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UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF50+ PA++++

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Certified Buyer

Holy grail sunscreen!!!

One of the best sunscreen for face.. it is very lightweight and the best of all it has no whitecast.. no waiting time needed if you need to put your bb cream or make up. It absorbs quickly in the face and it has zero oily feeling the whole day. I think i just found my holy grail of sunscreens.

over 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

my HG

This is seriously HG material for me. Before, while I had sunscreens I liked, there wasn't anything I was 100% happy with. Neutrogena Dry Touch comes close, but this Bioré offering feels way more luxurious while actually being cheaper. I love how it doesn't really feel like a sunblock--no white cast whatsoever, zero greasy feel, spreads and blends incredibly well. It also works great under makeup. The downside is it has a relatively high alcohol content, though I do not feel any stinging or drying. Zero breakouts with this as well. But if you have an issue with alcohol, I think it helps to know before trying this out.

over 1 year ago
Certified Buyer

My skin can breathe underneath

This sunblock is absorbed quickly, not greasy nor sticky. I love this because my face does not feel heavy and layered. My skin can breathe underneath. It is not shiny, i dont need powder on rest days. It does not leave any color, so i am able to apply it without using a mirror when outdoors. It smells nice too.

over 1 year ago
Certified Buyer

A must-have!

My friends use this sunscreen and it comes highly recommended in the Asian Beauty community-- and I can see why! It's lightweight and it's quickly absorbed by the skin with no greasy feel. I apply it in the morning after my day moisturizer and it really doesn't feel heavy at all. Will definitely keep re-stocking!

9 months ago
Top Reviewer

Opposite of the Sunblock You Know

I am so completely in awe of this product. I've always only known the sunscreen/sunblock that's thick, sticky, and leaves a white cast. This is the polar opposite. The watery base dries instantaneously and you can still layer another base over it or just layer makeup over directly. It feels and dries like you have nothing on. Only possible con is that it contain alcohol, which could be drying to some people.

over 1 year ago


Japanese skincare products are the best! Okay so I really love this product just the way I love the UV Brightening Milk by this brand too! This one is for my daily use tho! I love the fact that it works great as a moisturizer and that it doesn't make my skin feel icky! This is good for girls like me who have combination or like oily skin since it doesn't leave a greasy feel to it. This is worth the buy! Will defo repurchase this!

about 2 months ago

Surprisingly moisturizing!

I love how light an moisturizing this sunblock is. It lives up to its claims of keeping my skin cool and refreshed. I think I'll keep on slathering my face with this when summer comes. It does keep my skin looking hydrated and healthy. Plus points because it dries down matte and gives a smooth base for makeup. I have nothing but love for this!

over 1 year ago

Just the best. That's all you need to know.

I LOVE THIS SUNSCREEN!!! I hate it when you use sunblock or sunscreen that feels sticky and icky on your face or when there's left over white residue on your skin and you feel like there's a mask that's preventing your skin from breathing. However, sun damage is a reaaaaal culprit to ruining your skin and I needed one really bad. With that being said, THIS PRODUCT HAS NONE OF THE ISSUES I HATE! It leaves you feeling clean, like's there's barely anything on your face! Your skin feels silky smooth after applying it, it's mattifying toooo! And best of all no white residue! Hyup, this baby's a keeper.

10 days ago

The only sunblock I will use forever :)

I am prone with sun spots that's why I can't live without a sunblock. I've tried a lot of brands but I am not happy about it because they are sticky, whitish and with strong smell. This product is so easy to blend like a moisturizer, not sticky, without a strong smell, and with a cooling effect.

14 days ago

This got me into the sunscreen habit!

I first encountered this on a trip to Japan and ohmygoodness, the HYPE IS REAL! The texture is definitely unlike your regular sunscreen (which is a good thing!) because it's not thick nor heavy. The gel consistency sinks into your skin faster and leaves an almost matte finish. It smells great and is also perfect for use as a make-up base!

30 days ago
Certified Buyer

Best Sunscreen for Oily Skin!

I switched from The face Shop Oil Control Suncream and Biore wins hands down. I've been using this for a month now and its become my Holy Grail Sunscreen of all time! Its super lightweight and feels like you're applying skin care. Dries down quick but not matte which is pretty good if you're going for a no make-up look which shows off your glowy skin :) An added plus is the fact that it does not have a white cast AT ALL!!!!!!! Hoarding this product as soon as I can. Definitely worth the money and has exceeded my expectations.

about 1 month ago


This is by far the best sunscreen I have used. It was recommended to me by a friend and it was the best decision I've made. The product is light and absorbs really quick. For someone who was an oily complexion, this doesn't leave me feeling greasy and shiny all day.

about 1 month ago

Hg sunscreen!!!

I got this because its cheaper than my previous sunscreen. I was scared because i thought that it might break me out. To my surprise, it was really good. It didn't break me out. It's not sticky for my sensitive oily skin and my skin feels so soft after it has been absorbed by my skin. I'll definitely repurchase this sunscreen!

about 2 months ago

my HG sunscreen

This is the best sunscreen for me, though this is the only sunscreen product I have used so far. It is easily absorbed by the skin, is lightweight, and is not sticky at all. I also like the cooling effect. My BB cream applies well also on top of this.

about 2 months ago

My everyday sunscreen

I recently just started to incorporate sunscreen into my skincare regimen because all sunscreens I've tried before left a white cast on my face and left me oily. This sunscreen leaves my skin matte and ready for make-up. I also like that it doesn't break me out or cause weird reactions with my skin. I really regret not discovering this product sooner!

about 2 months ago

HG sunscreen forever

This is the best sunscreen i have ever tried. It goes on smoothly without any white cast and is refreshing and perfect even for oily skin. I wanna hoard bottles of this product together with the Watery Essence variant. I am usually adventurous and curious when it comes to skincare but i think i dont need any other sunscreen. Will stick do this until the end!

about 2 months ago

perfect for oily-combi skin type

i have a hard time finding a decent moisturizer as my skin is really oily. most moisturizers just makes my skin more oily and it feels heavy upon application. but this moisturizer is super duper lightweight and easily absorb by the skin. zero waiting time. and it has 50spf. and compared to other moisturizers with that high spf, this is one of the cheapest. this product didn't break me out. my hg!

about 2 months ago
Top Reviewer

HG sunscreen

This is by far THE BEST sun screen I have ever bought or owned. It is physically cream but goes like water on the face so i absorbs in seconds with no sticky or tacky feeling. It layers really well under make up be it powder or foundation. It DOES NOT enhance my oiliness which is another plus factor. It has a slight moisturizing effect so I find I can use it alone and skip the moisturizer in the morning.

2 months ago
Certified Buyer

Not sticky AT ALL!!!

I usually hate wearing sunblock before because I've always found it too sticky. Not until I found this product! Definitely not sticky, and it's a perfect base for make-up! It won't make you oily as well! It also gives a moisturizing effect so that's a plus for me! I've also recommended this product to my friends, and we all use it now. Been repurchasing again and again!!!

2 months ago

The best sunscreen ever!

This is by far the best sunscreen I've used for my face! Upon application, my skin immediately absorbs the product and it leaves my face smooth and bouncy. With our hot to humid weather, this the perfect sunblock to use because it moisturizes the skin all day without the greasy feeling. For me, this is great on all skin types but I highly recommend this to those who have dry skin.

2 months ago