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Pro Studio 10 Piece Brush Set by PRO STUDIO Beauty Exclusives
Pro Studio 10 Piece Brush Set
109 Reviews
₱320.00 ₱595.00
What To Love
This comprehensive brush set contains 10 essential brushes for the face and eyes. Perfect for makeup-obsessed beginners, each brush is designed for seamless pickup and blending.

This comprehensive brush set contains 10 essential brushes for the face and eyes. Perfect for makeup-obsessed beginners, each brush is designed for seamless pickup and blending.

This is a quality affordable starter set for makeup enthusiasts, especially if you’re building a collection from scratch. It has all the brushes you’ll need to complete a full face.

- Applies an even layer of mineral and powder foundation smoothly
- Blends liquid and powder products seamlessly for a flawless finish
- Sweeps just the right amount of blush on cheeks
- Creates incredible dimension through contour and highlight
- Glides powder and cream shadows like a dream
- Versatile selection allows you to either soften or pack on color
- Precisely concentrates shadow to the corners and creases of lids
- Adds depth to the crease
- Multi-purpose use works to fill in brows and line lids

For the Powder Brush:
STEP 1: Dip brush into the powdered product and swirl in circles or sweeping strokes until tips are evenly coated.
STEP 2: Tap off the excess before applying across the face in sweeping motions.

For the Foundation Brush:
STEP 1: Guide the brush along your face in even strokes.
STEP 2: Start in the middle and work your way outward.
STEP 3: Blend carefully to buff away any harsh lines.

For the Stippling Brush:
STEP 1: Gently press the brush into the powder, then press and tap into the skin.
STEP 2: Be mindful to lift and press in a repetitive dabbing motion, not dragging.
STEP 3: Concentrate movement in the areas where you want the most color payoff.
STEP 4: To blend out, use the edges of the brush in light flicking motions.

For the Angled Blush Brush:
STEP 1: Start with a light hand and test out the pigment on your wrist or the back of your hand.
STEP 2: Diffuse blush outward while applying to the apples of your cheeks.

For the Contour Blending Brush:
STEP 1: To minimize the forehead, trace the area with the angled contour brush near your hairline.
STEP 2: To emphasize the cheeks, make a pout with your face. Just under your cheekbones, use the contour brush to apply the darker tone to the hollow beneath the apples of your cheeks.
STEP 3: To shape the chin, take the brush and make parentheses around it. Add some darker lines on either side of your jaw bone.
STEP 4: Add some contrast by highlighting, then blend everything together. Use a powder brush, a kabuki brush or other full-fibered brush.

For the Flat Shadow Brush:
STEP 1: Dip the brush into the shadow, whether powder or cream.
STEP 2: Tap off the excess, and apply to lids.
STEP 3: For a touch more vibrancy, dip the brush in water first, before shadow.

For the Tapered Blending Shadow Brush:
STEP 1: Swipe the fluffy bristles into the crease of your lids with a windshield-wiper motion to diffuse eyeshadow.
STEP 2: Swirl it around the edges of your eyes when blending multiple shades on top of one another.

For the Angled Shadow Brush:
- Concentrate intense colors to the corners of the eye, for precise smudging, and to line the crease with a contrasting color.

For the Smudge Brush:
- Similar to using a pencil eraser, slightly stroke the lid with a gentle, even smoothing or rubbing motion. You can either apply liner or shadow, or use it to blend eye makeup applied with another tool.

For the Flat Eyeliner Brush:
STEP 1: Dip the brush into the eyeliner pot.
STEP 2: As a guide, it helps to use the eyeliner brush to make small hashes or dots along your lash line and a final dot where the tip of the wing will go.
STEP 3: Starting from your inner eye, draw a line outward, gradually increasing the width of the line and flicking out toward the ends.
STEP 4: Connect the dots to get to cat-eye perfection.

Wash regularly.

WHAT TO EXPECT: (1) Pro Studio 10 Piece Brush Set, including:
(1) Powder Brush
(1) Foundation Brush
(1) Stippling Brush
(1) Blush Brush
(1) Contour Blending Brush
(1) Flat Shadow Brush
(1) Blending Shadow Brush
(1) Angled Shadow Brush
(1) Tapered Smudge Brush
(1) Flat Angle Definer Liner Brush

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Pro Studio 10 Piece Brush Set
109 Reviews
₱320.00 ₱595.00
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