Soothing & Moisturizing Toner by Aloe Derma

Soothing & Moisturizing Toner

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CLAIM TO FAME: A aloe-infused, skin-soothing toner that reduces symptoms of inflammation and redness

FAST FACTS: Enriched with pure water, organic aloe vera juice, hamamelis extract, HA, and essence oil; gently clarifies, soothes, and tightens skin; reduces inflammation; maintains skin’s natural pH balance; leaves skin feeing hydrated, soft, and healthy

PERFECT FOR: All skin types, especially sensitive skin

WHAT YOU GET: (1) Aloe Derma Soothing & Moisturizing Toner
EXPIRY: 2 years from manufacturing date

Aloe Derma is a revolutionary skincare line that nourishes and repairs damaged skin, regulates skin microcirculation, and improves skin metabolism. These high-quality aloe-based skin products were developed by American Global Health Group (AGHG) and brought into the Philippines by Organic Basket. With organic Aloe Vera juice as its main ingredient, AGHG’s skin care research center uses advanced science to combine the aloe juice with other natural plant essences to ensure that Aloe Derma skin care products are not only effective but also safe and free from harmful chemicals.

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Certified Buyer

Great for a nighttime toner

I was really excited about this product when my parcel arrived, so I tried this and my Shiseido Speedy Perfect Whip right away. I was mildly disappointed because it dried rather sticky. I had errands to run that day and was frustrated to find myself splashing water on my face midday. I nearly gave up on this toner but I figured I would give it another shot, this time before bed. It still dried a little sticky (I guess that's just how it is), but it left my skin feeling hydrated. I tend to focus a lot on hydrating and moisturising my skin at night, and this was perfect for my nighttime routine. I bought a different toner for day use. This toner is gentle and has a pleasant aloe smell. It definitely doesn't smell harsh or feels harsh on the skin, for that matter. It effectively removes the last traces of my sunscreen (I can tell because I use a tinted sunscreen, and it's the only "makeup" I actually use regularly). I like putting this the fridge because it makes for a cooler and more refreshing application. Perfectly relaxing after a long day! I will be repurchasing.

9 months ago

very calming

i have oily skin that's somewhat sensitive and gets red easily. this toner was very gentle and effective in calming down my usual irritations and i didn't experience any bad reactions. it also helps to put it in the freezer for a couple of minutes before application, as the cold is very soothing. aloe vera-infused products will always be my fave! i can't wait to try other items from this brand

10 months ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer

Soothing, refreshing, and hydrating.

This toner's claim to fame rings true. After cleansing, the aloe vera formula is very soothing, refreshing, and hydrating -- perfect for sensitive skin, and for those who just want to use a light formula. This is ideal for prepping the skin for your next steps in skin care. The formula is not as watery as other toners would be, but that makes it ideal for application without the need for cotton pads. This has become a definite favorite of mine in terms of toners!

4 months ago
Top Reviewer

I like this a lot!

Every time I undergo a facial treatment (diamond peel or power peel), I use this Soothing & Moisturizing Toner from Aloe Derma to tone my skin because I like that this toner is very mild and very nourishing as well. It almost feel like a serum actually and I like it a lot.

9 months ago
Top Reviewer


Hate mornings when your face looks so puffy and bloated? Fear no more! This is the perfect toner. Well, at least for me. It's true to its promise and never did it disappoint me. My skin feels smooth and supple, literally like a baby's bottom when I put this on. The price is so worth it.

9 months ago

won't leave you high and dry

The fact that it's got aloe vera is a huge plus for a toner because I also have sensitive skin that can burn with strong toners. Plus you can still use it while on a beach trip for some after-sun care. It definitely smells like aloe and I love using it after removing makeup to make sure I've gotten all the gunk off my skin, without having to worry that it will dry out. Been using this for 2 months now and you only need to use 2 pumps every time to get enough toner to soak a cotton ball to cover your entire face (even your neck), so I'd say this definitely has value-for-money.

10 months ago
Top Reviewer

Mild and nourishing

I love this toner. Not only does it not sting my face, it also boosts hydration like no other toner I've tried. The scent is very earthy though so some people may not like that but overall the product is great. I used this when I got sunburned skin from my Bali trip.

10 months ago
Certified Buyer


I use this toner at night and as the label says, it is moisturizing. When I wake up in the morning, my skin looks nice and supple. I still use moisturizer or cream after my toner, but I think this toner helped. For the price, the amount of product you're getting is okay. Not exactly the best one out there, but it's a good product.

about 2 months ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer


This toner is very gentle on skin. It fragrant-free and really soothing. The ingredients were great and it works well with my essence. I guess, this works great with those people with sensitive skin. In my case though, I also suffer from acne and this toner didn't help deal with that.

3 months ago
Certified Buyer

Does its job

I have actually never been one to believe in toners, but this one does its job pretty well! I guess I can truly say that it removes all the excess gunk my facial wash missed out on, especially if I've worn makeup for the day. Although, it's such a small bottle I finished it so fast! Now, I'm still thinking if I should repurchase.

4 months ago
Certified Buyer

It works but nothing special

I'm used to stronger toners like those made by VMV Hypoallergenics or those made of Witch Hazel that I find this toner just a little too mild. However, i love the fact that my skin didn't have any adverse reactions. I have very sensitive skin so with me, products are always a hit and miss. So glad it didn't react to this toner. One issue I have is that the photo here is very misleading. When I first received my package, I couldn't believe that it was the same product. It looked totally different. Another issue was that when I got the bottle, the product only reach 4/5ths or so of the container. I don't understand why they couldn't have just used a smaller bottle.

6 months ago
Top Reviewer


It makes my skin super hydrated, doesn't sting but the scent is not for me.

about 1 year ago
Certified Buyer

This product is not for me.

This product triggered dryness and itchiness on my face. I am probably allergic to one or two ingredients of this product. My face is oily and hypersensitive, and this just proves that even organic products are not safe to skin's sensitivity. However, I am impressed with how the products are packaged, along side with the two products I purchased in Aloe Derma.

10 months ago