Decadent Body Butter by Beauty Bakery

Decadent Body Butter

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Luscious, buttery, silky, and sweet––no, we’re not talking about your favorite edible treats. Pamper your skin with this decadent body butter made from a rich blend of Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, and Emu Oil in a selection of mood-uplifting scents to make everyday just a little sweeter.

INGREDIENTS: Water, vegetable derived stearic acid, vegetable derived glyceryl stearate, virgin coconut oil, shea butter, emu oil, xanthan gum, fragrance.

Apply a generous amount onto body and dry skin. Perfect for use after shower and before bedtime.

The awesome team behind Beauty Bakery believe that it’s time to celebrate the women of today. Ladies, whether you’re aged 1-100, pregnant or soon-to-be, a bride, grandmother, tween or teen, we owe it to ourselves to be good to our skin. Pamper yourself with a delectable line of all-natural, paraben and preservative-free products that are made fresh just for you. Luscious body butters, deliciously sweet sprays, and yummy whipped lotions are what await when you try any of their products, designed to satisfy any skin craving!

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Certified Buyer

Great product

The product description is on point. I ordered this in two variants: Strawberries + Green Tea and Musky Vanilla + Caramel. I love both scents and they do linger on your skin for hours, but sillage of the scents tend to be weak; hence, the scent is more for your personal enjoyment. The consistency of the product is a bit thinner than what I would expect of a body butter (but a bit thicker than that of a lotion), but on the upside, it is easily absorbed by the skin. The product's effect is also commendable as it makes the skin feel soft for the entire day (though I am not sure if the product should take all the credit because I am also taking Meiji Collagen supplement at the moment).There is also a tendency to use a lot of the product on application because of the consistency. This being the case, the product is more on the pricey side taking into consideration the amount of product you would be getting. By my estimate, if used once a day every day on your entire body, a jar of this would last for only 2 weeks. I'd like to purchase and try the other scents but the price is holding me back. But over-all, I'd still give the product a 5-star rating. If money is not an issue for you, you should go ahead and give this a try.

over 1 year ago
Certified Buyer

Delectable! 💗

I've been using this one for a few weeks now and I must say, I've never been so excited to take a dollop of this heavenly delicacy and massage it all over my body!! I got the one in Musky Vanilla + Caramel and oh boy how my boyfriend loves this scent on me. Sillage is not good though but it does soften my skin like that of a baby's. Also, I was surprised by how small it was when it arrived (think of Spanish sardines or atchara in a garapon) and I just wished I could get more of the product considering the price. But anyways, I think I'd try out the other variants soon. :)

11 months ago
Top Reviewer

My skin smells enticing!

I love love love this! The smell is glorious, I just couldn't stop sniffing myself lol. I replaced my lotion for this and it was the besy decision I've ever made! I smell like food all the time and I've convinced my friends to buy this too; now we all smell like food! I love it!

about 1 year ago
Certified Buyer

Boyfie Hypnotizer..

I've been using the melted marshmallow flavor for a week and i guess my boyfie is hypnotize by the smell he really likes it and Im sooo loving it!!! Unlike other body butter that's sticky after you use this one is an A+++ leaving your skin with smooth and delicious smell no sticky situatation..HAHA defenitly going to buy another

about 1 month ago
Top Reviewer

You will feel and smell delicious!

So far, i think this particular cream is my favorite. It's the richest body moisturizer i've come across without it feeling too thick. When you apply it, it doesn't feel greasy AT ALL. It's quite expensive for a body butter but I guess quality and the smell makes up for it. The jar itself looks pretty chic also; it looks like mayonnaise. Overall i give this product two thumbs up! Plus one more coz it makes you smell and feel delicious.

10 days ago
Certified Buyer


This is the ONLY body butter I know that is super hydrating without making you feel humid or sticky. The formula is top-notch considering how simple and skin-friendly it is. I bought Melted Marshmallows along with 2 other variants, Fresh Strawberries + Green Tea and Musky Vanilla + Caramel, and was expecting to be underwhelmed by this. I was expecting your typical cheap smelling, sugary sweet, body butter, but OMG, I immediately fell on my knees upon opening this jar. This is a luxurious, confectioner's dream of a day spent at the county fair surrounded by scrumptious home-cooked treats made with love or a warm bonfire night spent in a maple wood forest while toasting marshmallows and s'mores with friends. If this review didn't take you there, this body butter will. If you want a more refreshing scent, I highly recommend Strawberries + Green Tea. That felt like having Parisian high tea at one of the cafes dotting the Rue Royale.

11 days ago