Gold Shampoo by Black Beauty

Gold Shampoo

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CLAIM TO FAME: Scientifically formulated hair-thickening shampoo

FAST FACTS: Gently cleans hair and scalp; encourages and stimulates hair growth; revitalizes weak, thinning, and brittle strands to help reduce hair fall; ensures significantly stronger, fuller hair with regular use

PERFECT FOR: Thick, lush locks

WHAT YOU GET: (1) Gold Shampoo

Massage product into wet hair until lather. Rinse off.

Specially formulated to thicken your hair, Black Beauty’s rich hair-thickening formula repairs, revitalizes, and nourishes dry and damaged hair caused by the effects of styling and the environment – giving your hair strength, bounce, and shine!

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Top Reviewer

Golden Product

This is so precious! It effectively yet gently clears dandruff and it helped strengthen my hair. I noticed significantly reduced hairfall and my hair looks bouncy and feels so smooth and soft too. It definitely eliminiates frizz and makes my hair more manageable. I love the smell of this and that it does not seem too commercialized. Definitely a must try!

about 1 month ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer

It's like a clarifying shampoo

I just have to say that this is a good shampoo, but this isn't really my favorite shampoo from the black beauty brand, but I think it's still a good one, I love the scent and it is literally gold, it kind of freeze off my hair like a clarifying shampoo.

8 months ago
Certified Buyer

Great for thin/limp hair!

I have really thin, fine-stranded, straight hair, in combination with an oily scalp, so it looks very limp and flat and lifeless. It has been a life-long struggle for me but ever since I've tried this product, my hair had a boost of volume! It tends to remove the oil from my hair, making it lighter so it doesn't fall flat. Although this might be a bit concerning for those who have dry hair, I personally did not have any problems with it whatsoever since I naturally have an oily scalp, and rather found it helpful in making my hair look healthier and fuller. I also find that it did decrease my hairfall in comparison to other local shampoo brands and that it helps my hair to grow a lot faster. (i might even consider applying this to my brows to make them fuller lol) It smells quite nice and it's really affordable!

12 months ago
Certified Buyer

Instant Results!

BeautyMNL gave me a sample of this shampoo, and I must say that I'm totally impressed! I actually have a really thin hair, which is a constant annoyance for me, like you can notice that my hair's thinning and you can instantly see my scalp. So, I tried this and I noticed that my hair looked thick! I really liked that I saw instant results from the sample. Seriously, thank you so much BeautyMNL I'm definitely gonna buy this one!

12 months ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer

A new fave!!

Oh my~another homegrown product! I'm hooked! BeautyMNL gave me a sample of the 2-in-1 shampoo and that product was also nice but it made my hair a bit dry at first but after a couple of hours, my hair looked great and it didn't increase my hairfall. This baby works even better than that. My hair looks shiny and feel softer right after wash, it's amazing!

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

silky smooth hair achieved!

I heard about black beauty brand even way back before, but haven't had any chance to try it myself. They said it really gives you a silky smooth hair, but it was for the horses haha actually, I hesitated to try it because of that reason. Good thing, I tried it or else I would have regretted not having to try it all. Now, I love this! I should have tried it before, but at least it's never late to try. I am enjoying using it now, and it really does give me a silky smooth, and manageable hair.

over 1 year ago