Honey with Lavender Set of 2 by Made by David Organics

Honey with Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner Set

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Don’t be deceived by its enchantingly sweet and springtime-smelling scent; this nourishing Honey with Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner Set from Made by David packs a lot of punch:

• Honey keeps hair healthy and strong
• Lavender essential oil prevents hair fall (smells great, too!)
• Natural and plant-derived formulation prevents dryness and split ends
• Nourishes hair without weighing it down for healthy and strong locks
• 100% Natural, absolutely no sulfate or parabens

WHAT YOU GET: (1) Honey with Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner Set
NET WEIGHT: 250ml each

Made by David Organics is all about providing carefully crafted products that are naturally healthy, generously nourishing, and sweet little pleasures to use. Everything they make is created with a lot of love, tons of passion, and a fair conscience. This is it right here, your new favorite part of your beauty and wellness regimen!

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Certified Buyer

First time Organic Shampoo user!

I checked out Google for some hair care products for me and the boyfie since we're both having hairfall problems and I read that we should start using a shampoo that is sulfate and paraben free. And then I stumbled upon these products here at BeautyMNL. I checked out the ingredients, with honey and lavender, why not! First time user here and I must say, even the boyfie loved the shampoo and conditioner that he asked me to place another order. This product cleans thoroughly minus the synthetic ingredients. Our hair feels so light and soft after every wash. The scent is too mild but it's fine. It only shows that the products are all-natural! Can't wait for these to be available again!

10 months ago
Certified Buyer

Amazing on Bleached hair

Not a lot of organic and chemical-free shampoo and conditioner brands are readily available (except maybe for Human Nature). Thankfully, I stumbled into this site and discovered this shampoo and conditioner set. What I love about this is that it gently cleanses the hair and keeps it smooth and silky for a longer period of time. Will definitely repurchase when my first batch runs out!

12 months ago
Certified Buyer

Believer after the worst!

I got my hair permed and in an effort to make my curls last longer, I was hunting for other organic shampoo and conditioner options when I came across this combo. It had great reviews plus it was on sale so I gave it a try. I didn't really notice that much difference UNTIL I got back from a month long trip in Abu Dhabi. My stay there made my hair (and skin) really dry! It must have been the harsh chemicals in the water. I immediately noticed my hair regaining life after just one week of use! It's been months now and my hair is back to its original shine, smoothness and bounce not to mention still curly! Will definitely order again once it's back on stock! Hopefully soon because I'm already running low!

about 2 months ago
Top Reviewer


This shampoo and conditioner has the cleansing power and provides relaxation. It is made from my favorite honey and lavender combined in one. I find it so gentle and fine to my hair. A very affordable products made from organics ingredients. If you want to switch to organics, better try this.

2 months ago
Certified Buyer

Loved it and will never go back ♥

I started using these two bottles a month before I decided to go on a crazy hair color and undergo a series of painful bleaching. It was also my first time to try organic shampoos and conditioners. Lo and behold, my hair's still healthy even after three bleaches! It helped so much in nourishing my hair that my hair didn't even break off or felt frail! Have I ever mentioned that this products smells amazing too?? Really, I worship this product. I'm almost done with my first set and can't wait to get my second set!

2 months ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer

No frills, seriously amazing, all organic, locally well made product!

I have been suffering with itchy, scaly scalp for quite awhile now and I have been having breakouts as well. They say that the health of your skin, especially your face, is related to the health of your scalp, so I have especially been careful with hair products, looking into their ingredients, preferring those that are sulfate free and organic. I have also been careful with hair product application, especially making sure I apply conditioner only on my hair, excluding the roots and scalp and rinsing everything before soaping up ensuring I wash out any hair product residue that can irritate skin, from the rest of my face and body. When I came across this set, I immediately got it since honey has great antibacterial properties. It's definitely love at first use! The smell is light, fresh, clean and healthy making you feel like everything you are putting on your hair are all the good stuff. Upon reading the ingredients, it reassures me that I don't need to worry about any irritants that may cause any breakout. The shampoo is runny and light but lathers well enough. It's gentle but cleans the scalp well and controls the oiliness. The conditioner is light but makes hair soft and smooth without weighing it down. While this set didn't completely solve all my scalp problems, it has greatly improved my scalp and skin health. It makes me look forward to my baths. And while it's a bit more expensive than other brands, I take pride in the fact that it's such a great FILIPINO made, all organic product. You know every cent is worth it and is at the same time supporting the local industry.

3 months ago