Orange & Ginger Sanitizer by Made by David Organics

Organic Orange & Ginger Hand Sanitizer (50mL)

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What is hands down the most nourishing, sweetest-smelling hand sanitizer in the world? You’re looking at it, love. Unlike most hand sanitizers, this has zero harsh chemicals so you’re left with soft, supple skin (not to mention bacteria-free). Orange & ginger blend for an inspiring, energizing scent!


DIMENSIONS: 30mm (w) x 115mm (h)

Made by David Organics is all about providing carefully crafted products that are naturally healthy, generously nourishing, and sweet little pleasures to use. Everything they make is created with a lot of love, tons of passion, and a fair conscience. This is it right here, your new favorite part of your beauty and wellness regimen!

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Top Reviewer

A kikay sanitizer for the whole family

I ordered this at the beginning of the year and has already emptied out the 50 ml in a month. I love the scent of this though it doesn't linger that long. It smells clean and the citrus gives an extra boost. It's also perfect for the whole family as the scent is not 'girly' so my boys love using this when we travel. I always keep this in my purse. It's very economical so watch out for their sale!

about 2 years ago
Top Reviewer

Cologne-grade fragrance

I got these for myself and as little holiday giveaways for some friends and they make great gifts! The packaging is neat and handy, and more importantly this smells wonderful. The fruity smell is not overpowering but clean, refreshing, and lasting. I'm tempted to make it double up as a cologne. :) Will keep getting these.

about 2 months ago
Certified Buyer

instant hand lotion

I gave this as a gift to my friends, and they really liked it. They're asking me where I'd got it. I asked to try it and I, myself, liked it too. I have to stop myself from spraying over and over again. I really liked the smell and it works like most sanitizer minus the dryness and common-alcohol smell. It's like you put sanitizer and potion in one bottle :)

8 months ago
Certified Buyer

pure love

I love, love, love, love this sweet smelling hand sanitizer :) My sister had been using it for a long time now and whenever I would ask for some she would give me the usual alcohol/gel hand sanitizer..now i know why she wants this to herself. It's a must buy for all :)

9 months ago
Certified Buyer

Super satisfied. ❤

This is the best sanitizer that I've tried so far. It's a big plus for me when products are organic, yet affordable. As for the container, it's so artsy! I'm using it every once in a while because the scent is refreshing unlike those sanitizers with an overpowering scent (alcoholish - hospital like scent). My sister loved it too and told me to buy some for her. I would like to try the other variants too, soon especially the green tea. ❤

9 months ago
Certified Buyer


I really like the scent of this hand sanitizer, so refreshing! I always bring this sanitizer and I'm using it every minute! Since I'm a mom, I need to be sure that my hands are clean before cuddling my baby, And one thing that attracts me to try this sanitizer, it's affordable compare to other brands in the market.

11 months ago