Soft Matte Lip Cream

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Matte-Lip Trend Training Wheels

When the liquid lipstick craze came in, this was the first one I tried out. The pigmentation of these 'lip creams' are really good. It's almost kiss proof once you let it set which doesn't really take a lot of time. I like their shade range but you need to be careful of the colors because it doesn't match the bottle. You need to look at swatches. The duration on your lips is fairly decent and it's comfortable but it doesn't last very long like other liquid lipstick but a steal if you're on a budget. If you're light medium/medium skin tone, here's my suggestions: MLBB is Cannes/Stockholm; Vampy Plum - Copenhagen; True Classic Red - Monte Carlo; Summer bright colors - Sao Paolo (Fuschia) and Ibiza (Coral Peach). Over all, I would say if you're in the matte-lips trend, this is really something you can try out!

12 months ago
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The soft matte lip cream line is one of nyx's greatest creations. The shade range is amazing; there is a shade for everyone. It is very comfortable on the lips (not very drying) and it is also long-wearing for its price. It doesn't easily transfer on the glass when I drink, but reapplication is needed after eating (especially if it's something oily). It smells good too! I have the shades Stockholm, Prague, Cannes, and Zurich. And no words can describe how much I love Stockholm! A little advice: GET STOCKHOLM. (everyone needs it!!!) Planning to get London, soon!

10 months ago
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I've been trying a handful of different matte lip creams recently, but this one still remains one of my favorites! It is surprisingly cheap for something that can stay on almost the entire day, as long as you don't eat anything oily. It doesn't feel as dry on the lips like most matte lip creams. Colors are great too!

over 1 year ago
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This is the first liquid lippie that I bought, and I must say that this product lives up to its hype! I got the shades: Cannes and San Paulo. I suggest when looking for shades to buy from this line, have the swatches as references and not the bottles. The bottles are opaque (not transparent), so it really does not give off the true shade of the lippie. Cannes is an amp up from your MLBB shades as it gives off a rosy nude shade that is suitable to every skin tone while, San Paulo is a bright mauve-y pink. For its price, it really gives a great color pay-off and it lasts long in warm weather (eating and drinking will slowly wear it down.) Overall, this is a very nice liquid lippie as it does not dry my lips at all! Planning to buy more shades!! ✨

3 months ago
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I love it!

I hoarded these lip creams during my birthday month. I got Montecarlo and 2 free tubes of Berlin. I've only tried Berlin and I am loving it! At first I was scared that I couldn't pull off a brown lipstick. I was surprised to see that it looked so good! It does not dry my lips and it fades well unlike other liquid lipsticks out there. I'm so excited to use other shades of this lip cream!

9 months ago
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A Lip Cream from the Lip gods!

The moment I bought this I finally understood what the hype was about. I mean, it was magical! This lip cream deserves to be in the Mt. Olympus of make-ups! (Pros: It's freakin' matte!, DOESN'T DRY MY LIPS (oh my gosh!), Colors are sensational!, Lasts a looong time, Easy to apply | Cons: It does transfer to my mug and fades a little when I eat) but I still freakin' love it and will repurchase again! <3

11 months ago
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Perfect Purchase!

I've tried Buenos Aires and Athens and they're both really good. I was afraid the peach Buenos Aires would look chalky against my tan, but the folks at Beauty MNL said it would look good, and they were right! Athens is perfect peachy nude shade, very suitable for workdays and relaxed weekends and maybe against a dark eye. The texture is amazing and very light and it smells really good. Great colors, comfortable on the lips. Wish I could buy them all! :)

12 months ago

Matte of my dreams!

Matte of my dreams! I have lips that are super exfoliative, I experience lip peeling on a daily basis so I can't settle with regular lipsticks. I have to wearing something really matte so it lasts for at least a few hours. This soft matte lip cream from Nyx was the first thing I tried and I loved it. I got mine in shade Cannes which is perfect because it has enough balance of pink and red. I look forward to trying other shades. ❤️❤️❤️

1 day ago
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Lip Cream Madness

The soft matte finish is so natural, it feels like you're not wearing any lippie. Also, you can mix and match the dark colors with the lighter ones to create an ombre effect that's light and soft. All the shades look amazing and I'm planning on buying more shades to experiment with!

1 day ago
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This is the 💣!!!

I recommend this to those girls that love matte lipsticks but are afraid to buy them because their lips easily get dry. I bought the shade Cannes and it is the perfect to wear everyday especially for morenas like me. It's the perfect everyday pink shade for me. I love that it doesn't make my lips feel dry but it is dry enough to not transfer. I will definitely purchase other shades 😀

2 days ago
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I am a NYX devotee!! Previously Copenhagen had been my favorite color, but I also have other shades. Love this, but it does need to be reapplied to the inner lips if you're drinking or eating at all. It is very matte which I love and it doesn't dry out the lips. For me, at least. ;)

2 days ago
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My First Matte Lip Cream 😍

Got mine on Buy 1 take 1 promo. I got the color Stockholm and Sao Paolo. And thank heavens that Ive try to purchase and try this one. I never had a matte lip cream before, or never really experience using matte lippies so this was my first, and I fell inlove with the colors and how it feels light on my lips. Its not so transfer proof maybe because it's creamy but hey, its long lasting! Im using stockholm during daytime when Im out for a walk, and Sao Paolo for evening gatherings.

3 days ago
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Keeping Nyx

Super love this! The shades are always on point. I loved Buenos Aires and Amsterdam the most!! I’ve been buying these for the longest time now! My mom even has these in more shades than I do. Nyx is a staple for us both 😊 glad that beautymnl has this

6 days ago
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The best liquid lipstick

My favorite liquid lipstick! It's simply the best and its's quite cheap. My favorite shade is Cannes, my go-to MLBB shade. It glides on easily and stays at a decent amount of time. The shade range of this line is also amazing, lots of colors to choose from depending on your mood :P The NYX SMLC is definitely a mainstay in my kikay kit :)

18 days ago
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Super satisfied 💄

I bought this soft matte lip creme in the shade Montecarlo and I super love the color!! I also got a lippie in San Paulo for free!! I like that it is matte, it does transfer a little though and a bit drying so I usually exfoliate and use lip balm before putting it on.. but still one happy customer!

22 days ago
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San Paulo loooove!

Due to my dry and chopped lips, matte lipsticks aren't my thing but this came and tadaaa! It made my whole world turned upside down. I've seen a lot of reviews on how good this lippies are but, because it's way too pricey for me and matte aren't my bestfriend I never tried. Then this sale came, buy 1 take one 1 on soft matte lip cream and this idea of buying also came into my mind. From then on, Nyx lippies are my all-time-favorite

23 days ago

Worth it!

I have bought this product a few years ago when I was in a mall and realized that this is worth the money! It may be a little bit pricey to people of my age but if you are really a lipstick addict like me, this lip cream is for you! Not only it smells good, it really felt good on my lips. It is very lightweight and moisturizing, it also turns matte but you don't feel it being dry at all!

23 days ago

Non-drying Matte Lipstick!

This is the only matte lipstick I keep on repurchasing. I love matte lipsticks and what I noticed on most matte lippies would be the drying formula it comes with. Good thing Nyx Soft Matte was invented I could say this is a Holy Grail Product for me! Ive tried almost all the nude shades including London, Abu Dhabi, etc. I love it! I love wearing it for casual occasions and even during clubbing! It doesn't dry out my lips. They have tons of shades to choose from plus it is affordable! It smells good too! The only con of this product is it isn't long lasting. I have to re-apply every time I eat because easily fades. Regardless, I still love this product cause it feels very light when worn and doesn't smudge!

23 days ago
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Abu Dhabi — Deep Rose Beige

The best thing about this product is its formula. I love how creamy it is at first before drying down to matte. It feels comfortable on the lips, doesn't feel heavy at all. Stays on my lips for 3-4 hours (basically before I eat). Oh, and did I mention they smell like cupcakes! Yumm!!

25 days ago
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My first love!

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp Shade. This is my first ever matte lipstick and i can say that first love never really dies! OMG it is one of the best matte lipstick i own. Matte + vanilla scent + long lasting = I COULD NOT ASK FOR MORE!

27 days ago