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Brightening Aloe Vera Juice by Aloe Derma

Brightening Aloe Vera Juice

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CLAIM TO FAME: An all-natural, radiance-boosting facial moisturizer

FAST FACTS: Formulated with 90% organic Aloe Vera juice and Vitamin C to promote skin’s natural radiance; evens out skin tone; minimizes the appearance of age spots; enriched with Raspberry Ketone to prevent melanin formation; helps stimulate collagen production; protects skin against free radicals

PERFECT FOR: Dull-looking complexions and skin prone to pigmentation

WHAT YOU GET: (1) Aloe Derma Brightening Aloe Vera Juice
EXPIRY: 2 years from manufacturing date

Aloe Derma is a revolutionary skincare line that nourishes and repairs damaged skin, regulates skin microcirculation, and improves skin metabolism. These high-quality aloe-based skin products were developed by American Global Health Group (AGHG) and brought into the Philippines by Organic Basket. With organic Aloe Vera juice as its main ingredient, AGHG’s skin care research center uses advanced science to combine the aloe juice with other natural plant essences to ensure that Aloe Derma skin care products are not only effective but also safe and free from harmful chemicals.

Get (1) FREE Pure Aloe Vera Gel Sample when you order any Aloe Derma item on Given on per transaction basis.

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Certified Buyer

Must-try!!! <3

I bought this 2 months ago and didn't really see any difference until now that I've used up half of the bottle. And now I just had to write a review!! I can't believe my skin looks younger and more radiant now (didn't change anything in my routine except this) :) I use it only at night and it does a good job of hydrating my skin minus the sticky feel of most moisturizers and I noticed that right after I put it on, it's as if my skin glows! A definite must-try!!!

about 1 year ago
Certified Buyer

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I've had dry skin ever since I can remember. My skin regimen always included moisturisers and lotion. I gave up on many as they did not really hydrate skin but cover them with silicones or temporarily hydrate them for the first few hours only. I found this product and stuck to it. Even after a whole day exposure to environmental conditions and city polluton, i scratch my skin moisturised with Aloe Derma and no white, flaky marks due to dry skin. Other aloe-based products do not give this result. Now I've noticed my skin has a more even tone. It was hard looking for this product, local stores have pulled out stocks, online shops are out of stock or ship from abroad. I was glad BeatyMNL had loads of stocks and discounted. I immediately bought 5. By the way, before ordering here, I've finished around 5 bottles already. I'm a long time user of Aloe Derma.

6 months ago
Certified Buyer

Worth It

My skin is sensitive to creams esp. gel moisturizers that I breakout from them most of the time. I have been looking for the perfect moisturizer that does its job and works. Glad to buy this product! Its organic and affordable. Its watery texture makes it more like a serum/ essence than a moisturizer, but, it work wonders. It refreshes and calms my skin; like a nice drink for my skin. It doesnt leave any residue and it absorbs really quickly and moisturizes my skin well. I didnt breakout with this. And an added plus is that it doesnt have any scent. Love it!

about 1 year ago
Certified Buyer

Refreshing and clean mist!

I'm such a sucker for aloe vera products, so this was such a great find! I moved the contents of my product to a spray bottle and got amazingly long use out of it (maybe around 4-5 months)! I'm just going to repurchase it again now, and its been really great as a skin mist. Not sure if this really acts as a toner, but it's refreshing for the skin and I use it before my stronger toner to balance the areas of skin that are a little drier. Also, it's nice that it's unscented, so you're assured that it's a clean and contains less chemicals and additives! Will definitely keep repurchasing this!

about 1 month ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer

The "95% Organic Aloe" label does not lie!

Once you put a few drops out, the scent tells you immediately that it's the real thing. This Brightening Aloe Vera Juice is not kidding when it says it has 95% organic aloe in it. Upon application (with using only my fingers), I find my skin refreshed, moisturized, and clean. I feel that if I have had to reduce my skincare routine to just one, I will make it into this one. I have also found that you can use this as a mask sheet essence: soak dry mask sheets, or mask sheet pills with two to three tablespoons of this Aloe Vera Juice, and have your face soak up all its skin-loving goodness for 10-15 minutes!

4 months ago
Certified Buyer

Loving it

I wasn't sure at first whether to use it as a toner or a moisturizer since it's water. I was pleasantly surprised that it immediately moisturized and calmed the irritated skin around my nose and mouth area as I had this very bad cold the day I got the product. Truly is perfect for my combination skin. I haven't had rough, patchy skin since I started using it. Neither does it make my t-zone too oily. My skin does feel smother and softer. I'm suspending judgment on the brightening effect.

8 months ago
Top Reviewer


I love how the formula and consistency of this Brightening Aloe Vera Juice from Aloe Derma is so light and fluid-like that it spreads just like water on my skin. On that note, it is also absorbed by the skin instantly. It deeply nourishes the skin without the sticky feel. I like this a lot actually.

9 months ago
Certified Buyer

Great moisturizer for oily/combination skin!

Great moisturizer for oily/combination! Easily absorbed by the skin. It doesn't break me out, doesn't make me too oily throughout the day, and unlike my experience with cream or oil-based moisturizers, it doesn't mess up my foundation and makeup whatsoever. Love the brightening effect from the vitamin C, makes my skin look more alive and awake, and helps improve its elasticity. Not crazy about the scent though.

6 days ago
Certified Buyer

Confusing product but a must try

This is a very confusing product give that it's advertised as a 'juice' and isn't really explained. Is this toner water? Moisturizer? Hydrating mist? It isn't really explained thoroughly. What I can say is do not substitute it for your toner. I transfered the product into a spray bottle since I ran out of my favorite Lush toner water when I got this and use it right after toning. I have combination skin, oily on my t-zone and dry everywhere else, so I mist it all over my face after toning then pat it on my skin for absorption, follow up with moisturizer only on the dry areas and then do the rest of my routine (serum, essence, sleeping pack etc.) This is great for my oily areas and I'm very satisfied with it. As for the brightening properties, I've been using this product for about a month now and I have seen dark spots diminishing but not so drastic of a change.

5 months ago
Certified Buyer

Refreshing but not brightening

I used this as a sort of night moisturizer. I liked that it was watery, so that it doesn't feel heavy and I don't have to wait for it to settle on my face before I sleep. It feels very refreshing after a long day, and I also brought it along on a couple of beach trips as a soothing after-sun product for my face and body. Brightening-wise, though, I didn't notice any changes after months of using it, which was disappointing.

12 days ago
Certified Buyer

An ok product

An ok product. Im confused with this product if this really can brighten your face since it is so watery to brightens ones face. I put this in a spray bottle to enjoy it and spray it directly to my face. It is refreshing right after cleansing ang toning. But for the brightening part, for me, the effect is so weak.

23 days ago
Certified Buyer

Using it as a spritzer

It works best as a spritzer due to its watery consistency. Applying it by palm is rather messy. It has an odd smell that wears off after a couple of minutes. I do like the fact that its easily absorbed by the skin, but I cannot vouch whether it truly has that brightening effect. Worth trying though I doubt I'll re-purchase.

7 months ago
Top Reviewer


It moisturizes my skin well but it did not minimize my blemishes and dark spots.

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer


It's very moisturizing but it did not minimized my dark spots.

about 1 year ago

Absorbs FAST!

Easily absorbs! leaving your skin smooth and silky 👍👍👍 haven't consumed the whole bottle .. Hopefully it does brighten my skin. 😊😊😊

about 1 year ago