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Dove Soap Bar White Beauty 100g

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Definitely a classic

I've been using this for as long as I can remember. My mom loves this classic soap! It smells amazing and it's very moisturizing. I only use it during my night bath but the moisturizing effect it gives stays for a lot longer. For long term use, I 'd say it's very effective in keeping moisture to my skin. Of course, the price is a winner too!

over 1 year ago
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a staple in my shelf

this has always been my only moisturizing soap for god knows how long now, i always use this after my kojic soap to keep my skin from drying, both for ny face and body since i have generally dry skin, which is why this has been a staple in my shelf

about 2 months ago
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A Staple

Definitely can not do without this. It is great with the face and body. It is just so gentle and nourishing that you can instantly feel softness and smoothness after showering. I use slightly strong whitening soaps sometimes and this is a good complement to bring back the skin's moisture. Love this classic soap!

2 months ago
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Best beauty bar

My skin feels so soft and smooth after I use this everyday. I am very satisfied and it really does what it claims, it cleanses and moisturizes. I don't always put on lotion on me because I feel heavy if I apply one. So, this is a win-win product for me. 😘

3 months ago

Family soap

I love this bar soap! It's a staple in our house. From my mom, to me, and now to my baby. This soap is really non dying and does NOT feel like regular commercial soaps. It really makes my skin feel soft and supple even after bath. Best of all, it's very cheap. Win-win for me!

3 months ago
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I am a Dove girl

I've used Dove for as long as I can remember, this soap has truly stood the test of time. It's as amazing as it was years ago!! It always leaves my skin smooth and feeling moisturized. I like how there's like a layer of moisture even after thoroughly washing it out. I also feel comfortable using it on my face.

4 months ago
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It's the stuffs man

You know that 7-Day Challenge commercial that would interrupt your daily dose of vitamin TV? That annoying ad that popped up before you could watch a video on youtube? It used to annoy me so much. And then I thought I might as well try it. The soap is cheap and 7 Days wasn't going to make a huge difference. So I tossed a box into the grocery cart and so begun this life-altering challenge. I'd spent so much money on cleansers, exfoliators etc etc and it was all for not! (I'm exaggerating whatever) This challenge is so worth the try! It's so simple yet it worked so much better than any of the esspensive stuff I used to buy.

5 months ago
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Definitely my go-to soap for all time

This soap is super gentle and moisturizing plus it doesn't contain any harmful ingredients. I also love the mild clean scent it has. In fact, it's so safe to use that this is what I use to clean my makeup brushes and it's successful at getting all the gunk out!

6 months ago
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Recommended by my derma

I used to not like Dove since it is really slippery and is hard to wash off. That's still true. But my derma recommended it to me when I had skin asthma and even the gentle soap-free cleansers broke me out. It really worked cause the extra moisturizing factor helped my skin asthma patches.

6 months ago
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My forever soap

This will always be my soap. Its more moisturizing than the liquid one and really leaves my skin so soft and not dry. The lotion like feel after bath just helps my dry skin heal. But i still need to put lotion tho. 5 stars for this! My forever soap!

6 months ago
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Something you need to have all the time!

I just love Dove soaps so much! They are cheap but very effective. I love the feeling this soap gives me after a shower: my skin feels so soft, moisturized and without the squeaky clean feeling that I absolutely hate! This smells super fresh pa! Definitely something the whole family will love!

8 months ago

An unexpected answer to my oily & sensitive skin

I have ignored this soap for a long time because it is just so accessible and I have very sensitive skin. My face goes on break outs of acne and pimples routinely because of age and just bad skin. I have found a dermatologist who had been able to suppress and clear my face but the soap she initially gave seems a bit strong for 2-3 uses per day. So she suggested I use dove for all other times and Teranex only for night! Lo and behold, I am now hooked into dove! I use it for both face and body. It is very light and mousturizing that I never felt itchiness or tinge on my face!

8 months ago

Definitely Moisturizing

I like using multiple bath soaps depending on my current skin condition and whenever my skin feels dry (which is all the time!!) I always use a moisturizing soap like Dove. I used Dove soap during my night baths to help moisturize my skin while I sleep. I love how my skin feels smooth and moisturized after taking a bath plus it has mild and clean smell which is really good. My mom really loves using Dove so we rarely run out of stock of this in the house.

8 months ago
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You can never go wrong with Dove!

You can never go wrong with the classic Dove bar soap. I use this to clean my face as well because it feels gentle on the skin. Aside from that, it's also moisturizing, but it doesn't make the oiliness of my face worse. My face feels clean without the uncomfortable feeling that it's dried up. I'm actually an avid fan of Dove because it's such a great brand that celebrates all types of beauty.

9 months ago
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Skin Treat!

I love it how gentle it is to my skin. It has a very mild and refreshing scent that makes it enjoyable to use. I have very dry skin on my arms and this is what I use to protect against it. Definitely a classic for treating your skin for something rewarding after a busy day.

9 months ago
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Staple Soap!

This has to be one of my favorite body soaps of all time. I've been using this since I was a kid and it hasn't changed one bit. It leaves my skin smooth, refreshed, and healthy-looking. The scent is also just right that it's not overpowering nor annoying. This is also the only soap brand my dad uses! He hoards these soap bars and I can't see any reason why he shouldn't!

9 months ago
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Healthy looking skin

This has got to be one of the moisturizing soap that I always go back to when my skin feels so dry. The soap is so mild, it lathers smoothly and it does moisturize my skin. You dont really need to put on lotion when you use this and my skin feels hydrated and healthy.

9 months ago
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Moisturizes and softens skin!

It's definitely no wonder that Dove soap bars have been in the market for so long. Their products really do deliver when it comes to moisturizing the skin! This soap bar has a great scent that stays for a couple of hours! My skin feels so smooth and soft after using this soap. It is also very affordable and it eliminates the need for body lotion!

10 months ago
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Non drying and great for my skin issues

I've never really been picky with the bar soaps that I use on my skin before, but overtime I noticed that some of the soaps I've been using were drying out my skin. And recently I've also been having some skin issues like eczema and mild psoriasis so I really had to switch to a milder, and if possible, a hydrating soap. Good thing I decided to go with this one! This soap doesn't strip off my skin's natural oils and leaves my skin feeling clean but hydrated. I wouldn't say that it's enough to make me not wear lotion afterwards, but it's good enough to know that I'm using something that's calming down my skin issues instead of aggravating them even more. It smells great too! 5 stars definitely!

11 months ago
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Moisturizing Soap ^^

It took me a longer time before I tried this soap. This soap is just a little bit more expensive than the others. But I decided to try this one because my classmates before talk about how well this soap moisturizes their skin. And yes! I am not disappointed. This soap moisturize and brightens my skin. My skin doesn't get dry after using this soap and i can actually skip using my lotion because my skin is already hydrated. Now, I don't use this soap as frequently but I still buy this whenever I feel that my skin is getting dry - again.

11 months ago