Goddess Leave-In Conditioner by Bedhead/TIGI

Colour Goddess Leave-In Conditioner

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CLAIM TO FAME: A lightweight leave-in conditioner for color-treated hair

FAST FACTS: Conditions, softens, and smoothens hair; protects and enhances rich color tones with TIGI’s color lockdown technology; fights frizz and helps untangle knots; won’t wash out colors in the bath

PERFECT FOR: Dry and rebellious hair that’s been dyed

Five Stars
April 2, 2015
”Love it! My color lasts do much longer and is way more vibrant plus….. It smells like caramel!!!”
–Angelia Aeschbacher (from Amazon.com)

February 13, 2015
”Works and smells wonderful. It’s great for little girls to remove tangles.”
–Rose A. Ahrens (from Amazon.com)


WHAT YOU GET: (1) bottle Colour Goddess Leave-In Conditioner
NET WEIGHT: 8.45 fl oz / 250ml

One of the UK’s most popular hair care brands, Bed Head by TIGI is used in salons all around the globe. Warning: products may cause an urge to laugh at product labels, experiment with different looks and check yourself out in the mirror. Whatever hair type you have, we bet Bed Head has a product that will suit it.

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Certified Buyer


I am originally using the Dumb Blonde Leave In conditioner and really felt that Bed Head products are worth every penny so I purchased this one as a gift to my mom who frequently colors her hair. My mom was super happy because the scent is really sweet...even sweeter than my Dumb Blonde. I even tried using this one too and I really makes colored hair smoother and more manageable. Worth every penny.

23 days ago
Certified Buyer

fragrant and smooth hair all day!!

When I first started using this product my first impression with the smell is that it is too sweet. But after 5 minutes the scent became a subtle sweet scent like donuts. I like it!! I spray this on my hair before combing, it makes it easier to detangle my hair. It made my colored hair vibrant, smooth and less frizzy.

28 days ago
Certified Buyer

Must have!

I love this product. The ends of my hair dry out easily and since I got my hair cut I have been trying to maintain the ends and this product has definitely helped with that. Perfect for people on the go. I like its scent too. Product can go a long way given that I have long hair the product spreads out easily.

about 1 month ago
Top Reviewer

smooth soft locks every morning!

my hair is now way more manageable thanks to this amazing product. i am in love with all bed head products. this one is in on of my top 5 favorite hair product from bed head. the smell is nice. everytime i apply this on my hair its very easy no sticky or stiff feeling. every morning when i wake up my hair looks so soft and smooth. will definitely repurcahse again!

about 2 months ago


I'm not actually quite sure if it prolongs the color coz I dye my hair midnight black and to be honest, I can't really tell the difference... I would repurchase again if only because it has this freakin addicting caramel smell (ADDICTING, I tell you!) but lucky for me, it doesn't only smell great, it also does it's job and softens my hair and makes it bouncier and shinier especially before or after blow drying

3 months ago
Certified Buyer

Prolongs the color and smells great

i have tried other leave-in condtioner but BEDHEAD/ TIGI Colour Goddess is amazing for maintaining your colored / treated hair; it protects it from fading and drying out the ends (especailly when I tend to blowdry my hair daily); easy to use and doesn't clump the hair. the sweet smell of caramel / vanilla is a great bonus

4 months ago
Certified Buyer

Great product

I like that it doesn't weigh down my hair. It smells good but make sure you don't sweat or the smell alters. It's soft to the hair and a good heat protectant. Still looks good the next day with no frizz and strays. Works even if i layer it with other products. I was surprised too that it didn't leave any buildup over the days i was using it.

8 months ago
Top Reviewer

Frizz free

My hair color lasts longer and does not fade because of this. It smells super nice also and it is not greasy at all. It makes my hair tangle free and manageable all day. The frizz on my locks are now gone, thanks to Bedhead's Colour Goddess leave In Conditioner.

10 months ago
Top Reviewer

Smells lovely!

I love leave-in conditioners mostly for the scent they leave on my hair and this definitely does not disappoint in that department. I apply a small amount on my hair while it's still damp so my hair is able to fully absorb the scent. It also makes my hair soft and silky.

11 months ago
Top Reviewer

Solution to frizzy and unruly hair

Coloring your hair has its pros and cons. Most of the times, its disadvantages can really be nasty. I color my hair every month resulting to severely damage and dry strands. Most of the times, a conditioner will work. But there will be those days when its all frizzy and unruly. I tried this Goddess Leave-In conditioner and it worked! It was able to tame and untangled my messy hair. But I limit my use because it is quite pricey.

12 months ago
Top Reviewer

The best!

My hair became dry since I colored it. Thanks to this product, it brought back its moisture and softness.

about 1 year ago
Certified Buyer

Good for colored hair

This works well for my curly, colored hair. Helps manage the frizzies! I am not a big fan of the caramel scent though, I find it too sweet. It is a bit overpowering when first applied, but fortunately it mellows out after a while. Will recommend for those who like sweet scents. :)

12 days ago
Certified Buyer

Great product for colored hair!

Love how it makes my hair color more vibrant! Makes it look like I just had it done.

about 1 year ago
Certified Buyer

So-so for me. I've tried better.

It brought out my waves! Haha. Frizz-free and manageable. I also noticed my hair color was truly more vibrant. My roots grew out, but the color stayed. I have thick hair strands. Very challenging to tame, but this helped. I use a flat-iron and there's a noticeable softness with this product. But with the amount I apply-- it can get sticky. It doesn't sink in. The smell is delicious, of course, but bad if you want your perfume to be the one people smell, not your hair. I stopped using this after trying L'oreal's Mythic Oil. Now THAT made my hair feel silky!

7 months ago