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Kiss the Bride by Orly

Kiss the Bride

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SHADE: A pretty pale pinkish-white shade

CLAIM TO FAME: Lustrous light pink crème polish

FAST FACTS: Part of Orly’s permanent Pink color collection; formulated with creamy, milky, pure color pigments; buildable opaque color with a smooth, glossy finish

PERFECT FOR: Natural-looking polished nails

May 11, 2014
”This is a gorgeous opaque white cream pink shade. It is very similar to Essie’s Fiji. Love this color as a neutral. It is very classy, feminine, and elegant. Application is a bit tricky as it is very streaky (as most polishes this color are.) You will need to take your time and try to do 2 fairly thin coasts. If you pile on a million coats to get perfect opaqueness than your nails will never dry. Trust me! Plus, as the polish dries it becomes more opaque. Also, might want to do a quick dry top coat for sure. Other than application LOVE this color.”
–Hellootomorrow (from

WHAT YOU GET: (1) bottle Kiss the Bride Nail Lacquer
NET WEIGHT: 0.6 fl oz / 18ml

In 1975, manicure maven Jeff Pink created a quick ‘n’ easy, natural nail look for screen actresses who had no time to spare in between wardrobe changes. His timesaving manicures were feminine and timeless, never upstaging the outfit. So naturally, they became an instant favorite among stylists and starlets, eventually hitting the runways of Paris! That is how nail polish purveyor Orly was born—and with it, tip treatments, nail lacquers, and the very first better-for-your-nails gel. Today, Orly is available in hundreds of colors in various finishes and limited edition collections!

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Top Reviewer

Sweet and Romantic!

This Orly shade has the most appropriate name. It's light pinkish white shade truly makes my hands more dainty and lovely! It is nice both on longer nails and even on shorter ones because it is so neat and delicate. Perfect for romantic events such as weddings and anniversary dates but it is also nice for everyday look! One of the best!

2 months ago
Top Reviewer


This nail polish color is so pretty! It's a little too girly and pink for me but it is such a sweet and soft color. I love Orly because their formula is amazing. Lasts almost as long as an OPI nail polish would on my nails. Really cute color.

12 days ago
Top Reviewer

Opaque White Cream Pink <3

This shade from Orly gives me a 'GIRL VIBES'. It's SO pretty and I can't resist to the color, this is one of my favorite shades from Orly. Well, almost all of them are great! Since I tried Orly Nail Polish I never stop loving their formula. The application is easy. I'm completely obsessed and collecting their all colors!

14 days ago

This for dainty hands

Kiss The Bride from Orly is always a safe option to color your nails with. It is very chic and delicately versatile. I love that my nails always look neat when I have Kiss the Bride on. It's also a big plus that Orly does not chip off easily compared to other brands.

about 1 month ago
Top Reviewer


I love Orly's Kiss the Bride. It's the new nude. Perfect for everyday or special days. Suitable for all skin tones too! This color makes my hands look so dainty, clean and classy. It's easy to apply too! I feel confident applying this by my self. This is definitely worth the buy.

2 months ago
Certified Buyer

Clean and classic

I'm a big fan of pink/barely there nail shades and it has been my go-to color choice for nail polishes, since it makes your hands and feet look clean and classic. Kiss the bride, along with the other wedding collection shades, provides just that - clean and classic looking digits.

5 months ago
Top Reviewer


This is my favorite shade of Orly! I put this on last week and up until now it's still visible and has only cracked on the sides of my fingers. I didn't put any base or topping coat but it's still so pretty on the nails! I super duper love this!

9 months ago
Top Reviewer

Girly feel

Its baby pinkish color makes me wanna wear it every week! I wore this for a pink-themed wedding and it goes well with my dress, makeup and hand accessories! Doesn't chip away easily and only takes a layer or two of polish. It is perfect for everyday wear or occasions.

10 months ago

Goes well with everything and ultra-feminine

This is my favorite nail polish shade of all time! It's a beautiful, milky pinkish-nude that goes with everything. It looks clean and neutral, but at the same time extremely feminine, like you feel that much girlier because of this polish. Makes your skin look lighter and brighter too! I can't stop staring at my nails whenever I wear this shade <3

11 months ago

Favorite shade

Ever since I tried this shade a few years ago, it has always been my go-to nail polish shade, well, for almost everything! From weddings, to the beach, to Sundays at church, this shade is sooo simple, understated, and sooo pretty. I just love using it and never get tired of looking at my nails when they're so neatly done and topped off with this shade. Love it!

11 months ago
Top Reviewer

Used it for dainty french tips!

I used this shade for a french tip manicure pedicure one time and it's a nice twist. The pink is barely seen actually but you know it's not pure white. Several applications are needed for a nicer shade but it's not messy - which I hate in nail polishes - and topcoat seals it in for a great texture and no chipping.

11 months ago
Top Reviewer

Very girly!

Neutral and very dainty.. two thin coats used with orlys top2bottom is just perfect for a feminine look..

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer

Feminine and classic shade!

It's amazing! It's natural and suits a lot of people easily :)

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

This color is lovely!

Beautiful shimmery opaque pinkish nude. This is just beautiful and very much an "everyday color". It is not a bubble gum pink, just a soft hint of pink. Perfect for a cleaned/groomed pretty nail.

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Classy Color

ORLY is one of the nail polishes to swear by—and this color is really quite flattering! Unfortunately, I've been told by my dermatologist to cease using nail polish as it worsens my eczema. (Before I was diagnosed with it a few years ago, however, I've been going to the nail parlour every month and this was one of my favorite shades.) Use polish in moderation and make sure it doesn't irritate your skin—once you do, then try this color out! Matches any outfit, complements the skin, and looks ever-so-classy. :)

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Classy and feminine

I love this girly shade! Just use one stroke for you to achieve that opaque finish which is very in nowadays. Pair it with the Seche fast-drying top coat for a great finish.

about 1 year ago

An expensive go-to nail lacquer that easily chips off

Even though I don't like ORLY that much because it turns my nails a bit yellowish after a week or two and chips off more or less than 72 hours of having it on despite being careful not to bump or scratch into anything, I still bought this because the color looks just too beautiful on my skin and it suits everything on my wardrobe. It looks feminine to wear and perfect not only for romantic dates but also as a go-to nail polish.

about 1 month ago
Top Reviewer


This is a nice pale soft pink with white iridescence to it. The color is really pretty but it is a pain to apply. It is a bit sheer so I need around 3-4 coats for the color to go completely opaque on my nails. I find that this dries longer too compared with the other Orly nail polishes that I have in my stash.

12 months ago