UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF50+ PA++++

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Holy grail sunscreen!!!

One of the best sunscreen for face.. it is very lightweight and the best of all it has no whitecast.. no waiting time needed if you need to put your bb cream or make up. It absorbs quickly in the face and it has zero oily feeling the whole day. I think i just found my holy grail of sunscreens.

about 2 years ago
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my HG

This is seriously HG material for me. Before, while I had sunscreens I liked, there wasn't anything I was 100% happy with. Neutrogena Dry Touch comes close, but this Bioré offering feels way more luxurious while actually being cheaper. I love how it doesn't really feel like a sunblock--no white cast whatsoever, zero greasy feel, spreads and blends incredibly well. It also works great under makeup. The downside is it has a relatively high alcohol content, though I do not feel any stinging or drying. Zero breakouts with this as well. But if you have an issue with alcohol, I think it helps to know before trying this out.

about 2 years ago
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A must-have!

My friends use this sunscreen and it comes highly recommended in the Asian Beauty community-- and I can see why! It's lightweight and it's quickly absorbed by the skin with no greasy feel. I apply it in the morning after my day moisturizer and it really doesn't feel heavy at all. Will definitely keep re-stocking!

over 1 year ago
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My skin can breathe underneath

This sunblock is absorbed quickly, not greasy nor sticky. I love this because my face does not feel heavy and layered. My skin can breathe underneath. It is not shiny, i dont need powder on rest days. It does not leave any color, so i am able to apply it without using a mirror when outdoors. It smells nice too.

about 2 years ago
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Opposite of the Sunblock You Know

I am so completely in awe of this product. I've always only known the sunscreen/sunblock that's thick, sticky, and leaves a white cast. This is the polar opposite. The watery base dries instantaneously and you can still layer another base over it or just layer makeup over directly. It feels and dries like you have nothing on. Only possible con is that it contain alcohol, which could be drying to some people.

about 2 years ago

Hg sunscreen!!!

I got this because its cheaper than my previous sunscreen. I was scared because i thought that it might break me out. To my surprise, it was really good. It didn't break me out. It's not sticky for my sensitive oily skin and my skin feels so soft after it has been absorbed by my skin. I'll definitely repurchase this sunscreen!

8 months ago
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Good formulation..thanks to this sunscreen!!!

This sunscreen is perfect for everyday use. When I go out, eto lang yun product na nilalagay ko then a little touch of my favorite face powder. Di rin sya super sticky sa face or too heavy to wear. After maapply sa face, may cooling sensation and you would really feel na nahyhydrate and moisturize this yun face mo at the same time..good thing coz it's water-based.

about 1 month ago


Japanese skincare products are the best! Okay so I really love this product just the way I love the UV Brightening Milk by this brand too! This one is for my daily use tho! I love the fact that it works great as a moisturizer and that it doesn't make my skin feel icky! This is good for girls like me who have combination or like oily skin since it doesn't leave a greasy feel to it. This is worth the buy! Will defo repurchase this!

9 months ago
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perfect all-around sunblock at such an affordable price

after trying and loving biore's uv bright milk, i quickly signed up for the wait list on this. and i was right, this is such a keeper. this sunblock is so light in texture, absorbs quickly and completely, does not leave any white cast, and really does its job (i was out all day and i didn't burn). the best part is, it's quite affordable. packaging is great too, perfect amount that you can just grab and toss in your bag (even your carry on!). this has just replaced my go-to everyday all-around sunblock.

about 1 year ago
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Surprisingly moisturizing!

I love how light an moisturizing this sunblock is. It lives up to its claims of keeping my skin cool and refreshed. I think I'll keep on slathering my face with this when summer comes. It does keep my skin looking hydrated and healthy. Plus points because it dries down matte and gives a smooth base for makeup. I have nothing but love for this!

about 2 years ago
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Lightweight sunblock

Biore's UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence is one of my holy grail sunblock products. Its water-based formula is very lightweight on the skin and will not leave you feeling greasy for the whole day. Use it after toning and moisturizing your face to obtain optimal results. Wait for at least 10 minutes before applying your base foundation to make sure the product has been fully absorbed by the skin.

5 days ago
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Surosingly quick drying and smooth feeling!!

This sunscreen is extremely quick drying! Been using this for the past week so far and I'm satisfied. Don't let the thick consistency scare you - this sunblock is easy to spread and is quickly absorbed by your skin (in my case, anyway). One tip - for those with oily complexion, make sure you put no sebum since I think the consistency of this may increase oiliness but I can feel that the UV coverage of this is very good. NO GREASY FEELING LIKE OTHER FACIAL SUNBLOCKS :-)

5 days ago
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The best!

I love this product! Been using this for two years now and cannot find a reason to switch to other brands. I love that this is not sticky and you can definitely put this under your makeup without worrying that this will give you white cast. In terms of sunscreen this should always be top of mind. Highly recommended 👍

6 days ago
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Fave indeed!

My most loved sunscreen! Non sticky and dries quickly.. it also very refreshing and moisturizing. Reapplying is also a no hassle experience. sad that it is sold out most of the time.. i have tried different brands from drugstore products to high end ones but i always find my self reaching for this above all others.

6 days ago
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Worthy to be my first ✨

This is my first ever daily sunscreen... and I love it!! 👌🏼 Hindi siya sticky sa feeling like the usual sunscreens, hindi siya oily/greasy sa face or even sa fingers mo. It immediately sets talaga! 👍🏼 Ang medj ‘di ko lang like is yung smell niya. When you put it sa fingers mo, then i-warm up or like you do the circular motion sa fingers mo where you placed the sunscreen, maaamoy mo yung scent— amoy gamot like Tempra. BUUUUUT when it is on your face na naman, you’ll not be able to smell it na which is nice 😉👍🏼

7 days ago
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My all time fave!!!

I've used this sunscreen for years now. It's good under makeup and doesn't leave a tacky feeling. It's not sticky and doesn't have a distinct smell. It also dries down to a powdery finish. I love it and will repurchase always!!! This sunblock is absorbed quickly, not greasy nor sticky and doesn't leave a white cast.

8 days ago
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Thanks Biore UV

My sensitive skin loves this product. Absolutely! I tried several sunscreen products including from Derma clinic but no one made it to make my face skin happy. Only this product Biore UV. . Happy and satisfied. Cant complete my summer days without this before leaving the house. Thank you. 😘

9 days ago
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I'm in love

I have never been a fan of applying sunscreen on my face because it very icky but this sunscreen made me a believer! Very perfect for oily skin. I don't experience any breakouts. Very easy to apply and dries quickly. This can also serve as a primer. It has alcohol so if you are sensitive to alcohol use carefully. But for my skin type this is very perfect! I'm almost done with my 1st bottle and so far no regrets..

10 days ago
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Lightweight it is!

This sunscreen is one of the best I tried so far. I was thinking it's kinda heavy because it is SPF 50 but to my surprise it is lightweight and can even use under make up. It also works for me as a moisturizer and I only use small amount since it can be easily lathered.

11 days ago
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Holy grail sunscreen. This is by far the best drugstore sunscreen. Though pricier than other drugstore brands, I think this is the most effective of all. Super sulit ang pera dito. It goes a long way but be sure you are putting enough amount on your face. Wag tipirin girl bumili ka na lang din might as well get the best out of the product.

11 days ago