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Op blur

Prime Primer Blur

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I lurv this Primer!

I have been on the lookout for a blur product that will really work. And after much time and effort done on comparison shopping, I finally decided to give this a shot. And I am so glaaad! It is totally worth it. My friends really say I look glowing whenever I use this. I feel that my investment has really paud off. Yay for Banila!

10 months ago
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This is only the second primer that I have owned and I have no regrets trying it out! The blur effect is super! At first I was afraid because of the glitters (fearing it would look tacky instead of a blur effect) but after putting on bb cream, the glitters disappeared but the blur effect was still there. I like the fact that I only need a very small amount to cover my entire face. 30ml for a thousand bucks but I think this will last for quite some time. :)

10 months ago
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Since I do not know how to put on a full face of makeup, I use this primer as it is. I can see the effect instantly. It blurs out my pores and adds that glow to my face. I just usually put this on and layer on baby powder on my face (sorry, I really don't know how to put makeup one) and I'm good to go. I think it has a moisturizing effect on it because when I put it on, my face feels softer and smoother. Love how this product works!

11 months ago
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Quite pricey but it's hard to find a good primer that claims two main benefits and actually does the job!!! Make up looks 10x better with this primer as pores are hidden really well while there's that glow that looks very youthful and looks as if you take really good care of your skin which I kind of don't as I'm always quite stressed!! Really glowing!!

11 months ago
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Great primer that makes you glow

I used a mattifying primer before I discovered this, and I found that mattifying ones hide the dewy glow I get from my skincare products. This one, however, would enhance the glow AND blur out my pores. It smells great and it feels nice on my skin, almost like a moisturizer and not sticky at all. Love using this under my BB creams, no need to apply too much as well.

about 1 year ago
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Definitely lives up to its name!

This primer just blurs all the impurities away. I use this with the Dream Cream, and together they just work wonders! You literally dont have to put anything much after, and it just leaves you with a very natural, glowing look that is sure to last the whole day. Usually, I dont need to retouch/redo my make-up within the day. Since my face oils up after a few hours, I typically just use oil films to reinstate the fresh, natural look

over 1 year ago
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Flawless Insta-worthy finish in a bottle!

This is the third time I've ever tried primer as part of my makeup routine. This primer was way better that the other one I've tried with regards to consistency, finish, wear and price. It wasn't runny, and it didn't feel greasy on my face. This product also lasted longer than the other products I've tried, and it also helped me achieve that flawless look at a more reasonable price.

over 1 year ago
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Pore less face!

My pores are small (thank God) and this really makes my pores disappear, I don't know about people who have really open pores though, but this product looks promising enough. This also helps me minimize my oiliness and this doesn't make me crease. My makeup always looks perfect whenever I use this!

over 1 year ago

Gimme Glow!

This pimer has a watery consistency and has sparkles in it. It gives the skin a shiny/glowy, very dewy look. I cannot use it alone and go out bare-faced though because of the shine, unlike other matte primers. The beauty of this primer lies in the way it gives the skin radiance even after applying liquid foundation on top. Apart from giving a "lit from within" look, this primer does its job creating a flawless base for makeup application. Would definitely recommend it!

28 days ago


if you want a dewy finish but doesn't look oily, you should go for this primer! <3 this has been my favorite for a long time already!! i actually love how it makes my make up last longer and look better! Korean look on the go for this one! <3

about 1 month ago

For that glowy look.

I'm used to pore filling primer that I thought this could be. This primer though, it glows! It has micro glitter particles that sits really pretty on your skin. I don't really think they make my pores blurred or anything, but I like it anyway. I just find the name confusing because it says 'blur'. I didn't expect they meant blur through glow. It does leave my skin a bit tacky which I like since I feel like my foundation wore really well over it. Next time I'll try the classic variant.

about 2 months ago

I love it!😊

Yes! IM So excited to have tried my first ever primer and even its pricey its still all worth it😊just a small amount and it gives u a glowy complexion and so smooth on the skin😊even smell good and the fact that its made in korea is a plus😊will definitely use this primer forever❤i super love it😊and most thing i even more like about it is the shimmering effect on the face even after i put my cc cream😊so happy with this goody i receive.will definitely purchased again😊

4 months ago

Luminescence in a bottle

I've been on the hunt for a great primer to pair with my recently purchased Glossier Skin Tint. So glad I decided to get this one. They go together like Peanut Butter & Jelly! Banilla's primer gives a sheer luminescent base that isn't tacky at all, but rather very healthy looking. It blurs out my pores. Putting on my Glossier Skin Tint with this base was so much easier. Plus, my Skin Tint stays on a lot longer, and the Primer really compliments the already dewy effect that the former provides. I suggest though to set with translucent powder if you have oily skin. And! Use just a pea sized amount!

4 months ago

One step to perfect skin!

I finally tried this after years of staying away from blur creams because of a bad experience from another brand. Initially, I thought this was going to do the exact same thing as my previous blur cream, absolutely nothing. But lo and behold! When I put this on my skin, it definitely made it look nice and healthy and dewy and smooth. Under my usual base products, my skin looked perfect, under the summer's sweltering heat, it held up all my makeup in place until I took it off when I got home from work. Definitely a must have in this weather!

5 months ago

Instant "Glow"!

The shimmery consistency when you pump out the product can be overwhelming at first but when you spread it on your face, it's actually nice! This primer will allow you to use less liquid foundation / tinted creams and will give you that nice "glow". Good for faking sleepless nights. 😛

7 months ago
Top Reviewer

All Hail to this primer

I dont know if my great review is still needed.. I gave this primer a try inspite of losing hope to find a perfect primer for my large pores. This primer made me feel great everytime I use it. This may not be the perfect but it really made my pores less noticeable. I used it to different foundations and I must say this primer is compatible to all. Great great product!

8 months ago
Certified Buyer

Hello dewy skin!

Awesome primer that will make any skin type look dewy and youthful! I'm not keen on Korean branded makeup as most of them lack coverage and pigment because most cater to the soft, white and silky complexion of Koreans (Which unfortunately I don't! :( ) but this, proved me wrong that not all of them are like that! This primer helped my budget and skin as it's not too expensive and it keeps my skin feeling hydrated and still looking fab all day! Thanks so much! <3

9 months ago

New go-to primer!

I've tried a number of primers already, some from Banila, but this one tops the list so far! My pores aren't really visible (thank god) but I usually hate it when primers feel a bit greasy on the face. This one goes on smoothly and there's a dewy finish even when left to dry!. I usually go for matte ones to avoid stickiness but this primer wasn't sticky at all and left my skin smooth to touch too! Will definitely buy more bottles in the future.

9 months ago
Certified Buyer

Say Hello to Flawless look!

Super love this primer! I tried it for a week, I needed a primer that will give me a flawless look for my engagement photos and it did! I'm glad to try it! So worth every penny. It moisturizes your face and it's non-sticky, plus it gives you that glowing look even after you applied a pressed powder. I recommend this product, it's a must have! =) <3

10 months ago
Certified Buyer


I decided to give this a try after hearing about blurring primers from one of my favorite beauty vloggers and I'm sooooo glad I bought this. I've tried a bunch of different primers before, and never has makeup gone on this smoothly. The finish is BEAUTIFUL, but more importantly, it's long-lasting. Your makeup won't crease or cake; even hours later, makeup looks fresh and skin looks luminous but not oily. Since it's a blurring product, it's lends your concealer and extra hand and goes ahead with smoothening and diffusing the appearance of imperfections. Then again, it's soooo good that often you won't even need concealer! Just foundation and you're good to go. No cons for this product. ALL PROS. <3 <3 <3

11 months ago