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AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner

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I like that this is in a spray type container because I'm too lazy to use cotton pads. However, it is also annoying because I need to spray very close to my face otherwise I will just be wasting product. The consistency is like water. It doesn't have a distinct smell. The active content in this product is not in the right acidity to truly work. This is actually a pH adjusting toner so you will only need this if (1) you use a cleanser that's acid is too high (pro tip: you shouldn't), (2) your tap water's pH level is too high, or (3) you're using actives in your routine. I cleanse with the low pH cleanser and use the BHA liquid (both from COSRX) every 5 days and I find that using this toner has helped the BHA work better. Actives need a pH balanced skin to do its magic. If you're new to using actives I suggest reading about them before diving in because you can really ruin your skin if you don't do it right.

over 1 year ago
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CANNOT live without this stuff—my ultimate HG

i can't stress enough how much i love, love, LOVE this toner. in fact, i have a backup bottle at all times. first of all, it's such a gentle chemical exfoliator thanks to the combination of AHA and BHA. it thoroughly sweeps away dullness, but at the same time, it doesn't irritate my sensitive pelts. the texture of my (normally rough and dull) skin has changed DRASTICALLY since i started using this. it's smoother, softer, and brighter. my scars have also faded and my pimples go away faster (including hormonal breakouts). second, the spray packaging is so hygienic, easy to use, and saves product! i go through toner super fast because i tend to pour a lot of it on my cotton pad, so this really saves me precious bucks. i'll still try other toners for the sake of experimentation, but this particular product has earned a permanent place on my shelf. Holy Grail status. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

about 1 year ago
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Holy Grail

After thoroughly watched a lot of skin care vloggers who made good reviews on this product, I finally had the guts to purchase and see it for myself. To my surprise it really does what it claims and my complexion got more radiant. I use it day and night of my 10 step skincare routine and just after about a week of using it, a lot of my friends and colleagues had noticed that may skin got fairer and blemishes faded. I even got a compliment from my boyfriend (which really made this product all worth it, LOL). So thumbs up for this product. :)

over 1 year ago
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use this if you're using actives

The toner comes in a spray-type container so you can spray it directly on your face (take care when doing this) then pat pat pat onto your skin, or spray it onto a cotton pad then swipe over your face. I go with the former method, but I've tried both and haven't seen a difference with regards to performance. This toner is essential if you are using actives (AHA/BHA/Vit C) since having a lower pH for your skin means the actives will do their job well. Suddenly incorporating this into my routine was a little hard on my skin - I experienced some purging, but that's normal if you're using actives. Make sure to patch test for a week or so before using it on your entire face.

8 months ago
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a lifesaver toner!

I have a very sensitive acne prone and oily skin! For the past years, I've been searching for the perfect toner for me. One which will not cause me more breakouts than I already have to begin with. When I started to follow this so-called Korean skincare, I came across COSRX. Because of very great reviews of their products which I must say are compatible with the type of skin I have, I decided to order the AHA/BHA Clarifying Toner from Beauty MNL. Just less than a week of using it, I already noticed some changes. Actually, a lot of my friends have been complimenting me on my skin! I was so glad I tried this because mind you, all of the toners I have used from the past did nothing but to give me annoying breakouts! this is best paired with the COSRX LowPH Good morning cleanser. And now, I keep checking for it to be back on stock again!

6 months ago
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Heads up busy bees! This is the answer for your breakout due to stress :)

Because of lack of sleep and stress due to school stuff I really had a total breakout, for crying out loud. And when I used this toner, in just three days I already recognized the beauty and effectiveness of it. I super love this AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner for helping me in solving my breakout problem. And for that, this is by far the most effective toner for me. Thanks to COSRX for making this one! :)

9 months ago
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I'm a convert :)

I was curious to try out this product before cause alot of beauty bloggers are recommending it. Once i did i was not disappointed. Really nice product. Im using this together with the Galactomyces Whitening Essence also by Cosrx and they sort of calmed down my skin cause i was having alot of hormonal acne along my jawline. It also helped my blemishes look less visible. I like that it doesnt sting unlike other toners with alcohol. Its really gentle on the skin. It really suits my oily sensitive skin. This is a bit more expensive and contains less product than my previous toner but i really dont mind. i think this will last around a month for me. Would definitely repurchase.

10 months ago
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tingly feeling

thank you for all COSRX products!!!! this is one of my fave, it is so very easy to use, put the serum/liquid cream on you face ( you can use cotton pad or just even your hands), leave it for 5 to 10 minutes and you can wash it off. I dont know if it is a placebo effect but i can feel a big difference after using this product.

about 1 year ago
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I love the COSRx Line

COSRX's AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner helped me a lot with the problem areas in my face to smooth-en and even out the bumps and blemishes on my face. Combined with COSRX Whitehead Power Liquid and the Ampoule, you'd be on your way to clearer days ahead. Kudos. I just wish this would go on sale, though.

over 1 year ago
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I get breakouts every now and then and found CosRx Patches to be very effective, so with that in mind, I thought of trying out this AHA/BHA Clarifying Toner to take care of the annoying, painful bumps/ blackheads that suddenly appeared on my jawline several wks ago (proli caused by a product I used for contouring cos I never had it before). After receiving it yesterday afternoon, decided to use it before bedtime. Sprayed on a pad, wiped the area, sat on my bed and decided to browse beautymnl to "study" other products. I accidentally ran the back of my hand on my jaw area and got the biggest shock. The bumpiness was gone, the area felt smooth and it didn't even take 30 minutes! I kid you not! (Was it supposed to do that!?) Slept, and today after washing my face I found that tho there are still some remaining on the area, they have somewhat dried up and seemed smaller, and not even painful like before. I've been feeling uncomforable about those bumps for like 2 weeks now, and this took care of it in a jiffy. The others have vanished completely. Shookt. Will def purchase other products from the line next time.

2 months ago
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Worth the penny!

My reddish pimples on my face never lessens even if I have been taking care of it for years. But when I found out this product clears my blemishes on my face, I decided to give it a try. It only took me a few days to see the difference - my blemishes were reduced and my face became instantly clear! Also, it neither stings when I apply it to my face nor has a smell. This is a penny worth spending! I use this with my St. Ives Apricot Facial Scrub (another holy grail).

3 months ago
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Bumps no more!

I've just started using this product but I already see a huge difference, specifically with my skin texture. I usually get these rough, minute bumps in my forehead especially when it's that time of the month. Good thing I ordered this just in time and it really saved my skin from future breakouts. I knew it's the toner working because it's the only product I changed in my skincare routine. I never really thought toners are important - have always thought they're just one extra step in my routine that don't really do anything - but ever since I've tried this, I knew I'll never skip out on toners ever again. Excited to try other cosrx products as well.

5 months ago
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Super love it!!!

Eversince i read the reviews, i really wanted to try this cosrx aha/bha toner.what they say about this toner is real!!i have a combination to oily skin and because of my monthly period i always have a pimple.i have also an acne scars.but using this for just only 3 days i see visible result!!my face is not that oily and i see my scars fading.love this product!!!kya tinitipid ko!!!

5 months ago

Multipurpose gentle exfoliant

I use this toner as my all around gentle exfoliant. Aside from my face, my whole body benefits from it as well. It has actually improved the overall texture of my arms and legs where I suffer rough skin caused by a condition called keratosis pilaris. I spray it on the affected area and wait for it to get absorbed before I massage oil all over my body. I noticed the difference after a week and I'm so glad I tried it! No regrets, just love for this toner! :) Will continue using it and will definitely repurchase!

9 months ago
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Holy grail material for problematic skin

Suffered crazy oiliness and acne for years but I've never seen stuff that works as fast as this one did. I can actually say results are visible as early as 2 days of use because your skin does smoothen a lot (and those two days were only night-use as is my routine when testing products) and I woke up excited for it to be the nighttime again so I could redo my skincare routine with this. It's important to remember using sunscreen and moisturizers with these though, lest you ruin your skin instead of allowing this product to work the way it's supposed to.

10 months ago
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Safe for sensitive skin

Duration of use : 1 month. For someone who can't use strong chemical exfoliators, this product is a good option. It helps prepare my skin for actives that I use for both night and day. It actually helped make these actives highly effective. It is also non-stinging, light on the skin and very economical. If you use the right type of cotton, small amount is actually enough. I am satisfied with its performance and should be a part of the beauty regimen of anyone who has a sensitive, combination, acne-prone skin like mine.

4 days ago
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Works well with a cotton pad!

At first, I thought this AHA/BHA toner was so mild that I didn't seem to see any difference at all. That changed when I accidentally used it with a cotton pad because it stung my eyes when i sprayed it over my face. The cotton pads wiped away the dead skin cells from my face and I can literally see them on the pad. That was the moment I felt satisfied with this gentle product. I was not wrong at all to try this well-reviewed cosRX item. This works for me because I don't like exfoliation that requires scrubbing and rubbing as my skin is sensitive. And it is gentle enough that I use it every single day. Thanks you once again cosRX and beautyMNL!

10 days ago
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Pore wonder!

This is my favorite cosrx product. I have been using it for two weeks during the day and before i sleep at night. It has reduced pores in my nose and cheeks. It also makes my skin smooth as a baby’s bum. I use this with cosrx snail essence for maximum effect. Will definitely repurchase!!!

21 days ago
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does wonders

I use this everyday to pH-prep my skin for my acids but on times that i use it alone i find it actually noticeable that it literally does soften my skin immediately after application. I find the spray nozzle neat because I like to spritz it directly on my face and spread it with my fingers because cotton balls/pads absorb so much product and the nozzle sprays the product a bit too strong to not waste product when used with cotton. Though it claims to have a scent on the box, it's actually not noticeable and would pass as totally odorless if you dont try to sniff it

23 days ago


First of all, I love the packaging. It's super convenient to spritz the toner all over my face. It does sting your eyes, so be careful with that! The toner itself is very watery and it doesn't leave my skin sticky or heavy. I tried doing the 7 layers of toner with this. And I know that may seem overboard, but I do it on days when my skin is very troubled. And it works magic! For every layer, I allow a 2-3min wait time for my skin to really absorb the toner and then I repeat the steps 7 times. I don't recommend that you do it everyday though. I just noticed that whenever I do the 7 layer process, my skin looks plumper, smoother, and hydrated.

24 days ago