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Prime Primer (Classic)

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My Favorite Primer

The Banila Co Prime Primer was the first primer I ever used and is still my favorite primer till now. it is transparent, lightweight and odorless. It mattifies my skin and makes the application of foundation and BB cream easier and also makes them last the whole day. I only need to do touch ups infrequently. The only other primers that are of the same quality for me are Benefit's Porefessional which I like less because it is tinted and lightens my foundations and BB Creams, Smashbox's Photofinish Foundation Primer which is practically the same but more expensive and Miguhara BP Cream, which I can't find anywhere.

9 months ago

Worth the money :) Saved my life!

I have combination-oily skin so when I saw an article here on BeautyMNL Bloom which features this product, I decided to give it a try. I like its velvety texture which easily creates a smooth canvass for my face before i put on my foundation. Before, I usually blot 2-3 times throughout the day (with my old primer). But for this one, I didn't need to. It certainly was able to control my oil production. It is more pricey compared from other primers, but this is the best one that I have tried so far :)

11 months ago


This primer really works on combination skin and makes your make up stay all day. Plus, it smells wonderful! I swatched it on my hand at a Banila.co stall in a mall too see its texture. It has the ability to conceal and hide pores. Being poreless and having a really smooth silky face is now achievable thanks to this product!

over 1 year ago
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Make makeup last longer

This Prime Primer Classic provides a velvety feel to the skin after applying it. I feel that it fills in my pores and makes my foundation or my BB cream apply more smoothly and flawlessly on top of the primer. I also feel like it makes my make up last longer throughout the day.

about 1 year ago
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Love this!

I wasnt really a fan of primers as i dont see any benefits with my make up in the past, id still oil up within a few hours, doesnt really make my make up last longer and i felt like it made my pores even more visible. But ive read great reviews about this product and decided to try it. I'm now a believer of using primers bec of this product. This really debunks all of my concerns about primers. A bit pricey though compared to other drugstore primers but definitely worth it!

over 1 year ago

Love it

This product has a fresh and light scent that I love. Upon application, you’ll instantly feel the difference. It gives me a smooth skin perfect for makeup application. After of trying this product out, I can confidently assure everyone that, yes, this product definitely helps my makeup last longer you should try this product now.

2 months ago

A miracle worker

This primer is a miracle worker - no joke. I had a sample of it so I decided to use it for a party. My pores were blurred and my foundation didn't move an inch. There was barely any visible dry spots as well. I even did some physical activity after the party and I didn't look haggard at all.

3 months ago
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Silky base

Move over NYX Angel Veil primer because I've found a new favourite! I love this primer because it creates a soft, silky base for my foundation to go on smoothly and evenly, plus it keeps my foundation looking nice for longer. Additionally, I like this more than the Angel Veil because it's a clear gel so I'm sure it won't mess with my foundation shade. It's a big pricey but I still recommend it since it's a huge bottle! This will definitely last me years. Can't wait to try the matte one next!

3 months ago

Worth the price!

I normally wouldn't buy a primer with a price like this but no regrets! I bought this around the last week of January and it's been almost 5 months, I still haven't run out! I only used to put Naturactor's cover face concealer without any primer for my make up but after using this, I find that putting on the concealer is easier. Will try their Face Blur primer when I finish this for comparison since my skin is oily.

5 months ago
Certified Buyer

Worth the price

Although it may seem a bit pricy, it really works wonders. It really blurs my pores and it doesn't makd my face greasy or dry. It also does noy feel heavy when I apply it on my face. I also love that it has like a satin finish. It's odorless and it makes my makeup stay a lot longer. This is totally worth its price. You really get what you pay for.

5 months ago

Love this primer!

I've been using this product for 6 months now and I love how this product makes my skin matte and smooth. It makes my application for foundation easier and also makes my makeup last throughout the day. A little amount of this product goes a long way. It's a bit pricey but worth the buy!

5 months ago

Sensitive skin? No problem!

I'M IN LOVE WITH PRODUCT! I've had my fair share of primers before this one, and I always have breakouts due to my sensitive skin. The velvety finish is just perfect -- not too oily and not too dry (which is a tendency for other primers, especially drugstore finds). It's worth every cent and I have no regrets buying this product! I highly recommend this to friends and family!

5 months ago

The Hype Is Real!

This is Korea's number 1 primer - and the hype is real! I never really incorporated primers in my makeup routine - until I chanced upon a sachet tester of Banila Co's Prime Primer and I became an instant believer! It makes your face an extremely smooth canvas and you'll need less base makeup than you normally do once you have this on!

7 months ago
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Best Primer

I never regret buying it cause it's worth every cent that I paid for.It works like magic on my skin, my make up last long and didn't melt even it's sunny day. It also control my oily skin and I'm very happy.This was the best primer that I ever tried. I also like it's pump design bottle is also very hygienic and makes it easy to dispense, saves a lot of time.

7 months ago

I love it!

My skin is intolerably oily - causing me to use oil films throughout the day. This primer's a great compliment to my makeup routine because it's very lightweight. I love how this feels light and minimal but keep keeps oil at bay. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who struggles with oily skin. :)

8 months ago

Prime Primer!!

I read about the review and finally decided to try it. I have an oily skin and this primer is worth it and I am very satisfied. It makes my make up last longer and does not blot. Downside is a little bit pricey but worth it. Tested and proven. Must Try!

9 months ago
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worth the price

i have oily skin and big pores so whenever i use this I feel that it fills in my pores and makes my CC or BB cream apply more smoothly and flawlessly on top of the primer. I also feel like it makes my make up last longer throughout the day. This Prime Primer Classic provides a velvety feel to the skin after applying it. worth it

9 months ago

A Wow primer!

Wow! This primer is heaven sent! I've heard great reviews and when a friend recommended this, I just have to try this out. Didn't fail me! I use this after my moisturizer and before putting on foundation. This is a must for oily skin like me! The smell is great too!

10 months ago
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Absolutely love it.

I actually ordered the matte version of this primer and somehow Beauty MNL mixed up my order and I ended up with the classic one. I was actually torn from deciding between the two. I guess the makeup gods were actually telling me to get this one haha (plus I got lazy to contact customer service about the mix up) Anyway, I SUPER LOVE THIS! I had my doubts about primers because I thought it's another product that the beauty industry wants you to buy but you dont need. Now I can't live with out it! It makes my make up last longer and keeps my fave oil free for almost the whole day! I sometimes even use only this after my moisturizer, no foundation whatsoever. And I also love the smell ❤️ I will definitely repurchase when I run out of stock. Primer classic is perfect for my combination skin 👌🏼

10 months ago
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i keep coming back to this

Many girls are raving about this product. This came across when i was browsing my facebook. At first i didnt know this brand and all their products are expensive. To review on myself i purchased this. This a korean brand. This is so different. It covers pores and minimizes wrinkles. It holds my foundation for long hours and at at the same time moisturizing my skin. Ive tried others but i keep coming to this.

10 months ago