It just so happened that bumps started appearing on my chin. Now these annoyances are those that never come to a head (and is really painful!). I never really tried actives before because I've been seeing and hearing reviews that they make your face really dry but the reviews of CosRX is different so I gave it a shot. My usual regimen is cleanse, treat, moisturize and protect (sunscreen). When I got the BHA Blackhead Power Liquid, I used it after cleansing (let it sit for 15-20 minutes for a full effect) then continue with my regimen. The next day, I didn't see any immediate results BUT, there were a few whiteheads that came to a head. Nothing really impressive. So I continued the product for the next 2 days (using the AHA at night). and on the 3rd day, the VERDICT-I FELL INLOVE. those pesky bumps? no redness, no longer painful and started to shrink and the whiteheads, no traces! and my PORES they are definitely a lot smaller. A definite must-have. Please DO NOT SKIP THIS step (product) in your skin regimen.

over 1 year ago
Certified Buyer

The hype is true!

I purchased this BHA Power Liquid hesitantly because I only got swayed by great reviews online. I must say I should have purchased this a long time ago! Yes,the hype is true! This product works wonders for whiteheads, blackheads, and those annoying bumps on the skin. I was a heavy tretinoin user before & thus I suffer from flaking skin A LOT. Now I can alternate using BHA with my tret so my face won't dry up that much.

over 1 year ago
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THIS is an answered prayer!

I love love love this sooo much! I will purchase this again and again and again. This melts stubborn blackheads and oil buildup off my pores. I can actually see oils coming out of my blackhead-studded nose after the 20min wait time. I just wipe it off with my Pixi Glow Tonic and viola! Clean pores, blackhead-free smooth skin. And when you look at the cotton pad, you can see the yellow yucky sebum that you just removed out of your face. It's so satisfying! This is a must-have. A must-have!!! I never ever thought that there can be a product that can remove the stubborn blackheads completely off my face, especially my nose and chin. I almost lost hope. But this, this is an answered prayer!

over 1 year ago
Certified Buyer

My best skincare discovery

I've always had big pores and I blamed it on my genes and skin type. I've tried a lot of abrasive exfoliators only to break out and get really nasty pimples afterwards (saint ives, we're breaking up). What worked for me before BHA and chemical exfoliation is this Japanese water based exfoliator called The Cure. It made my skin smoother, but the pores still seemed to be the same size. Only COSRx BHA power liquid worked for me and it's my first foray into Korean Skin care. I've done a bit of research about COSRx via www.fiftyshadesofsnail.com and www.snowwhiteandtheasianpear.com sites, and i have bought 3 other products since. This power liquid really works ONLY if you are committed to waiting 15 minutes to let the serum to be absorbed on your skin and ONLY if you are committed to wearing sunscreen. Allow the power liquid to really seep into your pores before layering another product. For me, it really worked and it kept my pimples at bay, save for one or two that sprout during monthly period. A little goes a long way too, so this is really good value for money. This is absolutely 5 stars for me!

9 months ago