Lightening Triple Rice Soap by Be Organic Bath & Body

Skin-Lightening Triple Rice Soap

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We’re pretty sure Snow White keeps a sizeable stash of this triple rice soap somewhere in the castle. Infused with three varieties of organic rice that propagate the threefold process of exfoliating, whitening and anti-aging, this unbeatable bar of soap gives you fairer, brighter, radiant skin in just a few washes. It also eliminates dead skin cells and helps nourish the skin, making it look younger and more elastic. You won’t need a mirror to tell you that.

Note: Each soap is lovingly handcrafted individually with the use of natural ingredients, so each one may vary in size, color and shape.

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1 - 1/2 years

It’s time you hopped onto the all-natural trend with Be Organic Bath & Body, a brand dedicated to providing only the finest only quality ingredients, all as close to the earth as possible. Handmade soaps, fine skin creams, and their ever-popular Argan Oil products are only a few of the beauty wonders they have in their roster. Your new organic skincare routine for flawlessly beautiful skin is just a few clicks away.

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Worth stocking up on!

I've been using this soap variant for a while now and I love it! I've stopped using loofahs since I've read that using them is considered a big no-no because it's a great breeding ground for germs (and just spreads the germs all over your body every time you take a bath, eep!). I'm glad I discovered this soap. Not only does it contain natural ingredients, it's quite effective for exfoliation. I use this everyday and it does not dry my skin out unlike most soaps. I cannot attest yet to its whitening properties but maybe that's just a side effect of exfoliation.

11 months ago
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A Triple Treat

It took me two weeks to see the effects of this triple rice soap (Red/Black/Brown Rice in one). I only use the soap for my arms and legs because of the texture of the soap which is mainly for exfoliation. For my face, I use a separate liquid facial wash. Everyday, consistently, every bath time, I slather the soap on my skin, not so sudsy, but very effective in removing dirt and grime. After bath, my skin is smooth and bright. It's not a miracle soap, but it really works in brightening skin tone if used regularly. I described it as a "triple treat" because of the three variants of rice used as main ingredients, isn't it innovative and amazing that something like our humble rice, our staple food, could be a potent ingredient in skin care? 5 stars for this soap.

13 days ago
Top Reviewer

Natural way to exfoliate

For us to make our skin radiant we need to exfoliate atleast twice a week,but some exfoliants causes irritations and redness.But this one is made of all natural ingredients that doesnt cause irritations and exfoliates well which makes my skin smooth and silky.True to its claim that i didnt even need a mirror to see cause tru touch I can feel the difference.

27 days ago

So soft my toes

This is my alternative to harsh loofahs and scrub towels. I use this especially on my toes and I love the soft feel after. The granules are not so big & rough so it's safe to use unlike the traditional & home made olive oil + salt scrub mixture I've tried before. Plus, it's organic. Been using this since last year but when it ran out of stock in the supermarket, I've purchased this here (Beautymnl) in June 2016. La la love it!

about 1 month ago
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Radiant skin!

I am an avid fan of organic stuff and this one is on sale so I love to try this one out and viola! My skin became smoother, brighter and more radiant in one week! This is infused with healthy ingredient so this is really a must have! Dry skin no more with this rice soap plus, this one is cheap. You dont need to go to spa to achieve a radiant glowing skin!

about 1 month ago
Certified Buyer

Good one :)

I love how it mildly exfoliates my skin. I stopped using bath sponges and loofas because these kind of soaps are enough to exfoliate my dead skin.I use it in the morning and alternate it with the coffee seaweed soap. Been using it for over 2 weeks and will most likely buy another one since it doesn't react badly to my sensitive skin.

about 1 month ago