(Limited Edition) Compact Styler by Tangle Teezer

(Limited Edition) Compact Styler Professional Detangling Hairbrush

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CLAIM TO FAME: A portable and compact detangling brush that delivers noticeably shinier locks, now available in a limited edition color

FAST FACTS: Built with special memory flex technology; glides through hair without pulling, tugging, or yanking; great for backcombing and teasing to add height, volume, and shine; works on wet or dry hair; comes with an easy click-off, click-on cover to protect teeth and keep them clean on-the-go

PERFECT FOR: On-the-go hair styling

A perfect hair brush
February 11, 2014
“I love this hair brush a lot. It is very, very soft, like giving my head a good massage. It is also easy to take for vacation.”
–Annie (from Amazon.com)

Love this detangler
October 23, 2013
“I have really really frizzy long hair and normally it just went all tangled after maybe 5 minutes when I was out. I tried a lot of brushes but this is the only one worked. And it doesn’t hurt your scalp at all. Love it.”
–Yidan Zhu (from Amazon.com)

WHAT YOU GET: (1) Compact Styler Professional Detangling Hairbrush (Limited Edition)

Gently sweep through hair from roots to tips. For added height and volume, tease hair by brushing sectioned strands towards the root.

Tangle Teezer is an award-winning detangling brush by London hairstylist Shaun Pulfrey. While working at some of the best salons in the United Kingdom, he noticed assistants at the backwash hacking through freshly-colored, vulnerable hair with a comb. That’s when Shaun realized the need for a brush with flexible teeth to lessen hair tugging and breakage. The result: Tangle Teezer brushes that glide from roots to ends in one seamless move, improving hair condition and minimizing cuticle damage for a salon-finish shine.

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Certified Buyer

Magical Hair Brush!

I've purchased the Tangle Teezer about three months ago and have been using it everyday ever since. I have quite a fine, mid-length, straight hair, but every other brush/comb I've ever used still manages to cause tangles and knots or not be able to brush them away, especially when my hair is wet. The Tangle Teezer manages to detangle my hair very quickly and massages my scalp in the process. My hair is honestly in a better condition now. I also appreciate that this comes in a fun print (I got the Lulu Guinness one) with a cover that protects the bristles that lets me take it anywhere.

3 months ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer


Tangle teezer compact in lulu guinness i like that this is limited edition and it is so cute and easy to bring and because of its size it os travel friendly plus the brush has a cover so the bristle wont get damage plus the design is perfect for me.

3 months ago
Certified Buyer

Use this everyday!

One of my first purchases! Always wanted to try this and definitely no regrets. I can't imagine going back to just an ordinary comb. When I first bought this my hair was waist-length and was such a time saver on detangling. Plus, it's very gentle on the scalp. Very pleased with this product!

4 months ago
Certified Buyer

Great for Curly and Wavy Hair!

I decided to give this one a shot because I have naturally wavy and/or curly hair and it is such a hassle to brush especially when it its damp. FYI, curly hair is more prone to breakage compared to straight hair. I got this in the Twinkle design which is iconic and understated at the same time. I also love that it has a cover as opposed to the original tangle teezer. This cover prevents the bristles from being bent and destroyed while inside my bag.

10 months ago
Certified Buyer

No more tangles on-the-go!

I love this brush so much! It's amazing how very fast you can get your hair detangled while using this brush. It's even effective on wet hair! It's so easy to hold because of its ergonomic design. No more struggling with my usual combs--this is my perfect brush. This variant of the Tangle Teezer is definitely perfect for on-the-go detangling because it's compact. The design is very chic and you can just pop it in your bag and take it wherever you go. The cover ensures that the bristles stay protected while inside your bag. So worth the purchase and I would definitely recommend this!

11 months ago
Certified Buyer

For me, Tangle Teezer is gentle to the scalp and relaxing to use! It is effective!

I have been checking reviews of the Tangle Teezer online for the longest time. Initially, I thought it is like the usual and ordinary hair brush and maybe It would only be a waste of hard-earned money to try it out. However, I noticed at work that I usually had hair balls and hair fall strands on the white flooring whenever I use a wide tooth comb. I struggled with this problem and tried using different brands of shampoo and conditioner which somehow only slightly relieved my hair fall. Finally, I decided to buy this while its on sale. It is still expensive even if its on sale, but I wondered, maybe this could help me combat hair fall... because as the reviews say, it is gentle and it makes combing easier. I have used this for almost two weeks already and I agree, it does makes removing tangles easily because tugging of the hair is avoided. I also feel that the bristles massage my scalp hence I feel relaxed after every use. I still have a few hair fall which has greatly decreased than before, but I know that my hair fall condition has already improved. I chose the one with the cover since I bring my brush with me to work and It really does its job. The brush design is also feminine and cool. I really like this product and I am happy I tried it out.

12 months ago