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Color Sensational Creamy Mattes

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Fam Fave :D

We adore Touch of Spice!!! My mom, titas, and I all have this shade. We have different skin tones but this shade suits us all. It's perfect for everyday use and for when you're taking ID pictures. It really is the perfect universal 'my lips but better' lipstick. Everything about this lipstick is so good, the consistency, scent, and finish, so I purchased four more shades. No regrets cause it's worth every penny.

10 months ago
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My favorite <3

I so love Touch of spice and this was the only lipstick that I wore for a whole month so meaning, its my fave and its my bae <3 LOL But honestly, I receive a lot of compliments when I wore this shade. It is simple and not drying on the lips at all. Definitely recommended if you want to try out a lipstick from this line =)

over 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Touch of spice is so sexy

Another one of my go to lipstick, i have almost finished everything and wjll definitely repurchase. This color is perfect if you wanna have a slightly egdy look but would not wanna wear red lipstick. It is such a beautiful and unique color whick comes in an affordable price tag! So happy this color was curated. The formula is great, i love the creaminess. Worth buying!

4 months ago
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I love this Matte!

I really love this Maybelline DIVINE WINE matte lipstick, it's pigmented and suited my skin tone. It last for eight hours without retouching. Use this if you have important occasion to attend. For those matte lovers I highly recommended this. Once you use it you can't stop it. I will try other shades soon.

4 months ago
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What a great formula

I am such a fan of this line from Maybelline - it has everything! Great color payoff, easy application, moisturizing, great lasting power (if applied properly and with care). Overall, WOW! I've been such a fan of TOUCH OF SPICE that I decided to get another color from this line. So happy I chose DIVINE WINE! OH LA LA! Such a nice great brick red color. It fits my morena complexion just DIVINELY :)

10 months ago
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my favorite matte lipstick <3

Ladies let's give a hand to Maybelline for giving us the perfect matte lippies! I am into reds, so I tried Divine wine, and it's the best! Recently I tried their Vibrant Violet, slightly afraid because of the color :D but I am very impressed because it is very pigmented (I think mine can last 10hours), very rich and moisturizing unlike most of the matte lipsticks out there that leaves your lip dry. Hooray for Maybelline! more great lippies to come! :)

about 1 year ago
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Supersuper steal!

Learned about this lipstick via beautymnl. Touch of spice is always sold out, when I checked last week and was available, I ordered asap. I have touch of spice, divine wine, and clay crush. I must say that the lippies are to die for. Worth every penny. No need to buy the expensive lipsticks. These are the best dupes!

over 1 year ago

Divine Wine <3

I bought Divine Wine as a treat for myself and it was absolutely worth it! Perfect dark lippie and people compliment it so many times! The creamy smell takes a little getting to used to but its worth it for the amazing look! I wear the dark lip on a regular basis and it's not too much that its offputting but bold enough to be striking!

over 1 year ago
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My fave matte lippies!

I was a late bloomer in the world of beauty. safe to say, it was Maybelline's creamy mattes that got me hooked into a hard case of lippie love. My first one was vibrant violet, which is quite a peculiar choice for a then-newbie. The smooth application and excellent pigmentation of these lippies got me hooked so much so that I ended up buying touch of spice, divine wine, rich ruby, and ravishing rose a few weeks after. With its' affordable price tag and excellent quality, i'm sure i'll be purchasing the remaining shades soon!

over 1 year ago
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Another hit from Maybelline <3

Bought this in Touch of Spice as it's SOO raved about by many Youtubers and bloggers, and I must say.. I completely understand why. The texture to this is so pillowy-soft so it's not uncomfortable to wear despite it being matte. It gives your lips a fuller effect and the color, oh the color. It is SO PRETTY! It comes off as a darker mauve on me as I'm quite fair, but I did see some darker-skinned Youtubers wear it and it looks like an MLBB shade for them, which is SO STUNNING! Makes me want to get a tan or something haha definitely recommend!

5 days ago

cream in a matte, LOVE!

I love creamy mattes of maybelline, I have 6 tubes of them, sometimes I wonder why I hoard so much then it'll comeback to the fact that putting them on is makes me feel good! weird, yeah I know! I have been using creamy mattes about few years ago, before I only put on lip balm. I don't want lipstick in general because it dries up my lips but that was before! When I found this I am so impressed with how much moisture it has without making your lips look like there's an oil on it plus it's matte! One thing I hate is the amount of transfer whenever you'll drink or eat but still a nice product for me. Definitely a 5!

7 days ago

Touch of Spice is life

This is a pretty good matte lipstick for its price. The formulation can be improved upon since it doesn't last long and the pigmentation is just okay; it's not terrible-it just takes a couple of swipes to get the color payoff that I want. However, I still find myself reaching for this often because the shade I have (Touch of Spice) is one of my go-to MLBB lippies.

7 days ago
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Touch of Spice is ❤ ❤ ❤

I love the Touch of Spice on my lips and perfect for my everyday make-up. This mauvey, brownish pink shade suited for all skin types I think. I love its texture, it looked matte but felt creamy and moisturizing. It's not transfer-proof but has a good color quality on the lips.

10 days ago
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Touch of Spice : )

I bought this in Touch of Spice. My gash ang ganda nya. Simple but elegant tignan. Wore it on my graduation and it looks really nice in pictures. Its a shade that i know would suit filipina skintones. Di ka mag aalala kahit sang event mo isuot pwede. Kahit pang everyday pwede rin. Cant go wrong with this shade : )

17 days ago
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Perfect shade

I've got ghe shade "pretty please" and it's just perfect! The only downside I have with this is it smudges. Longevity would probably up to 4hrs. This is not drying on lips. The scent and the finish is good! Affordable and every shade is worth buying!! The shade is also very buildable

17 days ago
Top Reviewer

Love the shades!

The combination of this collection is so good! I love the shades, especially the Touch of Spice! I can't get enough of this shade and I wear it almost everyday. It is really long lasting and ever after eating, you can still see the hint of the shade. It also feels lightweight, unlike other products.

19 days ago
Certified Buyer

My go to mlbb

This is my go to mlbb. I love this shade. Makes my teeth look whiter. The pigment is great toom it gives good color pay off upon first swipe. And i think , even if its not on sale, i will definitely buy it. Maybelline really does the job done when it comes to their matte lipsticks.

19 days ago
Certified Buyer

DIVINE WINE IS MY new found LOVE......

i was very hesitant to try this lippies cos i dont like dark lipstick im not fond of this type of lipstick because of my complexion i felt like it makes me more darker but this lippies prove me wrong... i really love the color and its very pigmented and non drying even though its matte.. really really love this product.....

21 days ago
Certified Buyer

Comfortable matte lips

I love this collection from Maybelline!! I have touch of spice and divine wine. Both shades are really flattering and comfortable to wear! Divine wine leaves a nice even stain when it wears off. Touch of spice is the perfect my lips but better. Will definately buy more colors and repurchase the ones I have once I run out!!

22 days ago

Touch Of Spice: Nicer than nice

Definitely lives up to its name: a soft, creamy, matte lippie that not only keeps your lips moisturized but looking oh so fiiine. Prior to buying this, I wasnt exactly a fan of lipsticks because I didnt like how most of the shades looked on me. Hoever, Touch of Spice is such a subtle yet sexy everyday color that can work for anybody! After my mom borrowed my tube, I ended up having to buy another one because she kept mine for herself.

30 days ago