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True Match Liquid Foundation

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G3 is a good match for Mac NC 35

I'm a makeup artist (got my certificate from Maquillage Professional) and I have a fondness for great foundation because a good base, one that enhances a person's natural undertone, makes such a huge difference in how polished a certain look can be. I've been a True Match user for years and I love that L'Oreal provides a system that removes the guess work about what shade suits you best. I'm NC 35 in Mac and G3 is a perfect match. I normally use a primer since I sweat a lot and this stays great for 8 hours WITH PRIMER, but this isn't designed for long wear on its own. You should get the Infallible Stay Fresh if you want one that's really designed for all-day wear. I like this for days when I know I'm not expecting to be out in scorching heat, and the shade and finish makes for a natural look, one where skin looks like skin.

about 1 year ago
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F2 is love

I bought two shades (F2 and N3) because it's really hard for me to find the right shade as I have a really fair skin with a yellow-ish undertone and while I was at the mall, the lady recommended me the G3 shade because she thought it matches my neck color (I have a strong jawline which makes the color of my face look lighter than my neck because of the lighting, but they're the same color). I tried this G3 shade and with proper lighting, my face was darker than my neck as if I was tanned. So I tried the shades F2 and N3. N3 shade is okay for me, but the F2 matches the skin color of my face and neck more perfectly than the N3. First time I applied F2 on my face, it was too white that I thought I picked the wrong shade again. When I blended it with my brush, that's where the magic happened. It REALLY matched my skin tone and it has a pretty good coverage on my face. <3

9 months ago
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I bought this product (for only 499 sale at Trinoma) as i will use it for my graduation. Honestly I don't know what matches my skin so the sales lady helped me and she gave me the shade G3 gold vanilla. I was so amazed for its formula. Very light and also good for the coverage. It looks very beautiful on pictures like i used a very expensive foundation! It lasts 6 hours on my face with primer, and 3-4 hours without. i also used this for everyday when going out. Also i bought True Match Concealer in the shade Neutral. I SWEAR IT IS PERFECTLY MATCHED. True Match it is!

about 1 year ago
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Perfect 5 stars for this product!

I've been using L'oreal True Match Liquid Foundation for almost two years now. Since the first time I tried it, I've become a loyal user and never switched to any product! What I love about this is it blends well on my skin. With everyday use, a bottle lasts for almost 4 months. I only apply a pea sized amount to cover my whole face. Truly, this is excellent for everyday use!

about 1 year ago
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Amazing Product

I received Gold Porcelain this morning and tried it at once. I was really amazed as to how light it feels on the face yet coverage was great. I've tried another famous liquid foundation which claims to be light to the feel, but L'Oreal is way better! It blends to the skin so well that even though I wore it for 12hours, it never caked. Another important thing is that it's easy to remove. So far, I'm so happy with this and would surely face each day with this on.

almost 2 years ago


I bought a wrong shade but this foundation is definitely gorgeous. The first time i used this is to the one of the biggest night event we had in our school. I am medium morena and what shade i got is like a 2-3x lighter than my skin color. Im hopeless that time bcos i really dont know what to do and i dont have idea mixing foundations. So what i did is used it as a base and used a cream contour after that in all honesty it blends so good and so smooth. The color of my face and body is same this foundation is very blendable i swear! I was very GGSS that night and girl I won a face of the night award that night bcos my face is so smooth. I am telling you go get it buy it! It is worth it! ❤

2 months ago
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It's like your second skin!

The wide range of shades is perfect for that flawless, even, close-to-skin tone base. It looks almost as if you just have a perfect even skin since it doesn't feel heavy. It doesn't emphasize my oilyness, although a powder over it is always recommended. Best applied with a buffing brush if you want its full effect as a foundation, perfect for everyday as well. Coverage is medium to full, but lightweight in feels. The price is just right for its quality and size!! I use G3 Gold Vanilla for my NC35 (MAC) skin tone.

6 months ago

True match

I'm a Mac NC 20-25. When I tried Rose Porcelain, it felt a tad lighter than my skin tone. Fortunately, it does adjust after a few minutes and it matches my shade PERFECTLY! It's amazing is what it is. Very light on the skin and also buildable. If you have dry skin though it attaches to some of your dry patches. You just need to put on some moisturizer to avoid that.

11 months ago
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Heavily Recommended

Perfect for everyday use! Totally adjusts to your skin tone and blends well. Conceals skin imperfection amazingly --- but not blemishes (you'll have to use a concealer for that). Doesn't clog my pores and is light on my face. Makes your face glow in a natural way, giving you a dewy complexion.

almost 2 years ago
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Highly recommended!

I super love this product! It makes my skin looking super natural and flawless at the same time. I say, this a medium coverage foundation but you can build it up to full coverage. I have a golden beige shade which is perfect for my skin since I have a pinkish/red skin-tone. I highly recommend this product!

almost 2 years ago
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Love at first try

This is way better than the bottled non pump version that I'm meh about. I love the finish of this because I literally look natural but covered, does tht even make sense? haha color match is fantastic, seriously one of the best foundations out there for the price. Love love love!

almost 2 years ago
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Holy grail foundation!!!

I took a chance on this product when it was on sale here the last time. I think I got mine for only P400? No regrets. I love it. I'm a sucker for affordable make up and I gotta give it to L'Oreal because their products are great. It feels really light on the face but it also has great coverage (it doesn't cake!!). However, if I don't use it with the Infallible Finishing Spray, it does melt off pretty quickly. I guess if you're out and about all day walking about under the sun, you'll be needing a retouch before the day is over. But other than that, this is golden <3 I can't emphasize enough how much I love it. I use the shade G3 and it perfectly matches my warm skin tone!

12 days ago
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Perfect for Combination Skin!

I didn't believe in love at first sight (or first application) until I tried this! Initially, I bought the wrong shade (G4) so I decided to purchase another one (G3). G4 was a bit dark for my skin, but I absolutely loved the formulation! It made my face incredibly smooth- and by smooth, I mean poreless. Yes, poreless. I have an oily T-zone, but I didn't look like a grease ball by the end of the day. Instead, I looked super dewy and illuminated! I just love it! Totally deserves more than five stars.

19 days ago

Great shade range. Would recommend for guys.

PSA I'm a guy with bad acne hence why I delved into base products. I think for any guy who wants to get away with foundation/bb cream, finding a shade that REALLY matches your skin is super important and that's why this gets 5 stars. I can confidently wear this foundation because it really matches my skin and because it's not crazy matte like other foundations (which can look really makeup-y on guys). Even though it's not marketed as long-wearing, I find that it lasts really long and gets better looking as the day wears on. It also doesn't smudge/transfer easily on the face. Also, I think the coverage is great. Two layers on my cheeks can really cover all my acne while one layer is good just to even out the skin tone so I think this could work on a lot of people talaga. My only concern is the shimmer visible in the product but when it's on the skin, it doesn't seem to be noticeable at all. Also, I was impressed with the Loreal saleslady (Landmark Makati) who assisted me. She really knew her stuff (like undertones, oxidization, and that Infallible would be may too matte and thick for a guy) and was really helpful in finding my shade. She also was not judgemental at all about a guy shopping for foundation.

21 days ago
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My HG foundation - haven't looked back ever since!

This one is my personal holy grail foundation. I discovered it last year and have never used another foundation. I use G4 and it matches my skin tone amazingly! It glides like butter on my skin and I don't have to use a lot to get full coverage! In fact, I use so little each time that a bottle lasts a lot longer than lesser foundations. It stays on throughout the day, whether it's hot or raining, and it's never caked on my face. It's just p-e-r-f-e-c-t. If I could give this more than 5 stars I would!

25 days ago

Shimmering Skin

This is my first ever foundation I used, specifically shade Gold Vanilla. I love how it easily blends without emphasizing clogged pores on my face. I have an oily skin type and this didn't make me too oily even it's liquid foundation. Just put on true match powder and, voila, perfect flawless skin. I use my fingers to blend and it still looks fine. It's very lightweight and glowing - complements my very pale skin.

28 days ago

A great everyday foundation!

I'm not an every day make up wearer gal but whenever I buy foundations first thing I always consider would be the consistency. I would always go for something light and blends easily. Good thing I found Loreal True Match, I discovered this on an Ad which I remember was modeled by Solenn Heausaff. I am one of those people who gets convinced to buy a product when I see that it looks good on the model, LOL. So yas, I bought 1 and up until now I keep using my Loreal Foundation. This is an affordable high quality everyday foundation. The packaging is pretty neat and it's not so heavy. There's no irritating scent on the product and the consistency is light and blendable, but not so buildable - well i've never tried putting 2 to 3 layers cause I tend to break out in such cases but 1 layer is enough for me. People with naturally good skin will benefit a lot from this product because it enhances more than it conceals. I would always wear this when travelling because it really looks good on natural light and on photos. It only conceals dark spots but not bumps and blemishes. It feels light and makes my skin glow. This is not the foundation I'd use for an evening event though cause it's too light and wears of/ needs retouching after 5 hrs or so. The only think I didn't like about this product is the shimmers on the foundation which isn't obvious if you don't look closely but since I am not attracted to shimmers, this is a minus points for me. I lean towards more on the the matte look than dewy. For gals who are still on an hunt for a good every day foundation, this one is a must try!

28 days ago
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Like skin

Got the shade in G1 Gold Ivory, and it's a perfect match. Color selection was easy as most shades come in yellow undertones ideal for asian skin. Honestly, it does not help with oil control but will not exacerbate your oiliness. Ideal for everyday use because it delivers a beautiful flawless finish without being cakey and heavy, almost skin like. Im on my second bottle already and my sister loves it too.

about 1 month ago

Only foundation

This is the only foundation you need. You don't need to try other foundations and waste your time. This is it! It can be easily blended, and applied. I use this with a sponge, brush and even my fingers. It also controls my oils for around 5-6hours, which is okay. I recommend using the true match pressed powder when setting your makeup in place.

about 1 month ago


My first foundation and after using others I ALWAYS go back to this, it leaves a nice natural finish but you can always build it up. I get oily on my t-zone so i usually powder it down which is fine because it doesn't look cakey, even if i wear SPF under it!!

about 1 month ago