Regenerist Cleansing System by Olay

Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System

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CLAIM TO FAME: Olay’s electronic cleansing device that reveals smoother, brighter skin

FAST FACTS: Loosens, lifts, and removes dirt and long-lasting, smudge-proof makeup (even without makeup remover); deep-cleans and exfoliates using a micro-massaging action; two-speed brush rotating system helps reach all skin contours while remaining soft and gentle on the skin; water-resistant for use in-shower; suitable for daily use

PERFECT FOR: Gentle yet effective exfoliation

Love! Nice To Dry Skin
November 7, 2014
”I’m going to start this off by saying I have dry skin that is prone to flaking/peeling patches if I cleanse/exfoliate without being gentle. But I love this product! Mainly because it’s so versatile. I use this every other day with a gentle cleansing milk for a regular skin clean, and it doesn’t bother my dry skin but gives it a great yet gentle clean, keeping blemishes at bay I also use it once a week with an exfoliating cleanser with small micro beads to get rid of any dead skin, and it does a wonderful job at helping that cleanser remove any dead skin leaving my face noticeably smoother and softer without the typical drawbacks that dry-skin girls would expect. I find the brush heads last longer than noted on the packaging which is nice, and I also found that the product was reasonably priced. I keep this in my shower and it sometimes get left in a puddle of water and the product still looks good as new, definitely waterproof and shower-proof. I find using this cleansing brush takes whichever cleanser I’m using, and just makes it work better!”
–Zaki (from

WHAT YOU GET: (1) Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System, including the following:
(1) Facial cleansing device
(1) Brush head
(1) Skin renewal cleanser, 20ml
(1) AA battery included

Dampen facial skin and brush head lightly with water, dispense skin renewal cleanser in your hand and massage over face. Turn on cleansing brush and gently move around the face for approximately 60 seconds. Rinse face and brush head thoroughly with water.

Created by a man as a gift for his wife, Olay began in the 1950s when chemist Graham Wulff saw his wife Dinah’s frustration with the thick, waxy beauty creams that left her skin looking greasy. Wanting to create a moisturizer that would leave his wife feeling beautiful and feminine, he formulated a fast-absorbing, lightweight, creamy fluid in a delicate pink shade and called it Oil of Olay Beauty Fluid. Oil of Olay soon became a phenomenal success in South Africa, England, the United States, the Netherlands, Canada, and Germany. Eventually, the concoction was rebranded and reformulated as Olay, under Procter & Gamble. Today, it is one of the most well-known and beloved brands in get-gorgeous skincare.

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Top Reviewer

Deep cleansing system

I got this at the mall because it was always sold out in BeautyMNL and I wanted to see what all the rave reviews were about. When I tried it I was impressed because even though I already used a makeup remover, the device cleaned my skin more!!! It's very versatile and I also tried using the brush with other cleansers. It really deep cleans the skin but don't use it more than once a week because you might be overdoing it. I did that and my skin felt stung. Also, take out the battery after you use it so that it can have a longer life :)

about 1 year ago
Certified Buyer


I was set to break the bank and buy a Clarisonic through a friend coming home from the US, when a colleague recommended Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System. At first I was hesitant that it might not meet my expectations of a deep-clean-on-skin feel that the Mia 2 promised, but when I saw that BeautyMNL have this on stock, I immediately ordered it! What's more, it's just a fraction of a price compared to Clarisonic. I've been using it for four months, though it doesn't have Clarisonic's T-Time, you'll know in the long run when to move to another spot on your face, and that's when you're face feels a bit raw already. Also, the replacement brush heads are not as expensive and easy to source compared to Clarisonic's. I'm happy that BeautyMNL made this purchase possible :)

about 1 year ago
Certified Buyer

Holy grail!

I love this! It cleans my skin up very nicely and takes off all --- and I do mean ALL --- of my makeup. I mean, I use makeup removers and makeup wipes too, but it's upon using this that I feel really really clean. It's largely because of this that I've avoided breaking out, even during my period. Must have for skin care.

15 days ago
Certified Buyer

Afforfable and gets the job well done :)

I made sure to use it first for an entire month before making a review to really see the difference it made on my skin. And with that I could say that this might be the only cleanser I need for my face. It surely gets the job done. I used to have small bumps underneath my facial skin that even regular scrubbing and exfoliation couldn't get off. But with this device, only after a few days of consecutively using, I couldn't feel those little bumps anymore (I know that sounds amazing 😉). What made me love it even more is how it's very affordable. I do not own any of those pricey cleansers like Clarisonic, and with my experience with Olay Regenerist cleanser I honestly don't feel the need to even want to buy one. I'm using this device as part of my night time routine to really get all the makeup off my face. Love it!

18 days ago

Maybelline Nude Embrace matte lipstick

Maybelline never disappointed me. I really love nude embrace matte lipstick that I got last Monday. It has a rich texture but it will totally give you a matte finish look. Plus I love the smell. I highly recommend this shade specially for filipinas that has fair skin complexion.

3 months ago

Great Product, Affordable Price

Olay's Cleansing System is a steal, compared to its high-end counterparts like the Clarisonic. It has a simpler, more basic brush head compared to the Clarisonic but I feel like it's just right to get the job done (without breaking the bank!). I would usually go for a milder cleanser like Cetaphil when I'm using a tool like this.

7 months ago
Top Reviewer

Such a steal!

This product is such a steal. You get an electronic cleansing device for a cheap price, compared to other brands. I love using this because it really cleans my skin. It instantly removes the deep seated dirt left of my face. I use this when I wear a full face makeup to make sure there's nothing left.

9 months ago
Top Reviewer

Weekend must-have

I use this twice a week, and if possible, whenever I feel like my face has been catching all that smoke. I've always went to weekly trips to the dermatologist but stopped because they were utterly expensive. Their facial costs only P800. I had to find an alternative version at the comfort of my own home. Glad I stumbled upon this product. I use a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil and it does wonders. My face feels smooth and dirt-free every time.

9 months ago
Top Reviewer


It's good that Olay produced a deep cleaning system that is way way cheaper than Clarisonic. It removes deep seated dirt and make-up really well, leaving my skin feeling cleaner and more refreshed compared when I used facial scrub twice just to get the same feel. I use this on Sunday evenings to give my skin a fresh start for the coming week. A good investment for all the working ladies out there!

11 months ago
Top Reviewer

I'm impressed!

I just bought this recently and on my first use I was really impressed at how it cleansed my face. I don't own Clarisonic or any other similar device, but I'm pretty happy with Olay's version. I think the price is very reasonable.

about 1 year ago

Great expectations

Bought mine overseas. Been using it for 2 years already. It really keeps the skin clean and smooth that I go for a facial far in between each other. Very glad beautymnl is already carrying this together with the replacement heads. Two thumbs up!

about 1 year ago

Thumbs up!

The first face cleansing device that I've tried. I've been intending to purchase a clarisonic but it was a good thing that I saw this and decided to try it out first. During the time that I started using the device I was having severe breakouts that's why I was really hoping that it would help resolve my problem. It does help cleanse my face since I've noticed my breakouts lessening and my face seems brighter and smoother after every use. The brush is gentle on the skin and did not cause any irritation even if I use it daily. I just experienced problems with the brush since it does not dry easily and you have to make sure it is really clean so it would not be a breeding ground for bacteria. If you're looking for an affordable yet effective brush cleansing device I suggest that you do try this one.

12 months ago

Good Alternative for Clarisonic

I bought this (before I gave it to my sister) with minimum expectations price-wise but it surprised me! Its true to its claim to clean your face thoroughly. It made my skin clean and clear. It also brightened up my face. The brush is soft and gentle. Its a lot smaller than Clarisonic Mia 2 so its convenient for travel. The brush heads are more affordable too. The only downside of it for me is that it runs on batteries so you have to pull the bottom part (which is a struggle btw) to replace the batteries; that said its not waterproof, its just water resistant. And also unlike the Clarisonic, it does not have a T Timer so its easy to overdo the cleansing. I ordered another one for me again tho as it is worth the money! :)

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Affordable Alternative

Perfect and affordable alternative for the Clarisonic. It's already really cheap as it is but I got this half-off at the mall. I don't use it daily because I prefer washing my face with my hands (I find that it's a lot gentler and less abrasive). I pair this with my First Aid Beauty Cleanser.

5 months ago
Top Reviewer


I was a skeptic at first because I didn't want to try an expensive cleansing machine. I was also afraid that it would be too harsh on my skin even though my skin is not sensitive. This one was surprisingly good for its price point! I don't think it's as great as the Clarisonic, but it's still worth a try.

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Deeper cleansing experience

Just bought it a week ago and I'm loving the state of m skin now. My skin feels cleaner and lighter. I'm seeing less frequent to the trips to the Derma thanks to this beauty. The cleanser, though, is just so-so.

about 1 year ago
Certified Buyer

Squeaky-clean face!!!

This is my second electronic cleansing device, the first (a beauty store product) finally conking out on me after a few years of use. Liked that it was able to replicate the cleansing effect I get with my regular facial scrub. It left my skin feeling soft and not dry.

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Cheaper alternative

I've always wanted to try an automatic brush cleaner for the face but the other brands are just too expensive. When I saw this on the market, I decided to give it a try and I must say that it is worth it. After using, it leaves my skin feeling very clean.

about 1 year ago