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Calamansi Castile Soap by Casa de Lorenzo

Calamansi Manila Castile Soap

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CLAIM TO FAME: A uniquely Filipino Castile soap that stimulates the senses

FAST FACTS: Cleanses and moisturizes skin; formulated with natural ingredients sourced from the Philippines; made with saponified pili pulp oil, virgin coconut oil, and palm oil; scented with citrusy calamansi essential oil; lathers richly and fragrantly; suitable for use on hands, face, and body

PERFECT FOR: Invigorating the skin, Filipino-style

Product Composition: Liquid Soap of Pili Pulp Oil, Coconut Oil, and Palm Oil with Calamansi Essential Oil

WHAT YOU GET: (1) bottle Calamansi Manila Castile Soap
EXPIRY: 2 years INGREDIENTS: Water, Saponified Pili Pulp Oil, Saponified Philippine Virgin Coconut Oil, Saponified Palm Oil and Philippine Essential Oils.

Apply on sponge, loofah or rub directly to your skin and enjoy. Rinse off completely with water. Do not ingest. Avoid getting in the eyes. In case of contact with eyes, flush thoroughly with running water.

Casa de Lorenzo is a Filipino brand committed to delivering handmade, high quality castile soaps, aromatics, and skincare oils to women everywhere. Their bestselling natural liquid soaps are crafted with Spanish olive oil, virgin coconut oil, rice bran oil, and palm oil for natural cleansing at its best. Casa De Lorenzo aromatics are essential oils made purely from plants and flowers used in aromatherapy. The natural oils are best for massage, bathing, and cleansing.

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Lorenzo mi amour!!!

The squeaky clean feeling & refreshing scent started my love affair with this liquid soap after first wash. Being made from natural ingredients is a big plus. Tried using it as a pre-shampoo cleanse & it has rendered my current daily shampoo & conditioner more effective. Definitely no regrets in purchasing 2 bottles!

about 2 months ago
Top Reviewer


I got the calamansi castile soap sample from a previous order and I LOVED it. It smelled so heavenly! I swear, I could lather my body up with it all day. I cannot stress enough how great it smells, I guess you have to try it yourself! It doesn't smell like fake citrus, it's genuine calamansi scent mixed with a bit of sweetness and florals. I also used it as a shaving cream because it moisturizes really well. My skin feels soft every after wash. I REALLY LOVE THIS.

about 2 months ago
Top Reviewer

Soap with a 100 uses!

This can replace every soap in my house! This is truly a multipurpose product. I use it as a shampoo, body wash, facial wash, laundry soap (for my undies), household cleaner, makeup brushes/sponge cleaner, etc...! I can go on and on with the list and it can still do the job well. One thing that really amazed me was when I used it to deep cleanse my makeup blender sponge, it was able it remove all the makeup gunk inside the sponge in one washing unlike with my other makeup sponge cleansers. The best part is while it is potent enough for cleansing, it's only made with the purest ingredients without any harsh chemicals. The Calamansi variant also brightened my skin when used as a facial and body wash!

4 months ago
Top Reviewer

You buy this soap as soon as it's back in stock!

So I went to this page to write my review and also to buy another bottle, and holy cow it's already sold out! The calamansi variant is what I'm using right now and it smells real amazing! I ditched commercial products because of this soap. I cannot get over how great this product is! It doesn't only smell so good, it also moisturizes my skin! I really don't have to worry about patting myself dry and hurrying to apply lotion right after. I've been making bad decisions since I was in my teens but the worst decision I've ever made is buying only one bottle of this.

4 months ago
Certified Buyer

The best, bes!

I hoarded and ordered 10 bottles of this brand plus ordered some more in their website. This is, for me, the best variant of the Casa De Lorenzo castile soap. Smell is very refreshing. I used this when it was a bit cold here in Manila (Dec-Feb) because I get really dry skin during that season. I don't feel any dryness on my skin after a hot shower. It's the best! Use the cleansing variants and a loofah if you want lather because the moisturizing variants doesn't lather that much. I also tried this on my hair but it made my hair so greasy that after a few days, my pillow case had a disgusting oily patch so I just use this as a body wash. Now it's summer, I use the peppermint variant.

6 months ago

Found my forever body wash

I love the smell! Although I'm just 2 days shy from using this product for a week, the dryness of my skin is definetely reduced. I also noticed that insect bites tend to disappear faster. Before, it takes 2 days before the dark spots from insect bites to disappear. As of today, the mosquito bite I had from yesterday morning was already gone. Super recommended for sensitive dry skin!!

6 months ago