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Tint Caresse

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Certified Buyer

The best I've seen so far

I definitely love this product! The lasting power is not stellar, but better than what I expect! Lasts long but will fade when you eat and drink, but that happens to every lip color, right? Doesn't dry and the feel it gives on your lips is amazing - lightweight, doesn't smudge easily. The pigment is beautiful (got the Tulip Blossom). In summary, PROS: (1) Beautiful pigment - looks natural (2) Lightweight (3) Doesn't smudge easily (4) Smooth application (5) Travel-friendly (6) Affordable. CONS: (1) Not as long lasting as the other lip products. This definitely made me be into L'Oreal Products. Will repurchase and try out other shades.

over 1 year ago
Certified Buyer

The hype is real!

This is always sold out in the malls so I was vey curious about why this was so popular. Finally got the chance to try this lipstick for myself from BeautyMNL. I got the rose blossom shade and I fell in love on the first try. It's very light on the lips that it feels like I'm wearing nothing at all. I like that I can create different looks/shades just by varying the number of swipes I put on my lips. I want to buy all shades!

over 1 year ago
Certified Buyer

So much love on this product

What I like about this product is that it's so lightweight I don't feel that I have something on my lips. The applicator is soft and it glides smoothly on the lips. And since it's in a powder form, you don't leave stains on everything your lips touched. My baby doesn't like to be kissed when I have my lipstick on because I always leave a mark on his cheek. He calls this a magic lipstick.haha! Super loove it!!

over 1 year ago
Certified Buyer

yes! perfect! achieve!

absolute love for this. super pigmented, zero transfer, a breeze to apply and ombre lips are made super simple with this product. the shades all look beautiful and I'm excited to buy my next one. glides on smooth, doesn't fade as fast as conventional lipsticks do, and it weighs nothing. air on my lips, but red as a rose! incredibly satisfied!

over 1 year ago
Certified Buyer

Unique and long-lasting

I saw this product on TWICE's Ranking is Up to Me program. I decided to give Lily Blossom a shot. I didn't regret it! It's easy to apply, the texture is unique and so light it almost feels like you're not wearing lipstick at all. The color showed up very well on my lips and lasted throughout the day. After I tried it I immediately ordered more in different shades. I bought Tulip Blossom and Plum Blossom, both of which were very vibrant and also stayed on my lips all day. I would definitely recommend Tint Caresse for its affordability without sacrificing quality.

over 1 year ago
Top Reviewer


this product is amazing!!! I always hated glosses coz they were sticky and uncomfortable and transferred to everything and were a mess but not this one. This sets on your lips and doesn't transfer on cups, glasses and most food! It feels like a cooling liquid that is totally non sticky.

almost 2 years ago
Top Reviewer

Lightweight and Long-lasting <3

Uber-lightweight lip color! Perfect for those who don't want to feel like they're wearing anything :) Budge-proof too! Tulip blossom is my fave shade—such a pretty coral color! Definitely trying out the other shades too.

almost 2 years ago

I am obsessed!

I was hooked the minute I put it on. Currently, I switch between Peach Blossom and Plum Blossom. They are gorgeous colors that look so natural on! They stayed on the entire day, and even outlasted a few glasses of sangria. I found that you can wear them in two ways: all over like your average lipsticks, or just in the center for a just-been-kissed look.

almost 2 years ago
Certified Buyer

Perfect! ❤❤

This is the best powder lipstick I ever had because I also tried the Maybelline powder lipstick but L'oreal is the best. I really like the packaging. Its so easy to apply and not messy to used. Sakura blossom is my favorite it really matches my skin. I had to buy twice beacause when I went to SG this is a must!

13 days ago

Truly lightweight on the lips!

Watched the video on how to make an ombre lips. Easy but its not something i'll probably do because I feel its only bagay to cute girly girls which totally isnt me. But still, I love the lightweight feel it gives. Wont make you feel that your lipstick is "caking" or too thick, like how other matte lipsticks feel like. Bought Lily and Tulip blossom on lipstick week sale and its worth every bucks ❤

29 days ago

Loving the color. For morena

Loving this tint and color. So so so love it. Perfect for a morena complexion. You really pay what you get. Affordable for the quality. Thumbs up. Recomending to my friends and officemates. It last all day because it is super pigmented. Looks really good to me, on my morena color

about 1 month ago
Top Reviewer

Natural look!

What I love about it: 1. I love how it is very pigmented. With just a few swipes, I get full coverage already but it still looks natural. 2. application is very smooth and easy. 3. Very affordable and worth every penny. 4. Long lasting color 5. Saves a lot of space in my makeup bag sine its very slim.

about 1 month ago


I bought this a few weeks after it first came out to the market; I got Sakura Blossom which is a bright pink shade. Tad too pink for my liking LOL. What I did was I first dabbed on a regular nude lipstick and used this powder lipstick to set. It lasted for hours even after eating and drinking ;)

about 1 month ago
Top Reviewer

For the ones who hate lipsticks!

I bought the darkest red shade, I think the name is Plum Blossom. It is very pigmented yet super lightweight on the lips. I think that this is the most lightweight yet full color lipstick that I ever tried. It's such a nice find and I bought it when it was still in an introductory price. It is worth it even if it's priced this way though because it lasts longer than your average lipstick, you'll have more useage and it has a very comfortable feel.

about 2 months ago
Top Reviewer

My absolute fave!

This is the best lipstick I've tried so far! I bought it in the color Sakura Blossom and it has a natural look to it when applied. Perfect for those MLBB and no makeup makeup! It's also very light on the lips, like you're not wearing anything at all! Also, you should apply a lip balm first to apply it more smoothly -- if you have dry lips (I have the driest lips ever 😔😔😔😔) This product is definitely worth its price!

2 months ago

Unbelievably beautiful!!! <3

I am so in love with this powder lipstick!!! IT IS SO WONDERFUL! I cannot believe how light it is! Seriously! It really feels like I am not wearing lipstick at all and it also stays and lasts well! This is totally my go-to lipstick if I want to wear something light in solid color (and not the gradient style).

2 months ago
Certified Buyer

Great Lipstick from Loreal!

Super favorite ko tong lipstick na to and kakaiba siya ksi foam yung ggmitin m pang glide sa lips at nagagandahan ako dito dahil classy look at kakaiba sa mga lipstick na binibili ko at worth yung price niya dahil ang ganda nung color lalo na yung orchid blossom and matte na matte pag nilagay mo at lightweight lang siya sa lips, madali lng siya ilagay sa lips hnd kagaya ng ibang products pag nilagay m sa gilid ng lips m lumalagpas siya hnd kagaya nito na madali lang ilagay dahil sa tip nung sponge kaya super love it!

2 months ago

Lightweight and smooth!

I love this product! It feels very lightweight on the lips plus it has a wonderful scent unlike most lip products. You won't feel like you have lipstick and it looks very natural. You can definitely use this to create a gradient lip which is very popular and trendy in Korea nowadays. It has a range of shades and the color is buildable, so you could go light or dramatic.

3 months ago
Top Reviewer

A unique lip product

I've seen this kind of packaging before but with eyebrow products and to see a lippie with the same packaging intrigued me. What amazed me with this Loreal lippie is that it's so pigmented and it stays long on the lips. The color selection is also really nice. I've tried the Orchid Blossom which is a hot pink color and it really looks nice on. I can't wait to try out the other colors!

4 months ago

My Friends Recommendation

I was looking for a bright red lippie with hints of orange. My froend recomended Tulip Blossom and I'm glad she did, the color was perfect! Just what I was looking for. And it complimented by skin tone too which is a plus since I always had a had time finding a red color that goes well with my skin and does not make me look old. It also looks good for that Korean gradient lip that I so love!

5 months ago