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Color Sensational Creamy Mattes

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Fam Fave :D

We adore Touch of Spice!!! My mom, titas, and I all have this shade. We have different skin tones but this shade suits us all. It's perfect for everyday use and for when you're taking ID pictures. It really is the perfect universal 'my lips but better' lipstick. Everything about this lipstick is so good, the consistency, scent, and finish, so I purchased four more shades. No regrets cause it's worth every penny.

8 months ago
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My favorite <3

I so love Touch of spice and this was the only lipstick that I wore for a whole month so meaning, its my fave and its my bae <3 LOL But honestly, I receive a lot of compliments when I wore this shade. It is simple and not drying on the lips at all. Definitely recommended if you want to try out a lipstick from this line =)

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Touch of spice is so sexy

Another one of my go to lipstick, i have almost finished everything and wjll definitely repurchase. This color is perfect if you wanna have a slightly egdy look but would not wanna wear red lipstick. It is such a beautiful and unique color whick comes in an affordable price tag! So happy this color was curated. The formula is great, i love the creaminess. Worth buying!

about 2 months ago
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I love this Matte!

I really love this Maybelline DIVINE WINE matte lipstick, it's pigmented and suited my skin tone. It last for eight hours without retouching. Use this if you have important occasion to attend. For those matte lovers I highly recommended this. Once you use it you can't stop it. I will try other shades soon.

3 months ago
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What a great formula

I am such a fan of this line from Maybelline - it has everything! Great color payoff, easy application, moisturizing, great lasting power (if applied properly and with care). Overall, WOW! I've been such a fan of TOUCH OF SPICE that I decided to get another color from this line. So happy I chose DIVINE WINE! OH LA LA! Such a nice great brick red color. It fits my morena complexion just DIVINELY :)

8 months ago
Certified Buyer

my favorite matte lipstick <3

Ladies let's give a hand to Maybelline for giving us the perfect matte lippies! I am into reds, so I tried Divine wine, and it's the best! Recently I tried their Vibrant Violet, slightly afraid because of the color :D but I am very impressed because it is very pigmented (I think mine can last 10hours), very rich and moisturizing unlike most of the matte lipsticks out there that leaves your lip dry. Hooray for Maybelline! more great lippies to come! :)

12 months ago
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Supersuper steal!

Learned about this lipstick via beautymnl. Touch of spice is always sold out, when I checked last week and was available, I ordered asap. I have touch of spice, divine wine, and clay crush. I must say that the lippies are to die for. Worth every penny. No need to buy the expensive lipsticks. These are the best dupes!

about 1 year ago

Divine Wine <3

I bought Divine Wine as a treat for myself and it was absolutely worth it! Perfect dark lippie and people compliment it so many times! The creamy smell takes a little getting to used to but its worth it for the amazing look! I wear the dark lip on a regular basis and it's not too much that its offputting but bold enough to be striking!

about 1 year ago
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My fave matte lippies!

I was a late bloomer in the world of beauty. safe to say, it was Maybelline's creamy mattes that got me hooked into a hard case of lippie love. My first one was vibrant violet, which is quite a peculiar choice for a then-newbie. The smooth application and excellent pigmentation of these lippies got me hooked so much so that I ended up buying touch of spice, divine wine, rich ruby, and ravishing rose a few weeks after. With its' affordable price tag and excellent quality, i'm sure i'll be purchasing the remaining shades soon!

over 1 year ago

Recommend it!

Mine was gifted to me by my cousin and I liked it even though it's not in liquid lipstick or cream form. The texture is nice and spreads well on my super sensitive and exfoliative lips. I would recommend this for girls who are makeup beginners. This is cheap and very easy to find.

about 5 hours ago
Top Reviewer

My forever go-to lipstick ❤

This my favorite lipstick ever! I bought the shade Touch of Spice and I love everything about this lipstick. This shade really suits every skintone. It's suuuuupperrrr creamy. It isn't drying. The smell is just right. When in doubt, go for this shade and you will never go wrong. I highly recommend this to all. As this is a creamy matte lipstick it isn't transfer proof but it lasts for a very long time ❤

about 23 hours ago

A must for a dry-lipped chick

I really love this product! My shade that I have is Touch of Spice and it's just so perfect for an everyday simple look. What I like about this product is that it's really moisturizing even though it's matte. I have very dry lips that's why I don't really wear liquid lipsticks that much but thank god for this product! The shade is bold. One swipe does it all. Even though, of course, it's not transfer-proof, I still like it. I truly recommend this product to all dry-lipped chicks out there who still want to enjoy a simple yet non-drying matte lipstick. :)

2 days ago

heaven sent

This is the best affordable matte lipstick ever. In this line alone I bought five different shades. I ended up hoarding this product because the color pay off is soo great. Even though it's matte, it's not that drying in comparison to other labels. I got these on a sale and i might hopefully get other shades as well. I hope they also release the other shades that are available in the US.

3 days ago

THE BEST lipstick line there is

My friends and I sooo love this lipstick line!!! It provides a matte finish, yet it’s super soft on the lips! My personal favorite is Divine Wine - I was never a red lipstick kind of girl until I tried it. The shade is perfect for my skin tone, it gives me a radiant glow and brightens up my face. I also love how it stays on for sooo long. I usually put it on in the morning before I go to work, and it stays with me long after I had my lunch! The best part is, it wears off gradually and evenly, so it usually starts out as dark red and towards the end of the day, it becomes more pinkish, but still looks fresh! I usually just have to reapply once, so very budget-friendly! 💕

18 days ago
Certified Buyer

My New Fave <3

I really love Maybelline!! And i so love Touch of Spice!! <3 This is my new fave now on. It suits me and looks very sexy!! This is easy to use and not dry at all. For the ladies out there this is worth every penny. Gonna repurchase it here in Beauty MNL,

24 days ago

All time favorite!

Superb color at bagay na bagay sa everyday look! Love the creamy formula and matte finished. It can last long and easy to retouch if needed. It doesn't crack my lips as well. Though I advise to prep your lips first para mas maganda! This is also my sister's favorite color. definitely a must have! Worth the price!

25 days ago

Best Drugstore Lipstick

One of the most comfortable matte lipsticks. They glide on so easily on the lips, so creamy and buttery. The pigmentation is also amazing, one swipe and you're good to go. I'm just in love with the whole line and would buy every shade if I could. Of course with the comfort comes a price, it's not the most long lasting lipstick but it's still totally worth it, plus the ease of application makes retouching a breeze. If you still don't own at least one of these you're surely missing out.

25 days ago

Everyday lippie!

I have three shades of these because I'm really a fan of Maybelline line, and it doesn't disappoint! My kind of matte too!! It's lightweight and non-drying lipstick, compared to other mattes that leaves your lips cracking after a few hours. Kinda feels already powdery and creamy even before they launched the different "powder mattes" line. Although it's not kiss-proof, you'll love the feeling of your lips with these :)

27 days ago
Certified Buyer

My fave!! <3

I really much love this matte lipstick from Maybelline! I bought the Siren in Scarlet and I love how it makes me look sexy.. :) It gives life to my complexion even if I don't wear any makeup. This one is worth buying. Will definitely try another shades.. :)

28 days ago

Mattes for everyone!

Suits all I must say! I loved the Burgundy Blush and my mom loved all the Nudes that she ordered 5 shades all at once! I tried the Nude Nuance on a friend of mine while doing her makeup and she instantly loved it and wanted to buy one! From the name itself, they feel so creamy and they don't feel dry at all unlike all the other matte lipstick in the market, totally an A+! MAYBELLINE NEVER FAILS!

about 1 month ago