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Volum’ Express Hypercurl Mascara

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Your lashes, only better!

I think rhat it is my heritage to have sparse and short lashes. But with maybelline's hypercurl volum' express mascara, my lash problems have become obsolete. It not only thickens, but it lengthens.. And the icing on the cake? It gives my lashes a slight curl. How great is that? No need to use a lash curler (which totally freaks me out, btw). This mascara has a great formula which doesnt weigh down my lashes. It is really buildable but does not get clumpy. Best part is its smudge proof and water proof. It is affordable, so go get one now! :)

over 1 year ago
Certified Buyer


I have nothing to complain about this product! It's cheap, doesn't feel thick and heavy on my eyelashes just right amount to extend your lashes and make your lashes look good, and not clumpy. And it is waterproof as it claims. I'm super satisfied with it and really a great steal!

over 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

My All-time Favorite Mascara

This is my favorite mascara ever since college! It does accentuate my lashes without weighing them down and it stays all day too. It does its job, it lengthens and volumizes my lashes in one coat. Plus, it's affordable than other drugstore mascara available in the market. This mascara is highly recommended!

6 months ago

This is so good!!!!!!!!!!

This makes my lashes look BOMB AF! Every time i wear it, i feel like my lashes look longer, and fuller! I also love that it's so water proof. No need to worry about it smudging under my eyes and making me look like a panda haha i tend to have watery eyes so this is perfect for me. The affordability is also a huge plus! I don't need to worry about breaking the bank to make my eyes look geeeewd.

about 2 months ago
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Maybelline is known for their amazing products that can compete with high-end makeup. This mascara is probably one of them. Grab this mascara if you're a makeup newbie or if you just want that natural looking eyelashes. Plus it's waterproof AND smudge-proof! Perfect for Philippines' humid weather. Go and add this to your cart because it's super affordable, it won't hurt your wallet.

about 2 months ago
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Cheap but great!

This is by far the most waterproof mascara from maybelline. I dont know but it is just super long lasting that i even have a hard time removing it with makeup removers. It is also really black that it makes your lashes more beautiful. There is not much lengthening or volumizing but this is perfect for everyday use.

4 months ago


Natural look of eyelashes are indeed , so i tried this hypercurl mascarra with a shade of black , glam eyes achieved and it's not heavy-wearing unlike other mascarras that eyes got irritates , and this hypercurl mascarra is smudgeproof / waterproof .. No need to use Curl up , applicator of mascarra will do .. it lengthens and volumized the lashes , Good for heavy duty because it last long ..

4 months ago

Never away without this

I've been getting compliments lately about my lashes. Imagine spending a few hundreds for a really good product. I honestly think eyelash and brow products are Maybelline's forte. I would certainly buy this all over again because aside from being cheap but quality, it didn't irritate me as wel. Unlike before, my eyes were always itchy whenever I use a different mascaras. Safe, cheap but high quality!

9 months ago


Maybelline really has the best mascaras! This feels really light and it keeps my lashes curled all day, even with many swipes it does not clump my lashes even with 4 layers. It is also really affordable and can be easily bought. You can find this mascara everywhere, grocery, watsons, department stores, etc. And ++ it is waterproof and smudge proof.

6 days ago
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This mascara never disappoints

This mascara is the first mascara I've ever owned since I started college and now that I'm ending college I have found myself buying the exact same mascara every time I would run out. It is very light and it takes a long time before it starts clumping and when it does, I just add contact solution and it is good as brand new. The shape of the wand applicator makes smudging something foreign for me. This product provides my eyelashes the curl that it needs.

7 days ago
Certified Buyer


THIS WAS MY VERY FIRST MASCARA AND I AM NOT DISAPPOINTED. Maybelline products never fails to do their job. This mascara is so worth it. Its actually very affordable because maganda siya. My eyes really looked awake everytime i use this product. I don’t have any complaints. It doesn’t even clump up in my lashes so give it a try.

7 days ago
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Love this!

I honestly bought this because it was really cheap and I was looking for a mascara when I was just starting to experiment with makeup. I'm glad I bought it though because it's actually a good product. Maybelline has become my favorite drugstore brand because of the affordable but good quality products. It really is waterproof and smudgeproof and using it really makes a difference even with very minimal makeup.

9 days ago
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I was looking for a mascara a few months ago, but I was clueless when it came to this product since I had never used it before. I decided to browse through Maybelline's collection since I've always been a fan of this brand. This mascara doesn't disappoint! My eyelashes aren't very long, and this product does an amazing job in giving it a fuller look. It also stays long! It's definitely a steal for its cheap price.

10 days ago
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Cost effective!

I really wouldn't describe this as cheap because it does so much for its price! I've tried a bunch of "cheap" make up and this seems to be good enough to complete with designer brands. It doesn't make your eyelashes look like it has mascara, it gives them enough lift to make it look nice.

10 days ago

My holy grail mascara 💖

Super love this mascara its perfect for everyday use! like MLBB! (My lashes, but better) it gives my eyes that fully awake look and its waterproof! Imagine? Just for 199 bucks you can have a waterproof mascara? Wow. So girls go cry a river! Haha no need to worry bc this mascara gotchuuuu 😉 thanks maybelline!

11 days ago

Great mascara for an affordable price

I can't count anymore how many items I have from Maybelline-not that I have a lot of makeup, but you get what I mean-it's my go-to drugstore brand and the hypercurl mascara is one of my favorites from them. It gives volume to my lashes, lasts all day and doesn't smudge.

11 days ago

My favorite budget mascara

My sister bought two of these and somehow just left both lying around the house since she bought a more expensive one. That time, I never knew how to put on mascara myself so I started with this. Even if I don't have any eyelash curlers, I'm pretty satisfied with this and have been using this product ever since. This is probably my favorite Maybelline product.

11 days ago
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Lashes so perf!

Since I do not have that very long lashes, this is my holy grail! Ever since I have started using this mascara, it made me feel more beautiful acheiving that volumized eyelashes! This one is very long lasting, just be careful while removing, do not scrub ao hard so your lashes won't fall out.

12 days ago
Certified Buyer

Beats luxury mascaras any day!

I honestly don’t think my review matters anymorw since everyone are loving this mascara. I personally love it. I love that it’s clump-free and easy to use. Oh and you do know that’s it’s waterproof, right? I sugesst you use an eye makeup remover for this ‘cause ooooh boy, this will stick on your lashes for eternity! And I am not even exaggeratin’. Well, I am. But it’s that good!

12 days ago

The most famous mascara ever

Maybelline is so superb! I am super kuripot when it comes to mascara though I really want to try it so badly but unfornately mascaras are quite expensive and finally thanks to maybelline for creating this cheap yet heaven sent mascara! It is so perfect for my taste it does not clumps up and it gives a long and thick natral looking eyelashes in no time! Super love this plus it is always on sale so super thumbs up it worth every of your pennies

14 days ago