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Orange and Vanilla Dry Shampoo

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It's like this - I am that kind of person who is trying to save my hair from all the side effects it is showing after the rigorous process of hair rebonding and coloring. My hair is really, really flat and dry on the ends and I thought conditioning products are enough but no, sadly, it is not because the more you wash your dry hair, the dryer and frizzier it gets because you wash out the natural oil coming from your scalp. Then again, if you don't use shampoo, it will feel very sticky and hot - sad struggle of a girl. AND THEN I FOUND THIS! At first, I didn't think it will work well because I understand it works as a starch, I was afraid flakes will be all over my scalp but I was wrong. This particular product Orange and Vanilla Dry Shampoo smells really really good it felt like I actually came out of the shower only without my hair getting wet. Goes away when you brush your hair leaving a bouncy and soft hair. While it takes away the excess oil on your scalp, it leaves the natural oils on the hair strands. I. LOVE. IT. Perfect for non-heat curling ;) By the way, I am a first timer of dry shampoo and I really love the experience. Good thing I chose a very good product :">

7 months ago
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Please bring this back!!!

I super love love love this product. It was the first dry shampoo I used (I had the lemon-freesia scent) and got it way back in TasteCentral. It's super easy to use and I even bring a small amount for when I travel. The fine residue it leaves behind because of the powder isn't a problem because it easily disappears on brushing and it gives my hair much-needed volume. When I ran out, it was sold out already here in Beautymnl, so I tried the Tresemme and Dove dry shampoo sprays which made my hair even stickier :( Once these come back on stock, I'm definitely hoarding them!!!

over 1 year ago
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Hooked on my orangey-vanilla scented locks!

ORANGE and Vanilla dry shampoo - well when i saw the word ORANGE i immediately clicked "add to cart" thank goodness i was that impulsive, this is my first dry shampoo and i swear this works, my scalp tends to be oily/greasy on certain days and what's worse is i have straight hair (which is a nightmare, flat straight hair + oily scalp = basang sisiw look) so i decided to look for a dry shampoo to help me deal with my issues and found this heaven sent holy grail hair product for girls like me that just want the perfect bouncy, voluminous and shiny hair peg, the scent is amazing btw and stays on your hair all day, quick note for new users shake powder dry shampoos before use so clumps will be avoided, section your hair then add product, wait for a few seconds to minutes to let the excess oil or grease be absorbed by the powder then massage your scalp (thoroughly or you'll feel the powder on your scalp)

6 months ago

Smells gooooodddd!!

I am looking for a good dry shampoo for my newly colored hair when I saw David organics here at Beautymnl. And since it is only around 200php, I made the decision to try it plus the cute packaging is like saying 'please try me'. Haha. So yeah. For the review, honestly I love the combination of citrus and vanilla which is really smells good. When using this, I remove the lid and pour the powder to my hands and rub it in my hair. Kindy messy but not a big issue at all. It absorbs oil and keeps my hair clean. Serves it purpose.

7 months ago
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Great Dry Shampoo

Some dry shampoos that I've tried (especially the spray on type) usually just leaves my hair sticky so I decided to try a powder type this time. I'm not too crazy about the scent since it smells reminiscent of a car freshener. Also, it is hard to get the product out of the bottle. The particles of the powder tend to compress together, so they don't really dispense well. You have to open the lid itself. I'd give it 5 stars still because the product is affordable and in itself it works great as a dry shampoo.

7 months ago
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Great daily dry shampoo

I always have dry shampoos as my go to when my hair needs a break from constant wet shampooing which dries my scalp. I'm not new to dry shampoos so I'm very happy that we have a local brand MADE BY DAVID ORGANICS. I love the scent of Orange and Vanilla Dry Shampoo as vanilla is my fave scent. Packaging is okay though I prefer to have y dry shampoo in spray form. It helps in keeping my bold hair colors last longer and my hair looks shinier. This is perfect for the quality and price!

7 months ago
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I’m hooked

At first I was hesitant in buying this because of the scent, Orange and Vanilla, but to my surprise it actually smells good. I like it. It’s not too citrusy for me, just the perfect blend. I love using it just for the smell alone. I really noticed that my hair doesn’t feel greasy. I use this almost every day even if I washed my hair, in the middle of the day I would sprinkle a little and rub it on. Plus, it makes my hair less frizzy and more manageable when styling. The only con is the packaging. It’s not very user friendly, I had a hard time dispensing so I transferred it to a pepper shaker. But all in all, I so love it. Will definitely repurchase.

9 months ago
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Great for a head of hair with crazy colors

Semi-permanent hair colors are really expensive and I try to maintain it for as long as I can by not shampooing every single day. The problem with this is that my scalp gets oily fairly quickly and dry shampoo, particularly this one, really helps in keeping the oiliness at bay. The only downside is that it can be quite difficult to remove the product from the bottle. It is not a big issue though.

about 1 year ago
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When I first heard this product, I was a little bit hesitant because I've never really used a dry shampoo before, but after reading all the positive reviews, I thought, "why not?". When I opened the bottle the first thing that I did was smell it, and trust me, it. Was. Heaven. (!) I love how it really clears all the oil on my hair, and it even makes me feel fresh like I've just gotten out of the shower. This product is definitely a must try!

about 1 year ago


You'll really feel like your hair is just shampooed in this product. It removes oil since its powderized and it'll remove that "amoy araw" in your hair with its fruity sweet smell!! You'll feel blessed once you got this. The bottle is full and big but still compact. This product will last me 6 months!! and I dont even like to shower often, so I use this about twice a week, hey don't judge me. IT SAVES YOU TIME TO DO YOUR HAIR. no need for fixing it because it leaves your hair full of volume and not oily. The only cons of this? Its quite hard to shake it onto your hair so you have to really shake it on top of you, and its a quite messy using powder so I suggest do it before you put on clothes. BEST DRY SHAMPOO HERE!! :)

13 days ago

Instant blowdry

It's my first time to try dry shampoo and I must say I super love this product it gives my locks instant volume without blow drying my hair. Saves me a lot of time when preparing. The scent is heavenly,my hair smells good all day. Definitely recommend it to girls on the go

15 days ago

It's a MUST!

Since coming back from winter weather, I've been extra gentle on my hair. I've been using Orange & Vanilla Dry Shampoo in between washing and I am so grateful! It takes out the oil (I've been using shampoo with extra oil for my dry hair) and makes my hair fresh smelling all day. I was initially hesitant to use this because I was afraid that there will be white flakes all over my hair. I was proven wrong since the powder vanishes once I comb my hair.

17 days ago
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Must try for dyed hair!

Recently bought this shampoo because I just got my hair dyed! I don't want the color to fade quickly because I spent a ton of money in the salon for it. I read on the internet that less frequent hair washing can help preserve the vibrance of hair dyes. Although I want my hair color to stay beautiful, I was not very keen on not washing my hair daily. I have a very oily scalp and I workout daily so I have very sweaty and oily hair by the end of the day. However, my best friend reassured me to give dry shampoo a try. Most of the dry shampoos in the market are very pricy so I was very happy when I saw this product. I tried it out after a day in the gym and I was not disappointed. It was very easy to break down thereby avoiding chunks of white powder visible on my hair. It also smells soo good! You only need a moderate amount of product to cover your entire scalp. It gives volume to my limp hair and I feel like I've just taken a shower after using it. Looking forward to buying my second bottle!!

27 days ago
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Smells super good!!!!!!!

I am in love with this!!! I bought this because of the good reviews but never expected it to be this good! You really have to buy it to believe it. It smells super good! And it takes excess oil out of your hair/scalp. This is really a staple for my second day hair days. PLUS it is so cheap that I think I should hoard this before it goes out of stock. This product is never leaving my purse!!!!

about 1 month ago
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Does the homework

I've used this product for a week now. I love the scent and how it gave great volume to my hair. It may be too early to say, but so far I haven't experienced the horrible dandruff after that I had with dry shampoo from another brand. The price is also very budget-friendly. Tip: Make sure use a clarifying shampoo to clean build-up.

about 2 months ago
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A Perfect Solution to my Oily Hair

This is my first dry shampoo and I love it! I use it every time I need to stay fresh after a long day or if I have to attend a party after office hours or if its a date night. I like how it makes my hair look and smell fresh after using it. Just some cons, It's a little hard to make to the product come out of the container. Aaaanyways, since I'm a big fan of organic products, I was attracted to this product and I didn't regret it.

2 months ago

My new favorite ❤️

I've used dry shampoos before but this one leaves my scalp and hair smelling sooo good for a bit longer. Makes me feel fresh all day. Works wonderfully for its price. The only downside I see is the packaging. I don't know if the holes in the cap are just too small or if the powder is too fine. Tried squezing it out but that didn't work. I have to take the entire lid off everytime and pour some on my palm before I can apply it on my scalp.

2 months ago
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My co-worker and I were talking about hair care and since I have dry hair i told her that i only shampoo my hair three times a week and use conditioner always. She told me about using dry shampoo(another brand) and i thought "why not, right?" So i tried this one since it's affordable. When i saw it, it was love at first! The package is very cute, the smell is heavenly(nothing beats the combination of orange and vanilla) and of course IT IS VERY EFFECTIVE. For days when I am too lazy to wash my hair, i use this. When your hair smells like sweat, use this and baam! They always tell me that washing you hair everyday is bad since the natural oils will also be washed away when you shampoo it. For this one na-ah! You can control how much oil stays in your hair(put a little on hair, brush away the excess then you're good to go)For those of you who are fans of sweet smelling hair and want a good haircare product this is MUST TRY. The only I thing don't like is the bottle cap(not sure whatyou call it) since it is kinda like a flour there are lumps of powder that can't get through so I sometimes have to remove the cap but all in all it's a great product maybe they need to change the cap but again even if the packaging is in a plastic cup or something i'll definitely buy it again been using this for two months now and IT IS MAGICAL.

2 months ago
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This dry shampoo impressed me very much! It definitely soaked up the oils in my second day hair and gave my mane a volume boost that I needed very much. It smells so good too! This definitely shattered my expectations. I can now skip a day washing my hair without feeling and looking like a greasy mess.

2 months ago
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Because it's so small, I have this handy in my bag. It's not that easy to use unlike those that come in a spray. I have to shake the bottle very hard since the powder seem to clunk together. I'm still giving it 5 stars though because for the price and among the powder dry shampoos, this may very well be the number 1.

2 months ago