Soft Matte Lip Cream

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Matte-Lip Trend Training Wheels

When the liquid lipstick craze came in, this was the first one I tried out. The pigmentation of these 'lip creams' are really good. It's almost kiss proof once you let it set which doesn't really take a lot of time. I like their shade range but you need to be careful of the colors because it doesn't match the bottle. You need to look at swatches. The duration on your lips is fairly decent and it's comfortable but it doesn't last very long like other liquid lipstick but a steal if you're on a budget. If you're light medium/medium skin tone, here's my suggestions: MLBB is Cannes/Stockholm; Vampy Plum - Copenhagen; True Classic Red - Monte Carlo; Summer bright colors - Sao Paolo (Fuschia) and Ibiza (Coral Peach). Over all, I would say if you're in the matte-lips trend, this is really something you can try out!

over 1 year ago
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The soft matte lip cream line is one of nyx's greatest creations. The shade range is amazing; there is a shade for everyone. It is very comfortable on the lips (not very drying) and it is also long-wearing for its price. It doesn't easily transfer on the glass when I drink, but reapplication is needed after eating (especially if it's something oily). It smells good too! I have the shades Stockholm, Prague, Cannes, and Zurich. And no words can describe how much I love Stockholm! A little advice: GET STOCKHOLM. (everyone needs it!!!) Planning to get London, soon!

about 1 year ago
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I've been trying a handful of different matte lip creams recently, but this one still remains one of my favorites! It is surprisingly cheap for something that can stay on almost the entire day, as long as you don't eat anything oily. It doesn't feel as dry on the lips like most matte lip creams. Colors are great too!

over 1 year ago
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This is the first liquid lippie that I bought, and I must say that this product lives up to its hype! I got the shades: Cannes and San Paulo. I suggest when looking for shades to buy from this line, have the swatches as references and not the bottles. The bottles are opaque (not transparent), so it really does not give off the true shade of the lippie. Cannes is an amp up from your MLBB shades as it gives off a rosy nude shade that is suitable to every skin tone while, San Paulo is a bright mauve-y pink. For its price, it really gives a great color pay-off and it lasts long in warm weather (eating and drinking will slowly wear it down.) Overall, this is a very nice liquid lippie as it does not dry my lips at all! Planning to buy more shades!! ✨

8 months ago
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I love it!

I hoarded these lip creams during my birthday month. I got Montecarlo and 2 free tubes of Berlin. I've only tried Berlin and I am loving it! At first I was scared that I couldn't pull off a brown lipstick. I was surprised to see that it looked so good! It does not dry my lips and it fades well unlike other liquid lipsticks out there. I'm so excited to use other shades of this lip cream!

about 1 year ago
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A Lip Cream from the Lip gods!

The moment I bought this I finally understood what the hype was about. I mean, it was magical! This lip cream deserves to be in the Mt. Olympus of make-ups! (Pros: It's freakin' matte!, DOESN'T DRY MY LIPS (oh my gosh!), Colors are sensational!, Lasts a looong time, Easy to apply | Cons: It does transfer to my mug and fades a little when I eat) but I still freakin' love it and will repurchase again! <3

over 1 year ago
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Perfect Purchase!

I've tried Buenos Aires and Athens and they're both really good. I was afraid the peach Buenos Aires would look chalky against my tan, but the folks at Beauty MNL said it would look good, and they were right! Athens is perfect peachy nude shade, very suitable for workdays and relaxed weekends and maybe against a dark eye. The texture is amazing and very light and it smells really good. Great colors, comfortable on the lips. Wish I could buy them all! :)

over 1 year ago
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Comfortable Mattes

This is my favorite lip formula from Nyx. It feels like a mousse. The colors have a wide range of shades and undertones. Right now I have Transylvania and Stockholm. It takes a while to dry down, and this formula is definitely not transfer proof, but it's so lightweight that re-application is not a pain. If you want a soft wash of color, or a full pigmented lip, this product is very versatile for that :)

4 days ago

Easy wear and great color

The shade I have is Madrid, a darker shade than most. This is one of the first liquid lipsticks I've had. Application is easy and it dries quickly. This product doesn't last as long as other liquid lipsticks, but reapplying it is easy. The color remains the same even after reapplication. It also doesn't dry your lips as much. Great pigmentation, and it's not totally drying!

6 days ago
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Best for dry lips!

My lips usually get drier than normal when using matte liquid lippies so it was a surprise that this never made my lips chap! I never needed a lip balm when using this product, and the color payoff is really good even against my pigmented lips. My only complaint is that this usually takes time to dry but when they do, it does not transfer as much as other liquid lipsticks. I bought this one on sale and will buy again, as soon as the other shades restock.

8 days ago
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Super love this nyx matte lip cream. Mas ok to than kylie at mas cheaper pa. Super ok ng pigmentation kaya konti lang ang kailangan mo lalo na kung hindi ka naman pakak mag-lipstick. Yung tipong magkakulay ka lang effect. Super long wearing and does not dry the lips. Transfer proof na din kaya super sulit.

10 days ago
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shade in London~~Kylie jenner nude lips

Nyx is the cheapest make-up you can compare to MAC, Anastacia, Lancome and any expensive make-ups. I love the shade in London, coz is very versatile you can wear it in any kind of make up look you want to achieve. For those who likes the Kylie Jenner look, this is the right shade!

11 days ago
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Foolproof lipstick!

You can never go wrong with this one. NEVER. This was my first liquid lipstick and boyyy, I felt like such a professional trying it on. It looked so good. Not that loud, but it definitely sends the message. I suggest you buy this if you're a novice in make up like me.

11 days ago
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Won't stop purchasing and re-purchasing

Holy grail matte lipstick!! Yes, it is a bit drying on the lips but it's nothing that a good lip balm can't fix. I love the pigmentation and how it just glides on. It doesn't emphasize lip creases and lasts considerably long. I always get compliments when I wear a soft matte Nyx during meetings or parties.

11 days ago

My Lipstick Base ❤

With using the soft matte lip cream alone, I am not a fan because it gets smudged off easily. I git the cairo and sao paulo shades and I just use them for blending with the lingerie lippies that I have and I finally got to use them because I thought this would be matte but I was a bit disappointed. Anyways for a base on the lips I like this!

13 days ago
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Five-Star Goodness

I'm really picky when it comes to the formula of lip products I use. I don't like the feel of tackiness or overly dried lips. The Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creme is just what I am looking for. It is lightweight, not tacky but not drying at the same time. It is very comfortable to wear. I love Rome as an everyday somewhat brown MLBB. And Prague as a not too loud fuchsia perfect for occasions and night outs. It's not long-lasting though but I don't mind reapplying.

14 days ago
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Love At First Sight!!

My friend is a certified makeup junkie and I'm not and so when we usually go out my face is bare like a canvass but hers? she's a doll. As she was fixing herself she wanted me to put on some lipstick but I hesitant because I'm not the type of girl who uses lipstick or any of that, but she insisted and so, she made me use her NYX MONTE CARLO Soft Matte Lip and it was love at first site. I can't believe I said no to putting on some lippie. For then on, I -won't go out without using this lippie. Yes! I wear red all the time because I don't use make-up on my eyes and cheeks and so a bold lip will just do the trick for me.

16 days ago
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very lightweight and not drying when applied on the lips. i got mine in the shade cannes and it looks so perfect on the lips!! you can use it for everyday bec the color is like mauvey-nude kind of shade which is just neutral.. & i hope i can get the shades stockholm, abu dhabi and london on my next purchase! :)

17 days ago
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Get Stockholm now!

Got this when they had the BOGO sale. I have Stockholm and Sao Paulo shades, Stockholm is perfect for girls like me who does not want the all-made-up face. It is a good MLBB shade that will fit every skin complexion. I wear Sao Paulo when I'm feeling a little girly and would partner it with a little blush

21 days ago
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Perfect for a glowing look!!

I love this Nyx Lip Cream. It glides smoothly and keeps my lips moisturized. I got the Milan shade and it gives a perfect pink shade that looks natural. I find this lippie so handy as I bring it anywhere. It last for 3-4 hours and this is a must buy because I actually used this for almost 6 months. I have been using this everyday.

26 days ago