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3 Minute Damage Care (340ml) by Pantene

Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner Total Damage Care 10 (340ml)

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CLAIM TO FAME: A daily deep conditioning treatment that restores damaged hair

FAST FACTS: Smoothens outer layers of hair cuticle with advanced terminal amino-silicones; strengthens and guards hair’s inner structure against future damage from protein and moisture loss due to styling; prevents split ends for a healthier look; leaves hair healthier, softer, and shinier

PERFECT FOR: Dry, damaged, brittle hair types

WHAT YOU GET: (1) tube Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner Total Damage Care 10

After shampoo, apply evenly onto damp hair. Rinse off thoroughly. Recommended for daily use.

Really, this brand doesn’t need any introductions. Pantene is such a classic that everybody knows it’s a hair care brand with Pro Vitamin formula - that ingredient that made them into a household name. We’re glad Pantene’s shampoos, conditioners, 2-in-1s, treatments and styling products are now available for all us around the world, because there was a time when their formulas were sold only in Europe, until Procter and Gamble acquired them in the 80s. Even then, they were hot commodity. And why not? Their products have been proven effective and affordable 60 years ago, and remain so till now. It’s because they deliver what their old tag line used to say, Pantene makes “hair so healthy, it shines.” How much simpler could that be?

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Top Reviewer

Two thumbs up!

It does the job! I've only been using this for a week and I swear it makes a difference after the shower! My hair goes through a lot of damage what with being exposed to the sun every day as well as daily straightening especially on my hair ends. I guess I can say without this, my hair would be in more trouble than it is now. So i give it a two thumbs up

18 days ago

The best commercial conditioner!

I have a bleached, colored, and rebonded hair. Yup, my hair's damaged! But guess what? THIS CONDITIONER IS THE BEST. You can leave this in your hair for less than 3 minutes and it still works wonders! Never was there a time when I didn't have this as part of my everyday programming. It makes your hair soft, smooth, and shiny! Not to mention, it smells heavenly! Makes your hair smelling fresh all day :) Definitely gonna recommend this to all gals out there.

about 1 month ago
Top Reviewer

One of my favorite conditioners!

I can only count the conditioners I have continuously repurchased - and this is one of them. I love that it immediately makes my hair soft, unlike other conditioners that don't. It is a conditioner's job to make the hair soft aside from conditioning it and with just three minutes, my hair is salon-soft. I love this variant better than the hair fall one even though both have the same effect.

about 1 month ago


I actually just got curious about this that is why I try using this. To my surprise, it actually makes my hair feels soft and healthy. It sctually made my hair healthy again because before my hair looks dull and dry. But thanks to this, my hair feels better now and I will definitely continue to use this over and over again.

3 months ago
Top Reviewer

Soft and silky hair at last

My hair is constantly abused by hair color, blow dry and ironing, thus it is usually dry and frizzy. This is my hair savior and it works even if you just leave it for 3 minutes before washing off. I must admit that on days that I'm not in a hurry, I leave this for more than 3 minutes as I feel like it seeps in deeper in my hair. It has a nice scent that is not overpowering and leaves my hair feeling hydrated and alive.

3 months ago
Top Reviewer

fresh and moisturised in a hurry

The Pantene 3 minute Miracle is indeed a miracle product. It moisturises really well and that moisture is retained all throughout the day. I like that it is also very fast to use because I don't have to leave it on for long minutes so it's perfect to use when I hurry up in the morning.

4 months ago

Love this!!

I saw Janina Vela used this product in one of her videos on youtube and I had to give it a try. Since my hair is damaged from straightening it always. I love how this products smells. And it stays on your hair for a long time. Plus, it really made my hair more soft. Love this product!

4 months ago
Top Reviewer

works like magic!

at first, I was hesitant to buy this product because of the price. I don't really buy quite expensive hair products especially if I can get similar hair products at a cheaper price, but still I gave it a try because of the reviews I've been hearing. Good thing, I bought this conditioner because my hair was never the same again after my first used. I fell in love instantly. Plus, I just love the smell of it on my hair. Not your typical,cheap-smelling conditioners in the market.

4 months ago
Top Reviewer

Best Hair Miracle Treatment

With the internal stress and external harsh environmental elements, daily shampooing and conditioning is not enough to maintain healthy hair. I use this miracle hair treatment once a week to give luster and bounce to my hair. It smells great and leaves my hair feeling like I just gave it the best TLC. The best gift I can give my hair every week to restore health and shine.

5 months ago


An officemate introduced me to this amazing conditioner. Also read some reviews by Ms. Liz Lanuzo, and I was convinced. There was no turning back afterwards. Smells soooooo good that lasts me from morning till night, it makes my frizzy hair soft and manageable, and it's affordable too! The huge bottle lasts me a month, despite the fact that I have waist-long hair. This is a mainstay in my toiletry kit!

5 months ago
Top Reviewer

My Hair's BFF!

This is my favorite conditioner! This is probably the quickest hair treatment I've ever tried... It leaves my hair is smoother, easier to style, more manageable, shiny etc even after just one use. I've been using this for over a year on almost a daily basis... I just love it and my hair has been very healthy since. --stylists have commended me for my super long, healthy hair despite having my hair colored quite often.

7 months ago

3 minutes is all you need.

I saw an ad for this on TV and on youtube and I was curious, so I picked this up and now I'm so glad I did. I was a little hesitant to believe the 3 minute hype at first, so I left it on for 5 minutes. Lo and behold, after rinsing, my hair was more manageable and tangle free. Usually after a shower, my hair is a frizzy mess, but with this, it was more tamed.

7 months ago
Top Reviewer

Great drugstore conditioner.

I have never been a regular user of conditioners, let alone daily treatments, until this thing happened! Most conditioners weigh down my hair even when used sparingly (I have very fine hair) but this one doesn't. It smells good and my hair was easier to manage, looked and felt healthier, and had a lot less static when exposed to airconditioning for a long time.

7 months ago
Top Reviewer

Damage free

Pantene's Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner Total Damage Care 10 was truly my hair's miracle worker. The packaging is super gorgeous and the price is just right. I applied this on my hair and left it for 3 minutes. I was amazed on how fast it made my hair damage free.

9 months ago
Certified Buyer

Hair Saver!

I used to have dry, digipermed hair and I was on the verge of cutting it because the end strands are too dry already. After using this for a week, my hair became more easier to manage! Tangle-free, even! Also, the fruity scent lingers on my hair for hours! This product is definitely for keeps.

10 months ago


I purchased this cause of all the amazing reviews and because I was gonna bleach my hair. So when I did bleach my hair, i started using this and bam! No dryness nor any damage at all to my newly bleached hair! The amonia smell of my hair from the bleach also disappeared as the fragrance of this miracle product lingered on my hair. Truly worth the purchase! It gives amazing results and its not even pricey! Love love love!

10 months ago
Top Reviewer

Gives you the extra "oomph!"

Okay, to be honest, I was a bit hesitant to believe its claim that it can condition and repair dry and damaged hair under a mere 3 minutes, but boy was i wrong to doubt it! The texture of the conditioner is rich and creamy and it smells just heavenly. Before applying it, I make sure to wring out any excess water in my hair for the product to properly work its magic. While rinsing it out, i can truly feel how soft and silky my hair became! Definitely worth the buy!

10 months ago
Top Reviewer

Thank the hair gods for we have been blessed with a miracle.

I recently bleached my hair, and after I did it got really dry, brittle and frizzy. After I started using this, my hair got softer and healthier after using it just once! This conditioner is a big part of why my hair still looks so healthy after being bleached several times. I use this on some days, and the hair fall control version on other days, and they both work like a charm!

11 months ago
Top Reviewer

Hair miracle!

This is a potential holy grail conditioner for me as I have always been in search for the perfect conditioner. I bought this at a drugstore after reading great reviews and after using it just once, I was so amazed! I was like, "Where have you been all my life?" It does the job so well. I made my hair so soft and shiny. It also kept the tangles at bay! It made my hair feel and look so alive and healthy again! Plus, I love, love the scent that lasts so long! Just smelling my hair nowadays never fails to put a smile on my face. I feel beautiful just having this kind of hair. I would definitely recommend this!

11 months ago
Top Reviewer

Really a miracle!

This has been one of my favorite products from Pantene ever since it was introduced in the market. It is truly a miracle in a squeeze type tube. I like how this really takes my hair into a new level. It conditions my hair and makes it super soft and shiny. I like its delectable scent too.

11 months ago