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Armada Face Cover 30 (30g) by VMV Hypoallergenics

Armada Face Cover 30 (30g)

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CLAIM TO FAME: A gentle facial sunscreen for daily use

FAST FACTS: Medium-weight cream formula; shields skin against the full spectrum of indoor and outdoor UVA, UVB, infrared and visible light; prevents melasma, sun-induced skin cancer, and photo-aging; antioxidants helps lighten melasma when used indoors daily

PERFECT FOR: All skin types

WHAT YOU GET: (1) tube Armada Face Cover 30
INGREDIENTS: Phenylbenzimidazole Sulfonic Acid, Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane, Titanium Dioxide, Aqua/Water/Eau, Cyclopentasiloxane, Cetearyl Alcohol, Ceteareth-20, Triethanolamine, Glyceryl Laurate, PVP/Hexadecene Copolymer, Tromethamine, Tetrasodium EDTA, *Tocopheryl Acetate,Trimethoxycaprylylsilane, *Polymethyl Methacrylate.

Shake well before use. Apply liberally on face and body skin, carefully avoiding membranous areas of eyes and nostrils. For best results, apply 30 to 60 minutes prior to sun exposure.

When outdoors, reapply at least every 1 to 2 hours, after swimming or sweating and after towel drying.

What do we love about homegrown label VMV? They’re the only beauty brand with a rating system that grades a product’s safety based on the number of allergens it does NOT contain. In fact, VMV’s skincare and makeup are free of most (if not ALL) 76 allergens as listed by the North American Contact Dermatitis Group + European Surveillance System on Contact Allergies. From its sunscreens to its concealers, VMV’s range is free of fragrance, dye, phthalate, paraben, preservatives, coca-surfactant, SLES, and SLS. All products are formulated to be non-comedogenic, non-drying, pH-adjusted, and suitable for all skin types. What’s NOT to love?

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Certified Buyer

Favorite Sunblock

I have tried a lot of sunblocks since I have super sensitive skin. I break out easily, and I prefer paraben and dimethicone-free products so it is really hard to look for hypoallergenic AND bad chemicals-free products. This is not purely organic, but i love the fact that this has no dimethicone, parabens, and propylene glycol PLUS it does not break me out, so this is my favorite sunblock, ever. BUT, I have to warn you, this will make your face oil like hell, just make sure you top it with powder.

3 months ago
Top Reviewer

Very effective.

This has been a staple for my mother and I for years. It's very effective as a sunscreen--I never got darker or burned when going out even during the midday. Even though it's kinda creamy when applied, it provides a matte finish, which then turns into shine at the later part of the day but that's expected and can be easily fixed by face powder or blotting paper, and it's still one of the lightest and least oily sunscreens I have ever used. Kinda expensive for a small tube, but handy.

8 months ago
Certified Buyer

Go buy it already!

I decided to try Armada Face Cover 30 when I saw it in a Beauty MNL article featuring the top products of 2015. Up until right before I made that purchase, I only used sunblock during trips to the beach. (As I really disliked how thick and sticky other sunblocks usually feel) But now I am officially a convert! This product is very light and dries quickly. It also lends itself well to my sensitive skin. Definitely worth what I paid for. :)

9 months ago
Top Reviewer

One of the best face sunscreen

What I love about this is that it spreads easily, non-sticky and it dries quickly. It actually feels lightweight and I love that it doesn't leave a white cast on my skin. It says on the packaging that it doesn't just protect you from UVA and UVB rays but also other kinds of damaging lights. You can use this as your daily face protector and I find it really good for outdoor activities and swimming too. It's just a little pricier compared to other face sunblocks locally available.

10 months ago
Certified Buyer

Good light sunscreen WITHOUT ALCOHOL

Switched to Armada after using the Biore UV Perfect because of the latter's high alcohol content. This is a good product! I try to use the recommended 1/4 teaspoon and it's lightly creamy but not sticky. Make sure to use it at 15-20 minutes before stepping out of the sun though, to let it sink in to your skin.

10 months ago

an answer to my highly sensitive skin!

i have always been reluctant of using sunblock because i have highly sensitive skin - but my derma keeps reminding me the endless benefit of using sunblock so I have to look for a sunblock that will match my oily skin - and this has been the answer. a holy grail!

about 1 year ago
Certified Buyer

Best Everyday Sunscreen

If you have sensitive skin that tends to break out or oil up easily, the Armada 30 is your best bet for daily sun protection. It absorbs into skin quickly, does not clog pores, does not leave a cast that might interfere with makeup, and soothes skin at the same time. If you tend to really oil up, setting this with some powder will help control the shine.

about 1 year ago

Would've been #1 if it weren't for the price

I really love this sunscreen from VMV Hypoallergenics. I even love that it's locally made. However, it's just too expensive for what it is and it just has an SPF 30! I actually have no idea how this brand, a local brand, is more expensive than Biore. Biore is from Japan, has an SPF of 50, and is just as hydrating as this one. Hopefully they can lower their prices... ;)

10 days ago
Certified Buyer

Making the sunblock switch

I've heard so much about this product that once my usual sunblock ran out, I jumped at the chance to get this one! I've been using it for 3/4 weeks now and so far, so good. I like how it applies very light and non-sticky on my skin, it doesn't give me that runny and oily feel after using it. However, when I apply a little powder after, my face feels extra tight and drier than usual. I've tried applying a little more product, but I just can't seem to get that moisturized and refreshed feeling that I wish I could get from this. On the flipside, when I don't put anything else on, this product feels right at home in my face.

about 2 months ago

Good but...

I used this for a few days and stopped because I realized that the foundation I also got from VMV already acted like a sunscreen. Also stopped because it made me sweat more, which is what typically happens when you use creams or lotions on your face. Gave it to my sister instead and she's always using it.

7 months ago
Top Reviewer

My choice of sunblock

I have tried tons of sunblocks before I started using this product. And I must say that this is one of the best there is. It feels sticky at first but it will dry to smooth and matte finish afterwards. Good to use as a base primer before applying your makeup or foundation.

8 months ago
Certified Buyer

Great sunblock

I've been on the lookout for a new facial sunblock since my last tube ran out. I chose this because of all the rave reviews I've seen online. LIKES: 1) not sticky 2) skin absorbs well 3) does not make my face oily 4) no smell 5) no white cast 6) lightweight. DISLIKES: 1) pricey (I don't mind paying more for something that's worth it but I wish this was more affordable) 2) packaging (wish the tube came with a flip cover so I wouldn't worry about dropping or losing the cover)

almost 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Great everyday sunblock

It's great for everyday usage. It's absorbed quickly and not greasy. It does cause a bit of shine though. My only qualm is I hope they release a moisturizer + sunscreen to minimize the skin care steps.

about 1 year ago

I've tried many, but I keep coming back

Say what you will about the hassles of using sunscreen, in the end you'll still need it. I apply a small amount of this sunscreen onto my face as part of my morning ritual. It's odorless and non sticky which makes it such an ease to apply. When dries, I apply my makeup as usual. I've searched high and low for something just as good but to now avail, nothing good enough has turned up. The reason for the 3 star rating would have to be it's cost and makeup adheres less throughout the day.

5 months ago
Top Reviewer

Overpriced and Stings

First thing I have to say is that I think it's not worth the price. If you are shelling out money for an expensive sunscreen, I suggest get the Armada Cover Face 45 instead because at least it has higher SPF. This very much still feels like sunblock that I didn't like putting on everyday. It feels sticky, heavy, and still stings a little bit.

3 months ago

Not the right product for me.

I am an avid VMV user so I thought this product would be just as good as the others I've tried by the brand but unfortunately no, not for me. If you have very oily skin, I wouldn't really recommend this product. When I had this product, it initially dried matte when I put it on but because my skin is very oily, it did no good throughout the day. Maybe it works for other skin types but it did't really work for me. Because I felt it didn't work for my skin type, I discontinued it for a while but I couldn't stand leaving the house without sunscreen on so I had to use it again until I finished my bottle. It wasn't even expired yet but it started to sting and make my face itchy. I don't know if that was just for me but maybe it will work out for other people. I hope it does!

6 months ago