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Eye Candy Eyeshadow Palette

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Move Over, Naked Palette

I have the Naked Basics Palette and I've almost hit the pans of the shadows that I use every day so I'm glad I discovered this. LOVE LOVE LOVE this palette SO much! For once in the world of palettes, I'll actually be able to use all the shades in this palette (Eye Candy 2) because they're all wearable (from day to night). Love how some shadows have shimmer and some don't, so I have the option of having shimmery eyes one day and matte the other. I use an eye primer before putting this but the colors are super pigmented! I don't use any other palette since I've discovered this. Excited to try the other one with the more colorful shades!

almost 2 years ago
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An Alternative to Urban Decay

Eye candy 2 is one alternative palette for those who like urban decay's naked basic. Not only that its price is reasonable but also it delivers quality. It is definitely a must-have. I am considering buying it again as I'm running out of it.

almost 2 years ago
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Perfect Eyeshadows for Low Price

I got the Eye Candy 2 palette and the shadows are really, really nice! Shade wise, they are perfect for everyday. Quality wise, very easy to blend, pigmented and does not have a lot of fallout. If you are beginner, I would recommend this since it is very easy to use.

9 months ago
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Great First Pallete

This is my first ever eye shadow palette! I was thinking of buying a cheaper palette but when I came across this one I had the instant guru vibe that this would be worth the additional bucks for a starter kit The shades are truly flattering if one would want a look that is natural yet catchy!

over 1 year ago
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Worth it!

Eye Candy 1 is such a wonderful palette! Since most of the eye shadows I bought bare in nudes, the blue shades included in palette 1 gave me an entirely new look. The texture is nice and the product is very easy to blend. The pigmentation is very good but it's best if you put eye shadow primer underneath if you have oily lids like me. I like how it didn't irritate my eye area. For a local product, this exceeded my expectations. Thumbs up!

over 1 year ago
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Best Bang For Your Buck Eyeshadow Palette

All the eyeshadows in both palettes are very pigmented and easy to blend. Even the matte shades which is very rare especially when it comes to local cosmetic brands. As for the texture, I have noticed that they are not all the same. Some are buttery soft while some of them feels a little bit dry to the touch but nonetheless, they all still perform and apply really well. I also did experience a little bit of fall-out with most of the shades, but it's not the kind of fall-out that clings to the skin ― you can brush it off easily with a fluffy brush.

almost 2 years ago

Make-up staple

I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS PRODUCT!!! It's highly pigmented and has equal number of matte and shimmery shadows. I got the Eye Candy 1 because I love how playful the colors were (not to mention I get more room to experiment) and I did not regret buying this palette. Also, I love that this is Filipino-made and organic. Love it! 💖

19 days ago

Day to Night Look

I almost forgot reviewing this. I was one of the lucky ladies who got BDJ Box loaded with Pink Sugar products in 2015. I was hesitant to use the products for I haven't heard of it. But since I paid for it big time I decide to use it one by one. The last one I tried was this Eye Candy Eyeshadow Palette in No.2. I do not use any other brand for my sensitive eyes but Clinique for I have allergy to some cosmetic ingredients. But still I tried and was glad I didn't have any allergic reaction to it. No itching, no redness and no irritation. Thanks, and oh, it has a nice set of colors too that would cater my day to night (til dawn) look. It has matte to sheen choices in the palette. Decently pigmented and blendable enough. I just love it. Quality product you can trust. It delivers.Happy me.

23 days ago

Beginner's must-have!

I got the eye candy 2 palette. It took me a long time before choosing what palette to buy. This is my first ever palette and I love it! The colors are all wearable for everyday look. This is perfect for beginners like me. It's affordable and so pigmented. I don't regret choosing this palette!

30 days ago

An eyeshadow noob's first love

My first eyeshadow palette ever! I think it's worth it for the price considering the shadows are very pigmented and the color selection is something you can experiment with. I'm still very new to eyeshadow, but I love playing around with this. I got the Eye Candy 2 palette and I'm glad I did because other reviews say its as good as the Urban Decay Naked palette!! Well, again, I'm not an expert, but it makes me happy to have gotten a "dupe" of the Naked palette as my first one. Looking forward to use this a lot!

about 1 month ago

The only palette you really need

I absolutely love this palette. I have it in eye candy 2 which has a great selection of shades for both day and night looks. It's a great basic palette and prrfect for beginners. Pigmentation is awesome and lasts pretty well. I used these shsdows for my graduation and despite 5 hrs of sitting under the sun, these shadows pulled through. I also want to give a special mention to the pinky/peachy shadow with gold flecks shadow and the dark purple shadow. Those were the ones that really sold this palette for me.

about 1 month ago

Really pretty!

I got this on sale last month and I couldnt be any more excited about a makeup product! It's my fist-ever eyeshadow as I am a beginner and still practicing the art of makeup. It's really pigmented and I love all the colors! I got the eye candy 1 with the cool-tone shades. It also blends well especially if you just use your fingers.

about 1 month ago
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Very versatile

This is my favorite among my other eye shadow palletes! I have the eye candy 2 pallete which has just the perfect shades from matte to shimmer - it is the perfect pallette to keep inside your bag to help you transition from day to night makeup! Colors are pigmented and lasts whole day with the help of primer, of course. Got this on sale and will definitely repurchase even on regular price!

about 1 month ago


Love the eye candy 2 palette! Really love the shades! I just really love the gold and maroon combinations so those shades really got me. Definitely a must have especially for beginners! Really great shades for a really good price!! I would definitely recommend their other products as well! Kudos to pink sugar!

about 2 months ago

Fabulous eyes~ <3

These eyeshadows are great! It's so pigmented and it blends on my eyelids well and I love the colors. I can finally have smokey eyes~ <3. I chose eye candy 1 and when I had blue eyeshadows, I have turned a lot of heads, even got complimented. Makes me love these eyeshadows more <3. I alsow love the packaging of this! It's so cute and yet I know it's sturdy.

about 2 months ago
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I am not a fan of eye shadows. This is the first time since I purchased a pallete for what seems like forever. The risk I took was worth it! the product is a GOOD Buy for its price. It stays longer than other eye shadows I recently tried. It also didn't irritate my skin. I have eczema and I usually react to eye shadows. I am happy with this product and highly recommends it to sensitive skin like mine.

2 months ago
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Packaging Made Me Buy It

Matte eyeshadows are my preferred variant and I got the shades I got in this palette. Although it comes with shimmery ones for added flair, they are very pigmented, buildable and complements one another. It can be used alone and the pigment shows very well but I still use my Fix+ to get that intensity and longevity I wanted. The fallout is also very minimal, which I liked overall. What made me buy it is the eye-catching packaging, which is the forte of Pink Sugar that I adore.

3 months ago

Eye Candy 2 is the perfect nude palette!

I got the Eye Candy 2 and i love it! This is perfect for those like me who just want understated eyes. I am not really good with doing eyeshadow so this is also good for make-up beginners. It doesn't dust at all! I don't end up with messy make-up like other eyeshadows do because this stays on where you put them. The palette also stays intact and not dusty. The double ended brush also does a good job of applying, let's see if it is durable as well. But overall i love this! Good thing i got it on sale here.

4 months ago

Ameyzing pigment!

I'm not so crazy about eyeshadows but there's this one night event that I was invited to. I thought a good eyeshadow would go perfectly with the rest of my make up but since I do not wear eyeshadows regularly, I chose a not so expensive product. I was sooo delighted that this eyeshadow is highly pigmented. A little goes a long way with this one and it's also long wearing. It lasted me about 3 hours through yhe night. And when I got home, I had difficulty removing it. A micellar water did it for me.

4 months ago
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Love it!

I have this palette on Eye candy 2, I love the shimmer and matte shades! Perfect for everyday look for school, going out and even going to work. I absolutely love it!! It is also perfect for day and night time look! Very pigmented and buttery, definitely worth your money!

6 months ago