(Limited Edition) Salon Elite by Tangle Teezer

(Limited Edition) Salon Elite Professional Detangling Hairbrush

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CLAIM TO FAME: A gentle detangling brush for root-to-tip brushing, now available in limited edition colors

FAST FACTS: Built with special memory flex technology; innovative concave design contours to the head to deliver firm, salon-style brushstrokes; goes from roots to ends without pulling, tugging, or yanking; works on wet or dry hair

PERFECT FOR: Tangle-prone thick hair and coarse straight hair

13 July 2014
“These tangle teezer brushes I have found to be great on my toddlers hair. She has long hair and finds that normal hair brushes pull her hair and causes pain. However, this brush doesn’t do that and she really likes it. Her hair is straight and fairly fine. The brush leaves it beautifully shiny without any tangles at all. She particularly likes the colour of this particular brush. We have several and she loves the pink ones. It doesn’t work so well on my hair, which is thick and curly - but I very much doubt that there is any brush that could deal well with mine! Really great purchase, and I would recommend.”
–SM (from Amazon.co.uk)

Ideal detangler
13 May 2014
“When I first got this brush I thought it wasn’t going to work. It’s very light and you would think that the little flexible bristles were not going to be up to much. I was proved wrong once I started using it. I will say that the size of the brush is smaller than I anticipated - it fits in the palm of your hand. It certainly does the job that it is advertised to do and I am very pleased that I decided to buy it. I use this brush every day after washing my hair and I do prefer to use it on wet hair.”
–seaside sundae (from Amazon.co.uk)

WHAT YOU GET: (1) Salon Elite Professional Detangling Hairbrush (Limited Edition)

Holding the brush firmly, gently glide it through hair from root-to-tips.

Tangle Teezer is an award-winning detangling brush by London hairstylist Shaun Pulfrey. While working at some of the best salons in the United Kingdom, he noticed assistants at the backwash hacking through freshly-colored, vulnerable hair with a comb. That’s when Shaun realized the need for a brush with flexible teeth to lessen hair tugging and breakage. The result: Tangle Teezer brushes that glide from roots to ends in one seamless move, improving hair condition and minimizing cuticle damage for a salon-finish shine.

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Certified Buyer

Magic comb!

I have bleached hair. The thing about bleached hair is that it gets tangled and somewhat sticky when wet or damp. I bought this comb to try if it works. And it does! It makes my hair drying a breeze in the morning. I comb my hair through until the strands are separated and continue drying my hair with a paddle brush. Because of the spiky bristles, it also gives you a scalp massage!

6 days ago
Certified Buyer

My daughter's favorite!

At first you'll think twice because of the price, but it actually works! I bought this because my daughter's hair is always tangled whenever she wakes up in the morning and using a regular comb or brush results to too much hair fall. This solved that! Brush tangled hair with ease. We use it on both wet and dry hair and it works just fine. Only downside to it is the design/size, it's a bit hard to hold onto because it is a bit big for the hands and you can't really style hair with it. But, overall, it does what it is meant to do. Definitely worth it.

6 months ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer

This brush is the cat's meow!

I bought this last week cause I was going through a "treat yo self" phase. I wasn't really expecting much from an overpriced brush, really. When my package of goodies arrived at my office, this is the one I dove for first. I went to see for myself what everyone was raving about and WOW! I must say this product exceeded my expectations. I couldn't stop brushing my hair and looking at the brush and back to brushing my hair again. I just couldn't believe how the brush just easily glides through my hair. This works great both on dry and wet hair. I don't think I could go back to regular brush again, well except when I'm blow drying my hair since it says on the package that you can't use this product with heat. Only downside is you can't bring this when you travel, unless you put it in a protective case because the bristles are so fragile. This prompted me to order the compact version of this brush which has a protective lid. Don't let the price discourage you from buying this! This is the Michael Jordan of brushes!

11 months ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer

Better Than the Original

I bought the original Tangle Teezer a few months back and was curious to how this Salon Elite compared. There is actually a difference. Firstly, it is bigger than the original so you'll be covering more area and therefore you'll need to comb your hair less. I've also noticed that it did minimize my hair fall and gave me more volume. Just remember, when in storage, the tips of the brush mustn't touch any surface - best to store it with the logo on the surface of your drawer. Over all a very good buy and I definitely will not be returning to my old brushes.

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Hair hero!

I have this brush for a long time now and its still alive! usually when it comes to plastic combs it tends to break because of my extremely tangled hair but this thing is sruprsingly still alive! I dont think i need to repurchase because this thing is still alive. But every peso is worth it because it can detangle your hair and can last for a long time. Definitely recommended by me.

about 1 year ago
Certified Buyer

Adds volume to super fine hair

Love this to bits! My hair is super fine, and I've never had any problem with tangles. However, I do have occasional problems with hair volume and using this brush gives my hair ample amount of volume. Hair also feels even more weightless now! You can say that it helps in relieving stress as well? 😉

over 1 year ago