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Lightening Triple Rice Soap by Be Organic Bath & Body

Skin-Lightening Triple Rice Soap

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We’re pretty sure Snow White keeps a sizeable stash of this triple rice soap somewhere in the castle. Infused with three varieties of organic rice that propagate the threefold process of exfoliating, whitening and anti-aging, this unbeatable bar of soap gives you fairer, brighter, radiant skin in just a few washes. It also eliminates dead skin cells and helps nourish the skin, making it look younger and more elastic. You won’t need a mirror to tell you that.

Note: Each soap is lovingly handcrafted individually with the use of natural ingredients, so each one may vary in size, color and shape.

Net Weight:

Shelf Life:
1 - 1/2 years

It’s time you hopped onto the all-natural trend with Be Organic Bath & Body, a brand dedicated to providing only the finest only quality ingredients, all as close to the earth as possible. Handmade soaps, fine skin creams, and their ever-popular Argan Oil products are only a few of the beauty wonders they have in their roster. Your new organic skincare routine for flawlessly beautiful skin is just a few clicks away.

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Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer

Worth stocking up on!

I've been using this soap variant for a while now and I love it! I've stopped using loofahs since I've read that using them is considered a big no-no because it's a great breeding ground for germs (and just spreads the germs all over your body every time you take a bath, eep!). I'm glad I discovered this soap. Not only does it contain natural ingredients, it's quite effective for exfoliation. I use this everyday and it does not dry my skin out unlike most soaps. I cannot attest yet to its whitening properties but maybe that's just a side effect of exfoliation.

9 months ago
Certified Buyer

Good one :)

I love how it mildly exfoliates my skin. I stopped using bath sponges and loofas because these kind of soaps are enough to exfoliate my dead skin.I use it in the morning and alternate it with the coffee seaweed soap. Been using it for over 2 weeks and will most likely buy another one since it doesn't react badly to my sensitive skin.

2 days ago
Certified Buyer

Great Exfoliator

I love using this product every other day alternating it with the papaya pearberry variant. They are both lightening but this one in particular is really good at exfoliating my skin. I don't really need to use body scrubs after using this. What's great about this too is that it is not only exfoliating, it is also very moisturizing. The smell is also really great.

20 days ago

One of my favorites!

I love organic products, and this one, together with the coffee seaweed one, is my favorite! It makes a good scrub (light scrub), and it is not harsh for the skin. It makes my skin feels so clean and so smooth after taking a bath. I also love the smell of it. Plus it is very affordable. A must try!

7 months ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer

Best soap scrub :)

I've tried other soaps from this brand and this one is just as amazing! It effectively gets rid of my dead skin and leaves a creamy lather to soothe my skin after scrubbing. The smell is not so pleasant but this does not bother me that much. This soap leaves my skin with a nice glow, and my skin is now definitely softer :)

7 months ago
Certified Buyer

Support Local

I just finished a bar and I loved it! I have a morena skin and I don't use whitening soaps. I tried this soap for my dark spots. This product works and the rice grains did not irritate my skin to my surprise. Plus points because Be Organic Bath & Body is a local brand. I can't wait to try their other products too.

10 months ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer


Got this yesterday and tried it immediately. Since I haven't used exfoliating soaps for a while, the beads are quite abrasive to my taste yet effective in sloughing the dead skin off. The smell is nice but overpowering. I will give it a few more days to see the lightening effect.

11 months ago
Top Reviewer

Absolutely wonderful!

I like using exfoliating body products every once in a while and this Skin-Lightening Triple Rice Soap from Be Organic Bath and Body is such a wonderful product to use. I like how it is made from all natural and organic ingredients to begin with. It gently cleanses and smells incredible.

11 months ago
Top Reviewer


It exfoliates my skin gentle and the scent is so nice.

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer


It exfoliates my skin gently while leaving my skin soft and supple.

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer


It does exfoliate but it isn't that harsh on my skin.

about 1 year ago
Certified Buyer

Good exfoliating soap

Love this exfoliates my skin really well.. Will buy it again definitely😊

about 1 year ago
Certified Buyer


Great concept for a beauty product, refreshing, and affordable. I have since stopped using a loofah for my body, thanks to this soap. The smell is pleasant, not overpowering. Does not dry my skin as well. Give it a try, instead of buying chemical-infused products that can damage your skin in the long run.

about 1 month ago
Certified Buyer

One of my faves

I've been purchasing this soap for over a year now. I use it every other day as part of my exfoliating routine. I love the fact that the texture gives my skin a good scrub so no need for loofahs! And of course I love the fact that this is natural and organic. The only reason why I didn't give this 5 stars is because I don't think it has ever worked as a whitening soap for me. Seeing as I have already used it for a year, I would think that my skin would have brightened by now, but it hasn't. Still, I love this soap for exfoliating purposes.

2 months ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer

Bye-bye dead skin cells

I think I have just found a new fave exfoliating soap! It reminds me of Cyleina's Rice Bran Soap - exfoliates without being abrasive and harsh on the skin. Of course, do NOT rub on the skin with too much pressure. I can't say for certain that it does lighten but after seeing dead skin cells and dirt rubbed off my skin, it could be one reason why the skin looks lighter. Another thing that I like is that it does not melt easily. Will definitely repurchase.

3 months ago
Certified Buyer

Excellent Soap!

I never imagined that this soap is very affordable! It has a nice scent that will keep you using it. The micro beads that helps in exfoliating is really addicting. I love scrubbing this soap all over my body! The lightening factor is minimal but I believe it will be obvious after few weeks of using this!

6 months ago
Certified Buyer

It's alright, but hey It's organic!

I already opened it and is already in my bathroom however I used it once or twice if I'm not mistaken because. To tell the truth... I don't know how if I'm using it correctly! Haha do I need to scrub the soap to my body? When I did that I had minor scratches because the scrub beads are too sharp "matatalas" and my skin is "manipis". If I will be using the soap I think I should use a loofah or something. But to use the soap alone? I don't think it's gon work. for those who have manipis na balat you can still buy this just use a loofah. For those who are already used to this kind of soap go ahead it's okay. But I still love it kasi I'm looking forward to it's whitening effect and it leaves my skin smooth. I will continue to use it.

8 months ago
Certified Buyer

Locally wonderful

Cant say much yet with regards to its whitening effects but what I can say is that I love the smell, lathers on well, it doesnt melt fast like some other whitening soaps and its immediate effects leaves skin smooth and supple after shower. Easy on the pocket too :)

9 months ago
Certified Buyer

Triple Rice ... Nice

I bought this to try for exfoliating my skin and it did more because the grains are coarse, you could use it like loofah on your heels. I like the smell although it does not linger long. I used the whole bar twice a day: morning and evening for 8 days using it throughout my whole body including a gentle rub on my face. I would recommend this for exfoliating the heels and perhaps could be of great use if you have calluses than exfoliating the body.

7 months ago