Face Canvas Moisturizer by Leyende

Face Canvas: VelvetSense™ Moisturizer & Makeup Base

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Get fresh, visibly hydrated skin with this rich cream that promises superior moisturization and skin protection, with the infusion of pili pulp oil that acts as a natural antioxidant. Created with emollient mango butter and skin-softening virgin coconut oil, Leyende’s Face Canvas VelvetSense™ Moisturizer penetrates deep into the skin, leaving a naturally healthy glow. A silicone-free formula makes it ideal for all skin types (even very oily skin!), and if you’ve got somewhere to be, it makes for a smooth, long-lasting makeup base.

Net Weight:
100 ml
  • Ideal for all skin types
  • Silicone-free

Derived from the Spanish word “leyenda” which means “legend,” Leyende has stealthily been growing in popularity over the years as a trusted Filipino bath and body brand that delivers premium eco-friendly and organic products to its widening fan base. With ingredients sourced mainly from ECOCERT-certified and locally grown farms and companies, each lovingly handmade product is ideal for the environmentally-conscious and those with sensitive skin. In 2008, Leyende was included in the exclusive book, “50 Must-Buys in Manila,” which was edited by top stylist and magazine art director Michael Salientes, and premier jewelry designer Janina Dizon Hoschka.

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Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer

Non Sticky Feel Primer

I have fair sensitive skin so I am very careful when choosing facial products. I had high expectations for this product because I have read good reviews. Thank God it did not disappoint when I used it as a primer before applying my BB cream. It made my makeup last longer and moisturized my face at the same time but without the sticky and heavy feeling. I love it. Best primer I ever tried!

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer


Another homegrown product ~ wow! This base / moisturizer works well on my sensitive skin. If you're acne prone and hypersensitive I highly suggest that you try this. It has a strong sweet smell upon first application but worry not, it fades after awhile. This didn't break me out and made my mineral make last the whole day. The best thing is that I'm not worried about my skin being clogged up or that any desctructive chemical is invading my blood stream. This organic product is such a blessing! TA!

23 days ago
Top Reviewer

Smells clean and fresh

Love, love this moisturizer. It sinks into my skin and never feels greasy. It smells clean and fresh. I feel that it really plumps up the skin and smooths fine lines. This is also perfect as I am currently using retinol and it makes my skin drier than usual. I use this every night before the retinol and after every use, my skin always feels smooth and firm.

11 months ago
Top Reviewer

2 in 1

I love how I can have a moisturizer and makeup primer in one tube. My makeup really stays put and it made my skin super soft.

about 1 year ago
Certified Buyer

Leyende Face Canvass and Cleanser

I loved this product. I have very sensitive skin and I was surprised that I did not have any allergic reactions. Good thing I have stocked up on this and the Cleanser ;) It is also good that is Filipino made.

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Pretty good for its price

I used this product during days when I need a heavier moisturizer. It was pretty good in that it didn't cause breakouts and I could skip primer. Also, the tube is super convenient to pack in luggage whenever I travel (not like others which come in heavy jars). Initially I got scared off by some other reviews in the Internet - people were saying it made their face super sweaty - but I found that it wasn't an issue for me. :) My only issues with this product are: 1. It could get sticky on humid days which is why I prefer to use it as a day moisturizer for -ber months 2.) shelf life isn't that long because it's organic 3.) the scent is pretty strong! My sister has noticed it on me several times already and it's kind of embarrassing to have people sniffing at you and wondering what the smell is. Some people find the smell nice but personally I found it a bit too much - especially if you use it everyday then you can get sick of it :(

about 1 year ago
Certified Buyer

Primer and Moisturizer in ONE application

I like the fact that in just one application, I can get a primer and a moisturizer at the same time. It saves money, effort and especially time! As a primer, it holds my face powder longer and helps in achieving a smooth finish. I am also using Jagermeister Pore Suit Soap to minimize my pores and I believe that it also helps in achieving that smooth finish. As a moisturizer, I was expecting that somehow it could mattify my skin though, based on what I read from other users. Yet, I think it does not work for everyone. I really have a very oily skin and it is really hard to find a moisturizer that could address the issue that will not cost me an arm and a leg at the same time. Anyway, it may be shiny at first, however, once the skin absorbed it, the shiny effect minimizes. I am now using this for 2 weeks, every morning and the uneven and sagging skin in my forehead looks better now, so it is still good as a moisturizer. My sister also noticed the improvement. :) I also like the fact that it is organic!

4 months ago
Certified Buyer

moisturizer and make up base in one

The scent can be overpowering but the overall benefits of this product is much more important. It's moisturizing and you can instantly feel that your skin became healthier by applying it. It is great for layering makeup as it will help your foundation glide more smoothly. I am experiencing dry patches because of the blemish cream I am using and this helps in covering that up. It doesn't entirely make the make-up long lasting, but the plus side is that your face would not get oily in the middle of the day. Just make sure to apply the right pea-size amount.

5 months ago
Top Reviewer

Two in one product

This Face Canvas: Velvet Sense Moisturizer & Makeup Base is a primer and moisturizer in one. Although this functions as a moisturizer, I find that the product is not oily on the face and did not cause me any break outs. It is also effective as a make up primer and aside from making my skin more hydrated, it also makes my make up last longer.

9 months ago
Certified Buyer

Must try

I really love how it moisturizes my skin literally all day long however, i dont like the smell, it's pretty strong and not that good. Im really satisfied with its moisturizing power, ill keep using it. :)

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Loved it

Good primer!!

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer


I like how it's very gentle on my skin.

about 1 year ago
Certified Buyer

Great moisturizer, wish it was scent-less

I've been on the market for a new moisturizer. I chose this based on reviews and because it's locally made. Support local! LIKES: 1) moisturizes without becoming oily or sticky 2) my skin did not have any averse/allergic reactions 3) lightweight and my skin absorbs it well. DISLIKE: smell is off-putting for me and strong (other people can smell it)

almost 1 year ago