Plantscription™ Eye Treatment by Origins

Plantscription™ Anti-Aging Eye Treatment

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Time, sun, pollution, stress, good fortune and bad. That’s what wrinkles are made of. Although it’s not the same as a prescription or surgery, this cutting-edge Plantscription™ Anti-Aging Eye Treatment with Anogeissus noticeably helps improve a lifetime of laugh lines, birthdays and basking in the sun. Clinically proven to repair 4 major signs of eye-aging, it visibly helps repair crow’s feet, under-eye cross hatching, crepe-y lids and sagginess. Without irritation. You get a naturally youthful look that’s not all nipped and tucked. It glides on easily, so you can even apply make-up within a minute. Give your eyes this amazing new lift from nature and see a younger-looking you. Life puts the wrinkles in. Origins helps take them out.

Net Weight:
15 ml

Apply AM and PM.

Some see a leaf. They saw a laboratory. In the 1980’s, a team of visionary beauty chemists and plant scientists began to study the power of potent plants, their history in traditional medicine, and the role they might play to resolve skin’s most pressing concerns in the 21st century. What they started was revolutionary. As the pioneer in the use of 100% essential oils, Origins modernized these ancient concepts with advanced scientific technology to create the world’s first prestigious, high-performance skincare made with ingredients from nature. From Silver-needle White Tea in the hills of China’s Fujian province to The Rose of Jericho in the driest deserts of North Africa, these are just some of the revolutionary ingredients found in this world-famous brand’s skincare collection. Origins: Powered by Nature. Proven by Science.

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Top Reviewer

awesome product!

Eye cream is something that I do not mind investing on. You see, I am already in my thirties and I have a really stressful job so I feel that using an eye cream every single night would really help me counteract visible fine lines. Ths one from Origins works really good. It is very hydrating.

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Eye Cream Of My Dreams

While I don't prefer to spend so much money on beauty products anymore, I've always been particular about my eyebags because they make me look sad, tired, and old, so I made an exception for undereye treatments. Between Origins and Kiehls', I would pick this because of its long-term effects. The darkness of my bags lessened and the area was firmed up visibly. Definitely worth the price! Kiehl's is more of an overnight worker in that the next day, I look instantly more awake but if you stop using it, the results will be gone. Also, just an fyi, both make the undereye skin soft and supple.

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Works wonders!

Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Eye Treatment is a luxurious cream that pampers the eye area with just one application. I love how this eye cream it visibly helps repair crow’s feet, under-eye cross hatching, crepe-y lids and sagginess. It glides on easily, so you can even apply make-upon top of this cream.

over 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Probably for older people

I wanted to invest in a really good eye cream ever since I hit my 20's to counteract the fine lines that are already starting to show, while it's still early. But I think this one's formula may be too strong for my relatively young skin. I found it to be overly-moisturizing. I could not use it in the day because it would take forever to absorb, and even then, after using it for a month, I can't say it did much for me. My mom, however, loved it. So maybe I would recommend it to people with more serious aging issues.

6 months ago