(Limited Edition) Salon Elite by Tangle Teezer

(Limited Edition) Salon Elite Professional Detangling Hairbrush

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CLAIM TO FAME: A gentle detangling brush for root-to-tip brushing, now available in limited edition colors

FAST FACTS: Built with special memory flex technology; innovative concave design contours to the head to deliver firm, salon-style brushstrokes; goes from roots to ends without pulling, tugging, or yanking; works on wet or dry hair

PERFECT FOR: Tangle-prone thick hair and coarse straight hair

13 July 2014
“These tangle teezer brushes I have found to be great on my toddlers hair. She has long hair and finds that normal hair brushes pull her hair and causes pain. However, this brush doesn’t do that and she really likes it. Her hair is straight and fairly fine. The brush leaves it beautifully shiny without any tangles at all. She particularly likes the colour of this particular brush. We have several and she loves the pink ones. It doesn’t work so well on my hair, which is thick and curly - but I very much doubt that there is any brush that could deal well with mine! Really great purchase, and I would recommend.”
–SM (from Amazon.co.uk)

Ideal detangler
13 May 2014
“When I first got this brush I thought it wasn’t going to work. It’s very light and you would think that the little flexible bristles were not going to be up to much. I was proved wrong once I started using it. I will say that the size of the brush is smaller than I anticipated - it fits in the palm of your hand. It certainly does the job that it is advertised to do and I am very pleased that I decided to buy it. I use this brush every day after washing my hair and I do prefer to use it on wet hair.”
–seaside sundae (from Amazon.co.uk)

WHAT YOU GET: (1) Salon Elite Professional Detangling Hairbrush (Limited Edition)

Holding the brush firmly, gently glide it through hair from root-to-tips.

Tangle Teezer is an award-winning detangling brush by London hairstylist Shaun Pulfrey. While working at some of the best salons in the United Kingdom, he noticed assistants at the backwash hacking through freshly-colored, vulnerable hair with a comb. That’s when Shaun realized the need for a brush with flexible teeth to lessen hair tugging and breakage. The result: Tangle Teezer brushes that glide from roots to ends in one seamless move, improving hair condition and minimizing cuticle damage for a salon-finish shine.

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Certified Buyer

Never going back to conventional hair brushing!

I was just intrigued with the cute designs of Tangle Teezer. When I got the product it was so pretty that I really didn't mind whether it will work or not but to my surprise it did actually give a great job in detangling my hair strands! My fine treated hair is not easy to detangle especially towards the tips because of dryness. The fine bristles of this brush manages tangles without pain! I really love this and I'm never going back to conventional hair brushing!

7 days ago

life changing!

this really changed my everyday routine! If you're hesitant to buy this because of the price, just give it a try. It wont dissapoint you. I used to always forget to brush my hair because i just get so lazy that i have to brush my really tangled hair, and i end up leaving the house with really messy hair (not the cute kind, hahaha) This though, made everything so much easier, and faster! Kinda wanna get more of these now cause theyre definitely worth it. And its on sale!

14 days ago
Certified Buyer

It actually works

I honestly wouldn't have bought this Tangle Teezer if it wasn't on sale, but I'm glad I did. I don't brush my rebonded hair because I'm afraid of getting split ends, but since I'd get the occasional wild tangle I decided to try this out. It does not disappoint. I'm pleasantly surprised that it actually works. It's worth it.

20 days ago
Certified Buyer

Change that brush.

I've changed my hairbrush after the tried this product. It's so soft and it easily detangles my hair without pain at all. I noticed that it minimizes hairfall. I love to use this after applying my dry shampoo cause it effectively removes the white thingy. One thing I don't like is its size kinda big for my hand. But functionality it's the best. Teehee!

3 months ago
Top Reviewer


As a proud user of Tangle Teezer products, I can really vouch for the effectiveness of their brushes! They make hair brushing really pleasing and not a chore if you happen to deal with stressed and overly tangled hair. This item does the same. I also noticed reduced hair fall since I didn't have to brush harder that causes more damage to my locks!

3 months ago
Certified Buyer

Detangling is Now a Breeze with the Tangle Teezer!

It was on sale so I grabbed the chance to buy this weird-shaped hair brush. Tangle Teezer sounds like a line from the movie "The Little Mermaid" and it fits the product so well. I am never going back to regular hair brushes again. I love how it slightly massages my hair. I love the shape for it follows my hand and my head. I have even recommended it to my friends who have been using the same brand of hard-bristled hair brushes since high school. :)

5 months ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer

My new best friend

I have seen reviews on this brush online and was tempted to buy one, the Salon Elite Professional Detangling Hairbrush is my second buy its really worth it since I have really thick hair and its really hard to comb my hair when wet. To my surprise it works well with my hair and i no longer have to deal with combing my hair.

5 months ago
Certified Buyer

My favorite hair brush

When I was choosing between buying the original version or the salon elite, I decided to go for the latter. I couldn't say no to the cute color combinations. When I tried the salon elite, I immediately noticed the difference. The bristles seem to be more closely spaced that when I brushed my hair, it felt smoother right away. Like other tangle teezer brushes, it doesn't tug nor hurt the scalp.

6 months ago
Certified Buyer

No more ouchie!

I've always wanted to try this and finally had an excuse to buy this since it was on sale. I dont usually brush my hair after I take a bath because it hurts to comb or brush tangled hair. And I have to use conditioner everyday to keep my hair soft and ease the detangling. Surprisingly, combing using the Tangle Teezer was easy and smooth. No more ouchie feeling.

6 months ago
Certified Buyer

Always by my side

I typically just wash and wear my hair. I don't use conditioners. Straight out of the shower my hair is unruly, combing out the knots from my wet hair is a struggle. I bought the tangle teaser and it just smothed out my hair with ease. There was minimal hair on the brush and my scalp didn't feel like it went through major tugging. Surprisingly, the Tangle teezer gave my limp hair extra shine and body after my hair dried.

6 months ago

Makes me want to brush my hair more often

I have messy, curly and unruly hair. There's something about brushing that I am not really a fond of but when I got my hands on a Tangle Teezer that somehow changed. It does not hurt my scalp and manages tangles really well. It is still quite expensive for a brush but it is really nice to the hair and scalp. I've used it both for wet and dry hair and it's a-okay. Plus, the colour is pretty!

8 months ago
Top Reviewer

My newest favorite hair brush!

I just received this recently from BeautyMNL and I love how this de-tangles my hair wet or dry with ease. I love that my does not get stuck with this Salon Elite Professional Detangling Hairbrush from Tangle Teezer which means less hair fall for me. I have this in Sugar Almond Sweet Peppermint and it is so adorable!

9 months ago
Certified Buyer

Really worth it.

YAAAS! Worth every penny. I've read a lot about this product but I've always been hesitant to purchase because of the price. Well now that I have it I wish I had this brush when my hair was a tangled mess from bleaching. Would have saved me a LOT of breakage. It's really nice!

9 months ago
Top Reviewer

Oh my gosh!

I couldn't believe how great this brush was when I tried it on my hair. My hair is normally bushy and wavy which suits me just fine when I want a beach girl kind of look. ;-) To tame it I just apply a hair smoothening serum lightly to the ends. I've been using a large toothed comb for many years now to reduce the hair fallout. However, this tangle teezer makes it unnecessary for me to do that!!!! I can't remember even having silken smooth straight hair ever. This brush gave me that miracle I couldn't believe the results at all! Beautiful!!!!

9 months ago

The perfect gift

I bought this as a gift for my mom. She saw the tangle teezer that I first bought for my daughter and she has been wanting to have one ever since. Good think this was on sale again during the anniversary sale. Yay! Now my everyone in my family have their own tangle teezer.

12 months ago
Top Reviewer

Tug-free combing experience

My hair has been colored and bleached in almost all ways possible and you can only imagine how damaged my hair is. The price of having a really cool colored hair is a really dry and brittle one. I have already avoided brushing my hair for over a year as I refused to put myself under a lot of stress because of hair tugging. Just this year, I found a review about Tangle Teezer. It promises a tug-free combing experience and though it is very expensive for a brush, I just gave in. And yes, I was so happy I did. I am not really sure behind its brilliance, but I'm just so glad with this brush that I never needed an explanation.

12 months ago
Top Reviewer

The best hair brush I've ever used!

My hair reaches beyond my waist so you can just imagine how tough it is to comb/brush. This brush just goes through my hair like a knife through butter! It makes hair brushing quick, easy, painless and struggle-free! Buying this was one of the best decisions I've ever made, seriously! I normally wouldn't buy a brush this expensive but because of the increased hair fall I've been experiencing recently I thought that this might help my case. Now I do not want to be without this brush. No other comb or brush I've used before compares to it. If you have long hair like me that gets tangled easily and you've been thinking about whether this brush is worth it or not, take my review as a sign that you need this in your life.

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Life changing!

I battle with my thick, straight hair every morning -- it usually ends up with a handful of hair fall. I seriously had doubts with the skill of this brush, but after using it, I don't think I can ever use a regular brush again. It untangles my hair, but in the gentlest way possible. My husband loves this too, and even looks for it to use because it effortlessly manages his thick, coarse hair.

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer


This is actually worth the hype! There's nothing like this product anywhere. It's super effective at removing tangles while gently detangling. It's super worth the price!

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer


It fits in my hand and it massages my scalp while I am brushing. It has a very nice color and it makes brushing easier.

about 1 year ago