Heat Resistant Serum by Bedhead/TIGI

Some Like It Hot: Heat & Humidity Resistant Serum

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Just a drop of Some Like It Hot serum on towel-dried hair will smooth, soothe and protect your locks. With a delicious Tahitian coconut scent, its lightweight formula adds shine and fights humidity too — all without weighing your hair down.

Net Weight:
100ml / 3.38oz

Use sparingly on towel-dried hair to smooth and soothe.

One of the UK’s most popular hair care brands, Bed Head by TIGI is used in salons all around the globe. Warning: products may cause an urge to laugh at product labels, experiment with different looks and check yourself out in the mirror. Whatever hair type you have, we bet Bed Head has a product that will suit it.

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Certified Buyer

No regrets about buying this coconut dream!

I love this product! I blowdry my hair 2-3 times a week, and never used a heat protectant prior to buying this. I feel that it really has made a difference in the health of my hair. I concentrate the application to the bottom two-thirds of my hair. Since I have very long hair (a little above waist-level), I use 1 1/2 - 2 to make sure everything's evenly coated. It doesn't weigh down my hair, and not to mention the smell is DIVINE! I'm a huge fan of coconut scents, and this one smells so amazingly delicious I almost wish I could eat it! In between washings and blowouts, I use a small amount (about half a pump) to tame any frizzies and keep my hair looking polished. Great product! I'll probably buy another two bottles while it's still available to make sure I don't run out of it for a long time!

6 months ago
Certified Buyer

Beach in a bottle!

When I received this product it looked like it was stocked for a long time, with a thin film of dust covering the bottle (again, I don't know how and where the product was stored prior to shipping). Once I started using it, the effectiveness was not affected in any way: the yummy and summer-y smell of coconut, the semi-thick consistency of the serum and how it conditioned my hair even after blow-drying and straightening it. I have yet to find out if this product will really protect my hair from styling but so far, it's doing its job as promised :)

3 months ago
Certified Buyer

tropical hair smell and shine

One thing for sure is, I LOVE THE SMELL of this hair serum! True enough this is a lightweight serum that won't weigh down hair and still give it shine. The only thing is that while it does fight some humidity (I use only 1 full pump), my hair always has a mind of its own and this serum does not 100% control humidity nor does it make my hair more manageable. Whether I apply it to towel dried hair as directed or to blow dried hair (before/after/during, tried all 3), it has the same effect. Great smell, healthy shine but not a big dose of control. Maybe more suitable for hair that isn't too thick.

8 months ago