Lioele secret pore rich balm (20ml)

Secret Pore Rich Balm (20ml)

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I've been finding the best but not expensive primer, when i get to see the Secret Pore Rich Balm on BeautyMNL and tried the smaller pot first. I was like, "Finally!" because it really blurs my pores without the shining shimmering thing in some primer brands which i hate because it only worsen the shininess on my t-zone. But this product from Lioele changes how i see primers, it also makes my skin look matte and does not clog my pores. I am recommending this to everyone. PS: Its also smells nice.

over 1 year ago
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Helped hide the pores on my nose

While I am still waiting for my 5g pot, I decided to order the bigger version of the Secret Pore Rich Balm (20ml). I tried this on immediately and it glided on top of my oily skin perfectly. More importantly, this really helped hide the pores on my nose. I just wish it weren't relatively expensive, but oh well, I guess I could not complain so much because it's really effective.

over 1 year ago
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Great Primer

I have never put anything as soft as this product on my face ever. I cannot believe how soft it is when I first touched it. It also provides good coverage and a smooth finish. I am new to primers and I must say I did a good job in choosing a great product for beginners.

almost 2 years ago
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Makes my skin look flawless and doesn't clog pores!

I have large pores with blackheads on my nose but this successfully covers everything while still looking very natural! It never ruins my BB cream's finish and also helps control my oily skin all through out the day. Best part is, it doesn't clog my pores. I even go to the gym after work with this on! It seems to melt off when I use my oil cleanser to remove my makeup so there was never any residue after cleansing. The tub seems small but this will last ages! I have been using this for almost 7 months now but haven't even used up 10% of the product. I am happy to say that this is worth the price and I will be repurchasing after I finish this tub! :)

3 months ago
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Great for oily skin

This is one of my first-loves when it comes to primer. This holds makeup so well and it makes the skin smooth and look poreless. Although I find it to be a little expensive, I find that it's worth every penny because it has good oil control. It's probably one of the best primers for people with oily skin

4 months ago

Effective πŸ‘πŸ»

I was looking for a primer that's worth the price. I found this product and because of its good review I took the risk and tried it. Lucky I did...coz it doesn't disappoint. It glides smoothly on your face, very light, and makes your face make-up ready. It kinda brings out the glow on you skin. And it smells nice too. Very effective indeed. Love it. ❀️

5 months ago
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Awesome product

Need I say more? This product is just really out of this world. I have tried so many imported and local cosmetics since I was 23 but never have I found something as smooth and as effective as this. It didn't disappoint at all. When I first touched it, my initial reaction was "Oh wow! Oh my! Oooh!" And in my head I was thinking, this product is so unique. I have never felt any primer, cream, or moisturizer as smooth and as cool as this. It was a gelly but smooth and creamy texture that just lands on your face perfectly. I will certainly keep buying this.

6 months ago


Definitely worth every penny! Before trying thia primer, I'm using Banila co's prime primer in matte, thought it was the best, then while browsing here at beauty mnl I saw this product, it was rated 5 star. i then continued reading the product reviews it was all wayyy too good hahah. So I got curious then I decided why not give it a try, since it's much cheaper than banila co's primers. Then there, I have it. It's sooooo LEGIT! Now I love this more than banila cos primer! It makes your skin soft and smooth. Matte but not flat. Very korean skin! (Poreless for reals, honey! ) The scent is heavenly good! Oil control? Longer than your relationship lol! Definitely my HOLY GRAIL! Four thumbs up with my feet thumbs. (Yup! It was that good!) ❀

6 months ago
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Dupe for Kiehl's Micro-blur Skin Perfector!

Ever since I got a sample from Kiehl's (micro-blur skin perfector) I have then started my search for something that would give the same results but for a relatively cheaper price (Kiehl's is at P2500+ in Rustan's). I've tried benefit porefessional (a gift) but a still a little pricey for me. When I stumbled upon this product here (thank goodness) found out that it's more than 2/3 cheaper! And the results is the same as Kiehl's product. I am in awe of this product. Packaging is cute too!

6 months ago


Since I was never a make-up expert and did not really care much then, I never thought of using any primer. My friend recommended Rimmel but it's always out of stock. I looked for other products with 5-star ratings and I stumbled on Lioele's Secret Pore Rich Balm 20ml. I love that it's a cream but with a powdery finish! So smooth on the skin! It hid my pores perfectly and left a matte finish. No more oiliness! Packaging is cute and the smell is so nice! Bought mine a month ago and i'm still using the same bottle until now. It's a bit expensive but the result is worth it. Very nice investment. Will definitely reorder once I run out :)

8 months ago

Great for First Timers!

This is the first primer I used and I am so happy that I chose this one because this product really delivers! It really blurs out the pores and makes your skin feel and look flawless. I love how a little amount goes a long way. This is a definite must-have!

8 months ago
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underrated baby

this is expensive though! but hey hey hey this is so under rated! like, it is not that sikat. but i am telling you, it is really effective! it sucks up oils in my skin and hydrates my dry patches as well! magic lang diba? :D i was wondering too why this is not sikat like benefit and banila co., try it to believe it haha!

9 months ago

Love love love!!!

I love love love this primer! Smells so good upon application and a little product goes a long long way! Sometimes i forget to put this on before foundation and i always notice the ugly pores peeking through my foundation. With this, pores are minimized beautifully. Does the job so well!

10 months ago
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Works like magic!

I love, love this product! I tried the small one a couple of months ago and it works like magic! Used up the small one and have bought the bigger one. It covers my pores a lot better than the previous brand I was using. Please always have the product in stock! πŸ‘πŸ»

11 months ago
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Better value than smaller tub

I first tried the smaller size which comes in 5 grams, and when I repurchased, I got this bigger tub since you get more value for your money when you get this bigger tub. It fills my pores - I have huge pores around my nose area, and it also makes my make up last longer.

about 1 year ago
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I'm in loooove!

I first bought the 5g of this and bought this 20g! For the obvious reasons. It works well on only skin and does feel heavy on skin. I just have to apply a bit of it and then put on some of my bb cream and I'm good to go. This really made my make up last the whole day. Does not cake and does not have any potent smell. I love it!

about 1 year ago
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This secret pore rich balm by Lioele is a great primer. It really is true to its claims of minimizing pores and fine lines. However, this is a little on the pricey side so I tend to use only a little of my product on my face - only on those areas where I have huge pores.

about 1 year ago
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bye bye pores

Lioele Secret Pore Rich balm does what it's supposed to do - to minimize the appearance of fine lines and pores! It creates a smooth base for the foundation to set in, and further pro-longs the wear of your make up. Furthermore, the smell of it has a hint of coconuts and i love it! Definitely a steal! Will restock in the future!

over 1 year ago
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Everyone Needs This

I don't have much experience with primers as the ones with good reviews are too pricey for my liking. When I saw this, the price seems about right and the reviews are good so I decided to buy it. It's really AMAZING. It fills in my pores and makes the foundation/concealer glide on my skin beautifully. I don't know how I've been using make up for years without using a primer. You need to do the whole primer-foundation-set your makeup routine for it to last the whole day though.

over 1 year ago

Velvety buttery primer!

This is he first primer I've ever purchased and boy can I say that I'm very lucky. This wonder balm goes on smoothly onto skin, it feels like velvety butter to me. You can instantly see results after application. Pores are immediately filled out and blurred - It's like a real life filter! I still use this regularly but have opted to use a different primer that will make my makeup adhere longer on my skin.

over 1 year ago