Concealer & Corrector Pots by Suesh

Suesh Choose Your Own Palette Concealer & Corrector Pots

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Take your pick from this collection of cream-based concealer blends for Suesh’s Choose Your Own Palette.

FAST FACTS: Treat this customizable palette as your personal makeup playground. Just select a palette size (small or large) and fill it with any of the available makeup pots–from foundation and concealer to eye shadow and lipstick! You may also order individual pots on their own.

PERFECT FOR: Color-coordinating your makeup to your complexion and personal style, just like the experts do it

Note: Price applies per individual pot. Makeup pots may be mixed and matched in each palette. Palettes will be delivered empty and separate from selected pots.

Established in 2006 by three sisters with a passion for beauty, Suesh Cosmetics’ wide selection of makeup must-haves gives every woman that expert touch. Using prized Japanese and Korean techniques, this brand offers fine-quality, on-trend products that are gentle on the skin and are available at affordable prices. From its customizable palettes for every kind of cosmetic, to its handy brushes, mirrors, and vanity cases, Suesh provides you with all the tools of the trade, so you can get gorgeous every day even if you’re doing your own makeup.

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Certified Buyer

Best concealer pots!

I'm Morena and I got C210. It's the best concealer pot in my opinion, it totally covered my eye bags and it made me look fresh. I'm going to buy more of this and give it as a gift to me friends who will be reviewing for the board exam soon.

almost 2 years ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer

It's magically the best!!

This is the best concealer i ever used! At first i was kinda worried to pick a wrong color for my face but then i got the C214, I'm telling you guys, with just one swipe, my eyebags and blemishes are all fully and magically concealed! No need to use color red/orange corrector! This is the best with that price, no negative comments will ever done. I'll absolutely buy tons!!!

about 2 years ago
Certified Buyer

It's worth the rave..

I buy concealer just for the sake of covering my eyebags and my blemishes.. Aside from the fact that my face is sensitive... I also have blemishes and yes... (the most heartbreaking) the acne scars... The concealers I bought only had a little to not so good coverage on my skin.. One day, on my first beauty loot here from beautymnl.. I decided to give this a try. Wondering why these awesome girlies been raving 'bout (even Yaya Dub) the product. Almost all of the shades are OOS (out of stock) so I decided to purchase the darkest shade available. On my first try, my first impression is the coverage is really good compared to those I've tried before.. On my second try after watching a make up tutorial of an FA, I decided to use some of her techniques and I was amazed by these pot! OMG!! Like my acne scars are not that visible anymore. I am happy. Get this: I used the pot without a primer or pore minimizer.. It brought back my confidence that I thought was FOREVER LOST. Definitely worth the rave after all!

almost 2 years ago
Certified Buyer

A must-try!

A must-try! I bought C206 (green) after reading a lot of this shade to conceal redness and best for my rosacea skin problems. And I must say, it worked! Blends well and a little goes a long way for good coverage. This little pot will last me for awhile. And very affordable especially if you're like me who's just starting to try out different shades of concealer pots. I also got C214, hoping to use for my undereye. But I think based on other reviews C210 would work best for undereye issues. I would definitely purchase that one when it becomes available.

almost 2 years ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer

Very affordable

I bought two shades - C206 and C212. I was hesitant at first since I did not know what the effect of a green corrector would be. The shade C206 (green) is very effective in hiding / correcting red spots / blemishes. The shade C212 (pink) effectively hides dark circles under the eyes.

over 2 years ago
Certified Buyer

Don't be deceived! :)

I got C213 and I thought the shade is not right for my slight lighter morena skin, but it actually works! Great consistency and very easy to blend especially when you are in a hurry. Don't be deceived with the portion of it cause it has a very good coverage, it also doesn't cake! I have a slightly oily skin and using it was not a problem, at all! Good job suesh! <3

over 1 year ago