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Volum’ Express Hypercurl Mascara

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Your lashes, only better!

I think rhat it is my heritage to have sparse and short lashes. But with maybelline's hypercurl volum' express mascara, my lash problems have become obsolete. It not only thickens, but it lengthens.. And the icing on the cake? It gives my lashes a slight curl. How great is that? No need to use a lash curler (which totally freaks me out, btw). This mascara has a great formula which doesnt weigh down my lashes. It is really buildable but does not get clumpy. Best part is its smudge proof and water proof. It is affordable, so go get one now! :)

about 1 year ago
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I have nothing to complain about this product! It's cheap, doesn't feel thick and heavy on my eyelashes just right amount to extend your lashes and make your lashes look good, and not clumpy. And it is waterproof as it claims. I'm super satisfied with it and really a great steal!

over 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

My All-time Favorite Mascara

This is my favorite mascara ever since college! It does accentuate my lashes without weighing them down and it stays all day too. It does its job, it lengthens and volumizes my lashes in one coat. Plus, it's affordable than other drugstore mascara available in the market. This mascara is highly recommended!

4 months ago
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Cheap but great!

This is by far the most waterproof mascara from maybelline. I dont know but it is just super long lasting that i even have a hard time removing it with makeup removers. It is also really black that it makes your lashes more beautiful. There is not much lengthening or volumizing but this is perfect for everyday use.

about 2 months ago


Natural look of eyelashes are indeed , so i tried this hypercurl mascarra with a shade of black , glam eyes achieved and it's not heavy-wearing unlike other mascarras that eyes got irritates , and this hypercurl mascarra is smudgeproof / waterproof .. No need to use Curl up , applicator of mascarra will do .. it lengthens and volumized the lashes , Good for heavy duty because it last long ..

2 months ago

Never away without this

I've been getting compliments lately about my lashes. Imagine spending a few hundreds for a really good product. I honestly think eyelash and brow products are Maybelline's forte. I would certainly buy this all over again because aside from being cheap but quality, it didn't irritate me as wel. Unlike before, my eyes were always itchy whenever I use a different mascaras. Safe, cheap but high quality!

7 months ago

Effective yet super affordable :)

MY ALL TIME FAVORITE MASCARA! This is the products that made me fall in love with Maybelline and made me a loyal buyer of the brand. Super affordable. The effect on defining the lashes is just WOW. No lash curler needed! I even recommended this to a schoolmate who's looking for a qualitu mascara coz that's how much I trust this. Will always and foreve be a staple in my makeup bag :)

about 3 hours ago
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Maybelline is known for their amazing products that can compete with high-end makeup. This mascara is probably one of them. Grab this mascara if you're a makeup newbie or if you just want that natural looking eyelashes. Plus it's waterproof AND smudge-proof! Perfect for Philippines' humid weather. Go and add this to your cart because it's super affordable, it won't hurt your wallet.

about 8 hours ago
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Good buy

I really like this product because of its affordability and quality. Though I noticed only little curling effect and still used a curler, volume-wise it dispensed just enough product to build on and is not clumpy. I did not experience any residue or smudging even with a full day's application.

7 days ago
Certified Buyer

Perfect for everyday use!

This is my go-to mascara! :) I don't like heavy-wearing mascara and prefers one that just enhances the volume and length of my eyelashes without making it look too unnatural. Plus, the fact that it's so cheap makes it perfect for everyday use. Will buy again when my product runs out (or expires. Hehe).

8 days ago


I don't have complains about this mascara, it gives me the "lashes" i need (i don't have long curly and thick lashes) HAHA, it is waterproof and it does stay longer than you can imagine (hindi katulad nung ex mo, na iniwan ka nalang bigla HAHA), it doesn't clump, its super cheap for what it can give you and it is best for everyday school or office look because it provides beautiful and natural lashes - Natural lang, Ganon!

11 days ago
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Bang for buck

I rarely use mascara, but I dutifully toss them out every three months, so that means I've tried a lot of (inexpensive) brands. Maybelline mascaras are great for the price. This one is indeed waterproof and smudgeproof. I have very oily skin and usually look like a panda with some eyeliner or mascara brands, but I never have that problem with this. It's also not that hard to remove, for as long as you have good make-up remover.

14 days ago
Certified Buyer

Cheap, Long-lasting, Tears-proof Mascara!

I LOVE IT!!! ♥ Very very happy customer here! I'll admit, I don't wear a lot of make-up, but seeing this mascara, and hearing all the rave reviews about it, I decided to give it a try! I love that it's very much affordable, 199 pesos only! It doesn't clump which makes it a great mascara! I use contact lenses so sometimes my eyes get watery, and true enough, it is waterproof, or rather tears-proof. I know that my lashes aren't that long and curled, but this mascara emphasizes mine! It's not that bulky as well to put in your make-up pouch. Over-all, it is truly a great mascara! MUST-BUY!!

16 days ago

Cult Fave - Bold & Thick Lashes!

This Volum’ Express Hypercurl Mascara is the only mascara I would never exchange for. It's the first mascara i've ever had in my life and I can't seem to replace it cause aside from the affordability, it delivers! I have pretty thin lash strands so even if I have quite thick lashes it doens't look thick and bold enough. Whenever I apply this, it makes my lashes look fuller and thicker. It smudges a little but easy to remove when using a good eye-make up remover - (I use the Simple Brand). It doesn't really lengthen my lashes but only makes it thicker. I would prefer wearing this for clubbing or formal events than an everyday mascara because of the thickness that won't really give you a natural look. But if you are in too bolder eyes, then this is the one for you.

18 days ago

Best Mascara if you're on a budget

As a student, I don't really have that much money to be able to afford pricey makeup items. I ran into this mascara and I was really shocked when I saw the price. A mascara for 200 pesos? Sign me up. It's really affordable and the application is smooth. Although I do have small eyes, I find it quite challenging to apply it onto my lower lashes but overall it's a really good mascara that really makes your eyes pop! :D

20 days ago
Certified Buyer

Best cheap mascara ever

This has to be the best cheap mascara ever. The wand is easy to use to apply the mascara on the lashes. It doesn't come off easily either. But if you want to take it off with a make up remover, it's not hard. And the price! Did I mention the price?? I don't feel bad about using it all the time because I won't feel guilty buying a new one.

23 days ago

My other bestfriend!

Without any intentional bragging, I have very long lashes, and I treat as my best asset on my face. This mascara saves me time from too much preparation! Even with only this, I already feel pretty going out. It also creates a very natural volume for your lash, so that's a plus. If you're not the type to use it everyday, this can last up to a year. Careful though! You must change your mascara every three months to avoid clumps and bacterial growth on your brushes ;)

27 days ago

My first mascara and only mascara up to now!

I have natural curly eyelashes so I just needed to add some volume on it. I only tried this mascara through a friend's referral saying it is "the HG of all mascaras", and it is true! Its price does not affect its quality. Doesn't clump, has a buildable volume, and really makes your eyes flirty and alive! On my third bottle now and will definitely repurchase again!

about 1 month ago

Mascara for beginners

This is a really good product to start your interest for makeup. It is student-friendly, it is inexpensive but it does a great job. I dont think it actually lengthens the lashes nor does it volumize it amazingly but there is something here that you can not really describe aside from that it makes your lashes much much better. It kind of makes the strands fuller and thicker and it dries really black and waterproof. Careful with removing, you would need makeup removers and patience. Thumbs up!!

about 1 month ago

Best waterproof mascara!

This budget-friendly waterproof mascara is so waterproof that it doesn't smudge at all even if you swim! Not only that, it also gives your lashes that extra push they need. Specially if you're like me that doesn't have that long beautiful lashes. This will definitely help you look blooming and lively!

about 1 month ago