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Multi Purpose Dry Oil Face, Body Hair Repair Huile Prodigieuse

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Instantly feel more sophisticated

Smells great and makes skin feel smoother and softer to the touch. Adds shine, nourishes, and controls frizzy hair. There's nothing that this pretty bottle of liquid gold can't do. I was a bit skeptical at first but now I'm a believer. Great for layering on top of your favorite serums and moisturizer to seal it all up. (Serum first, then moisturizer/sunblock, then oil) Or use on clean dry hair.

24 days ago

An excellent oil for any skin type

I was never a fan of multipurpose oils because I have oily skin. At first, I was hesitant to use this product but when I did, I was very satisfied! I have been using this for over 2 months and I am loving the results already. I used it on my face and on my body, and it gave my skin a healthy glow. I love that it is non sticky and can be absorbed real fast. Will definitely buy again once the bottle ran out. :)

9 months ago
Top Reviewer

Go French or go home!

I'm addicted to French pharmacy brands and I love the scent of this oil! I notice I never reach for my perfume bottle ever since I purchased this. The scent is long lasting because it is an oil and it sinks into your skin, so the scent really becomes a part of you. I swipe a very small amount on my face and it feels so smooth and soft. Definitely a multitasker.

about 1 year ago

Liquid Gold.

This is liquid gold! This leaves my skin soft and smelling like royalty! I use it in my hair, face and body! It relives the dryness and I also put it on when I want to smell good! The smell alone was enough for me to get it! Makes you smells like a million bucks! I haven't smelled anything better than this! I recommend it highly!

over 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Does not feel sticky!

I can't believe that this oil has only 10 reviews! It's amazing you guys! I got it in a travel kit that has minis. I use it on my face nightly until I finished the mini bottle. It smells so expensive and I guess the full bottle is... but for the versatility of this product, it is worth it! Will be purchasing the full bottle by christmas hihi

over 1 year ago
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Super soft skin after

I have been trying a lot of oils lately and this one is so far the best for the face. I use it at night as the last product after cleansing my face and using a toner. Gosh, it smells so darn good! My face feels so soft the next morning. The product is expensive but this bottle will last for a long time, you only need a few drops to cover the face.

over 1 year ago
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now i'm a believer

the hype is real. i gave in and tried this a couple or so weeks ago. and now i'm a convert. i've always loved oils - pure coconut, argan, jojoba, sweet almond, rosehip; or blends and essential oil infused ones. i love how pure yet nourishing they are, and how they are lighter yet more nutritious than conventional moisturizers. sometimes though, they can take longer to absorb, and leave you with slippery skin (like when you cross your legs, the other one just starts sliding down). enter huile prodigieuse. it really deserves to be called 'dry' oil. the absorption is like no other. no need to let the oil sit for a while before getting dressed. yet it is as nourishing and moisturizing and long-lasting (healthy, soft skin the whole day!) as good oils out there. a little goes a long way too. plus it gently scents your skin in the most classy way. i've since started skipping perfume when i'm wearing this. this will be a vanity and purse and carry-on staple for sure.

over 1 year ago
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A great partner for all skin types

Nuxe was a life-saver when I recently traveled to wintry Paris. Cold weather is hell on skin, so instead of doing my product-heavy regimen (not to mention I had to save baggage space), this dry oil helped keep my face, hands, and hair moisture-balanced. At night, I use it to top my night cream so that it locks moisture in. It's perfect to wear under light makeup. It's also the perfect companion to the tropical weather, specially during days when you want to keep a (nearly) bare face as it gives you this lovely dewy glow.

almost 2 years ago

looking forward for my next bottle

I discovered this product last month and I suddenly became a fan. I use this to moisturize my arms, legs and hair after taking a bath. It leaves my skin moisturized without the feeling of heaviness which one can get from using a lotion. It also makes my hair look shiny but not oily. This product is really a game changer and has already become a part of my daily routine. The price tag really justifies its quality and use. I will definitely buy my next bottle.

about 2 years ago
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wonderful dry oil for almost every part of your body

There's a reason for the price tag - it feels luxurious! This multi-purpose product nourishes my skin and leaves it softer/smoother and gives it a beautiful dewy glow - when used on the face the slight "shimmer" makes my skin look brighter just like those Korean stars, I spritz it on ever so lightly on my legs, arms and neckline and it looks fabulous. I also use this on my hair as a smoothening product. Its non-greasy formula leaves me feeling properly moisturised and glowing. I also adore the scent.

over 2 years ago
Top Reviewer

Definitely an all around moisturizing oil!

Great for almost every part of the body. I can't believe it's already available in Manila! Just a small spritz is needed to keep your body moisturized, which makes the price sooooo worth it.

over 2 years ago
Top Reviewer

Believe the hype

I looooveeee this. If elegance could be bottled, it would definitely smell like Huile Prodigieuse. You can use this as a face and body moisturizer, as a hair oil, and you can even rub it into your cuticles. Personally, I mix this in with my BB cream and MAC Strobe Cream to get that dewy Korean glow. What's great about this is that you don't even need a lot to get that moisturized feeling, 3-4 drops is plenty if you're going to use it as a facial moisturizer.

over 2 years ago
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Only moisturizer that I stock up on

Great multi-purpose product that i hoarded this when this was not yet locally available. Gives a nice glow. unique scent that smells elegant. Using this for the face and hair. Very economical to use. Worth the price. Nice bottle. Now a staple.

over 2 years ago

The French cult fave that lives up to the hype

I first used this product when I stayed in the States for a few months. Dry skin and cold weather is the worst combination, and for someone with dry and sensitive skin, you can only imagine what happened to my face. I searched all over the internet for the most efficient product to relieve my dry patchy skin, and I found this as the most promising one.

After just one day of use, lo and behold, my dry patches were mostly gone! It's been almost six months and I've continued to use this product almost every day ever since, and the product's still half full! I only need 2-4 drops of it for my entire face (4 is already a lot actually). I use around 3-6 drops on my hair sometimes for extra shine, too.

Definitely worth the price for something that doesn't only deliver amazing results, but also lasts for a looong time. So happy this is available on BeautyMNL already! Will definitely repurchase once mine runs out! ❤

over 2 years ago
Top Reviewer

Good product

The oil smells really good that it can pass for a perfume na. It is a good moisturizer for the body and face, however, I do not like this for the hair. It makes my hair too oily and greasy. But for other puporses, it is a good product.

4 months ago

Works well for my sensitive skin! Smells amazing!

I bought the travel kit that has smaller bottles of the dry oil, cleanser, moisturizer, hand cream, and shower cream. Great packaging! I don't usually use oils for my face because I'm already naturally oily and I'm worried that the wrong product will cause my skin to breakout. This, however, did not cause me to breakout and instead made my skin glow and perfectly moisturized. I noticed the difference after using it for 3 days continuosly as part of my night skin care routine. I will definitely buy again!

5 months ago
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Soft skin!

I recently discovered the wonders of body oil. Tried this out and I'm not disappointed! It smells like a vacation in a bottle. I was scared body oil would give me a greasy, icky feeling all day but this one absorbs pretty fast and just leaves you with soft skin all over! Only giving it 4 stars though because it is a bit expensive for such a rather small bottle.

over 1 year ago