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Tint Caresse

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The best I've seen so far

I definitely love this product! The lasting power is not stellar, but better than what I expect! Lasts long but will fade when you eat and drink, but that happens to every lip color, right? Doesn't dry and the feel it gives on your lips is amazing - lightweight, doesn't smudge easily. The pigment is beautiful (got the Tulip Blossom). In summary, PROS: (1) Beautiful pigment - looks natural (2) Lightweight (3) Doesn't smudge easily (4) Smooth application (5) Travel-friendly (6) Affordable. CONS: (1) Not as long lasting as the other lip products. This definitely made me be into L'Oreal Products. Will repurchase and try out other shades.

almost 2 years ago
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The hype is real!

This is always sold out in the malls so I was vey curious about why this was so popular. Finally got the chance to try this lipstick for myself from BeautyMNL. I got the rose blossom shade and I fell in love on the first try. It's very light on the lips that it feels like I'm wearing nothing at all. I like that I can create different looks/shades just by varying the number of swipes I put on my lips. I want to buy all shades!

almost 2 years ago
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So much love on this product

What I like about this product is that it's so lightweight I don't feel that I have something on my lips. The applicator is soft and it glides smoothly on the lips. And since it's in a powder form, you don't leave stains on everything your lips touched. My baby doesn't like to be kissed when I have my lipstick on because I always leave a mark on his cheek. He calls this a magic lipstick.haha! Super loove it!!

almost 2 years ago
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yes! perfect! achieve!

absolute love for this. super pigmented, zero transfer, a breeze to apply and ombre lips are made super simple with this product. the shades all look beautiful and I'm excited to buy my next one. glides on smooth, doesn't fade as fast as conventional lipsticks do, and it weighs nothing. air on my lips, but red as a rose! incredibly satisfied!

almost 2 years ago
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Unique and long-lasting

I saw this product on TWICE's Ranking is Up to Me program. I decided to give Lily Blossom a shot. I didn't regret it! It's easy to apply, the texture is unique and so light it almost feels like you're not wearing lipstick at all. The color showed up very well on my lips and lasted throughout the day. After I tried it I immediately ordered more in different shades. I bought Tulip Blossom and Plum Blossom, both of which were very vibrant and also stayed on my lips all day. I would definitely recommend Tint Caresse for its affordability without sacrificing quality.

almost 2 years ago
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this product is amazing!!! I always hated glosses coz they were sticky and uncomfortable and transferred to everything and were a mess but not this one. This sets on your lips and doesn't transfer on cups, glasses and most food! It feels like a cooling liquid that is totally non sticky.

over 2 years ago
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Lightweight and Long-lasting <3

Uber-lightweight lip color! Perfect for those who don't want to feel like they're wearing anything :) Budge-proof too! Tulip blossom is my fave shade—such a pretty coral color! Definitely trying out the other shades too.

over 2 years ago

I am obsessed!

I was hooked the minute I put it on. Currently, I switch between Peach Blossom and Plum Blossom. They are gorgeous colors that look so natural on! They stayed on the entire day, and even outlasted a few glasses of sangria. I found that you can wear them in two ways: all over like your average lipsticks, or just in the center for a just-been-kissed look.

over 2 years ago
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One of my OG faves

I'm a big tint kind of girl; anything low maintenance and would stay fresh and put all day is great for a busy person like my own self. I used to buy this in high school to liven up my anemic face (lol), and it pretty much does its job. Not drying at all; it's light and stays on pretty much all day (except of course if you eat something OVERLY greasy like lechon kawali or smth).

14 days ago
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Love it so much :((

I got the shade Peony Blossom, and i just have to tell you that it's still one of my faves from all the other lippies that I have. OBVIOUSLY, the lasting power isn't that great because you are literally putting some magic powder on your lips, but the pigmentation, the way it feels and looks, makes it all worth the constant reapplication. It's really good if you like your lips "natural" lol because it doesn't dry it up! Tl;dr: Super good!

21 days ago
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Your lips but better

I super love the pigment and it doesn't look dry on your lips and it is not that smudgey, it is smooth and doesn't fade that fast and it also passed my lips to mug test. I'm glad that I also got this last Christmas. This adds to my #BLESSED lip collection!

28 days ago
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Loving it!

Saw the video by the beauty vlogger Say, and I was convinced to give this lipstick a try. Not a make up fan, but I am now starting to find what products suit my skin and taste (I know, bit of a late bloomer). Tried the first swipe at the back of my hand and I loved the color immediately. Tried using it on a date and I was so satisfied. No transfer to the cups and utensils I used. The color is also longer lasting than the one that I am currently using. Also got the Sakura shade on a sale last week so it's really a nice catch! Will also try the other shades.

about 1 month ago
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Very nice

I love this. It's very subtle, not too much in your face. I like bold colors but most of the time I wear light ones in the office and this is truly very light. Like it feels like you didn't put anything on your lips. No stickiness or heaviness and like i said, subtle colors. Very nice

2 months ago
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Lippie-loving it!

As a lippie lover, this one is definitely a thumbs up. It’s lightweight and very smooth, surprising quality for its price. I bought Peach Blossom and loving the color on my lips. Although it also slightly wears out after eating (especially oily foods), lip color doesn’t transfer to cups, bottles, or even food which is great! You can also play with your lip color by just dabbing to your preference. Must try for lippie lovers!

3 months ago
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It is a staple in my makeup kit.

This product is great if you prefer natural looking tinted lips. You can always apply it sheer and build it up for an opaque finish. It feels very comfortable on the lips as if you haven’t applied anything- it is that light. It does transfer if you rub your lips but the transferring is very minimal. Lighter shades fade away by the end of the day but the darker shades stay pigmented/fade a bit even after rubbing it off or having meals. When used a blush, this product gives a natural flush of color to the cheeks and they also work great as eyeshadows. Overall, these are my current favorite lip products that are perfect for everyday use!

4 months ago
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This Tint Caresse is an amazing product. The texture is powdery but lightweight. It's super pigmented and non-drying on lips, transfer proof too. My favorite shade is Plum Blossom; it's a lovely translucent red shade. I love it! This has become a favorite inside my kikay kit. Can't wait to try other shades.

4 months ago

Sakura Bloom creates the perfect pink gradient! Super love!

I got Sakura Blossom, which is a lovely warm pink that looks great on the center of the lips as a gradient, but is too bright (for me) to be used as a full lip. The sponge tip applicator is really cool! I just swipe it over the center seam of my lips and then buff outwards with my finger. The powder formula means that it creates a very even gradient unlike the patchy look I often get from liquid tints. It feels like nothing on too! I usually use it at the end of the day to retouch my faded liptint. Will definitely repurchase!

5 months ago
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Perfect! ❤❤

This is the best powder lipstick I ever had because I also tried the Maybelline powder lipstick but L'oreal is the best. I really like the packaging. Its so easy to apply and not messy to used. Sakura blossom is my favorite it really matches my skin. I had to buy twice beacause when I went to SG this is a must!

7 months ago
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Truly lightweight on the lips!

Watched the video on how to make an ombre lips. Easy but its not something i'll probably do because I feel its only bagay to cute girly girls which totally isnt me. But still, I love the lightweight feel it gives. Wont make you feel that your lipstick is "caking" or too thick, like how other matte lipsticks feel like. Bought Lily and Tulip blossom on lipstick week sale and its worth every bucks ❤

7 months ago

Loving the color. For morena

Loving this tint and color. So so so love it. Perfect for a morena complexion. You really pay what you get. Affordable for the quality. Thumbs up. Recomending to my friends and officemates. It last all day because it is super pigmented. Looks really good to me, on my morena color

7 months ago