3 Minute Fall Control (340ml) by Pantene

Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner Hair Fall Control (340ml)

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CLAIM TO FAME: A daily deep conditioning treatment that strengthens hair

FAST FACTS: Protects, nourishes, and smoothens strands in just 3 minutes; strengthens hair at a structural level; reduces hair fall due to breakage; prevents split ends; leaves hair healthier, softer, and shinier

PERFECT FOR: Weak, falling, thinning hair

WHAT YOU GET: (1) tube Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner Hair Fall Control

After shampoo, apply evenly onto damp hair. Rinse off thoroughly. Recommended for daily use.

Really, this brand doesn’t need any introductions. Pantene is such a classic that everybody knows it’s a hair care brand with Pro Vitamin formula - that ingredient that made them into a household name. We’re glad Pantene’s shampoos, conditioners, 2-in-1s, treatments and styling products are now available for all us around the world, because there was a time when their formulas were sold only in Europe, until Procter and Gamble acquired them in the 80s. Even then, they were hot commodity. And why not? Their products have been proven effective and affordable 60 years ago, and remain so till now. It’s because they deliver what their old tag line used to say, Pantene makes “hair so healthy, it shines.” How much simpler could that be?

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Certified Buyer

One of the best conditioners I've tried

I have been using this conditioner for years now and its been great ever since. Before ive been using using it daily and even if my hair was not treated (hair relaxing) the conditioner made may hair softer and more manageable, no more tangles. I could feel the differenc the difference with just one wash. When i got my hair relaxed, i started using this every other day and it still works. Will definitely repurchase again

5 days ago
Top Reviewer

Miracle in a tube

I love the 3 minute miracle variants of Pantene. I think I have tried them all haha. I tried this one when I noticed that I have a lot of falling hair. It is very moisturizing for the hair and it makes my hair come to life. I noticed that it indeed lessen my hair fall when combing or during taking a bath. I could say that this is really recommended for people who have a lot of falling hair. It is really effective.

23 days ago
Top Reviewer

Lessened my terrible hair fall and much more!

This is one of my holy grail conditioners because this does what it claims! It definitely lessened my hair fall AND made my hair SO soft and bouncy AND strengthened my hair which lead to the steady regrowth of hair. It's everything that I can ever ask for in a conditioner! This does more than my usual keratin treatments that I buy in sachets. (Which I then stopped using ever since I started using this.) Totally recommend this! <3

about 2 months ago
Top Reviewer

Made my thin hair healthier and thicker!

I have been battling falling hair ever since I hit puberty and my siblings would frequently ask where all the hair is coming from and I have to shy away from the room because it's obviously me. This product is by Pantene a brand esteemed for their goal of nourishing hair and making it stronger. I tried this product in hopes that the hairfall would lessen and it did. This made my thin frail hair healthier and thicker.

3 months ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer

Two thumbs up!

Since I gave birth, I have lots of hair fall whenever I take a bath, and after taking a bath when I comb my hair. I have tried this one, since my officemate uses this. This made my hair stronger and made it looked healthier! Right now I have less split ends, and I have shinier hair. A very good and affordable hair treatment at home!

3 months ago
Top Reviewer

Anti-hair fall shampoo from Pantene + this = PERF COMBI

I've found the perfect anti-hair fall shampoo from Pantene as well, should I start searching for hairfall solution products from Pantene too? Good thing I did because this was the perfect pair to combat my hair fall problems. I also like how this conditioner makes my hair silky smooth. I am actually rebonded so when those curls start to form, it becomes a struggle to manage my hair but with this one, I have 0 problems.

3 months ago