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Lip Therapy Advance Lip Balm by Vaseline

Vaseline Lip Therapy Advance Formula 10g

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CLAIM TO FAME: Vaseline’s iconic gel for chapped and cracked lips, now in an upgraded formula

FAST FACTS: Contains triple-purified Vaseline Petroleum Jelly; softens and soothes chapping and dryness; locks in moisture for lasting comfort; 100% petroleum jelly fragrance, no additional scent

PERFECT FOR: Healing dehydrated puckers

Won’t leave home without mine
“I do not leave home without mine. Easy to carry in pocket or purse. I will not use any other lip care.”
– winnie (from

25 May 2013
“My lips has always been terribly dry.. I’ve used many chapsticks and this Vaseline Lip Therapy is by far one of the best! It moisturizes my lips really well! I usually use this under my lip gloss or lipsticks.. Light barely there scent and affordable! Love it!”
– ellfabric (from

WHAT YOU GET: (1) tube Lip Therapy Advanced Formula

A household name thanks to its “wonder jelly,” Vaseline has long attained iconic skincare status. Best known for quenching parched skin and hydrating chapped lips, the brand’s lotions and lip care are healing dry skin sufferers all over the globe (including England’s late and great Queen Victoria). Imitated by many since their launch in the late 1800s, all bona fide Vaseline moisturizing products bear the iconic “Blue Seal,” which means that they are the only potions in the world that contain the original triple-purified Vaseline Jelly.

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Everyday routine

When I started using liquid lipsticks, my lips were always dry even I put on a lip balm. But when I read comments about this product, I knew I have to buy this. And I wasn't disappointed. I use this product every night before I sleep and before putting on my make up every morning. And after using this for a couple days, I already notice a difference. This is definitely a must-have if you love matte lipsticks!

6 months ago
Certified Buyer

My kind of therapy!

I have ridiculously dry lips that's prone to cracking regardless of the weather or how much water I drink. After trying Vaseline Lip Therapy though, I can see a bit of a change and I don't need to reapply it as much as I used to. Very hydrating! I wasn't a fan of lip balms, but it's pretty light and best of all, really affordable. Will purchase more!

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Great balm!

This is a crazy and extremely affordable lip balm that works wonders! The factor that sets this apart from other products is that it feels lightweight and my lips absorbs it instantly. I use this especially when I wake up with dry lips and apply it during I apply my makeup. By the time I will apply my lip product, my lips will be moisturized and ready for the day.

7 days ago
Certified Buyer

One of THE BEST!

I normally have chapped and dry lips most of the time however I'm a liquid lipstick junkie, I just am! I've been using petroleum jelly before and when I found out there's a lip therapy out there I just wont allow myself not having it. Using petroleum jelly is good too tho its messy and sticky on the fingers, having the Vaseline Lip Therapy I no longer have to deal with that. This is very easy to use, just squeeze in the tube and the formula lets out and you can easily glide it on your lips, its light and moisturizes effectively. I use this after removing liquid lipsticks and I no longer need to worry about dry lips and what not. For all you girls out there who's in the trend of liquid lipsticks this is a must have for you to avoid dry and chapped lips. Surely one of The Best!

13 days ago

I can't leave the house without this

I love putting on lip balm before putting on lipstick to ensure that my lips are hydrated. I have used other flavored lip balms but, Vaseline Lip Therapy is the best. It feels light and doesn't overpower my lipstick. Moreover, I can also wear it on my lips as it is. It's really a staple product that I can't leave the house without it.

17 days ago
Top Reviewer

Best lip night routine

Perfect for a night moisturizer for my lips! Makes my morning routine a whole lot easier. Also, I have a habit of picking my lips and so this helps the skin regenerate faster (not for me to pick) hahaha. Overall, a good part of my night routine and totally worth the price

19 days ago
Top Reviewer


Lip therapy for people who couldn't stand the taste of water and needs extra and I mean extra help in hydrating your lips then grab this and take 20 but unlike other lip balms this is a lot heavier on the lips hence the extra hydration. I would recommend applying this during night time so you will wake up with hydrated lips

20 days ago
Certified Buyer

Must Try it

I have a lip condition where it keeps on peeling on its own and it looks paler than usual because of too much peeling. I have tried bunch of lip balms but this is the only product that relieved me from the dryness my lips feel when it is peeling. I'm on my third tube now. Those who have dry lips will definitely love this one.

22 days ago
Top Reviewer

lip savior

I'm amazed with this lip therapy. It always save my lips from chapping during my visits in Europe, winter included. Despite a literally 0 degree temp, snow, and cold but dry air, my lips stayed hydrated and plump! I even resorted to using this as balm for my fingers when they started getting painful due to dryness. I'm lovin that it's effective, more hygenic than petroleum jelly in a jar, handy, and cheap. It's HG for me.

about 1 month ago
Certified Buyer

Matte lipstick + Vaseline lip therapy = Perfection

Vaseline lip therapy is very easy to use plus I don't look and feel like I've applied grease on my lips. It's very hydrating and my lips feel smooth. I use it as a base before I put on matte lipstick. Matte lipstick and Vaseline lip therapy are the perfect combination :)

about 1 month ago

A classic favorite - handy and always reliable!

During my teens, my aunt used to tuck this in my bag to put on my lips when they get chapped during trips, especially on cold weathers. More than a decade later, i still always, and I mean ALWAYS tug this along wherever I go. I have tried many lip balms and treatments, but this remains to be a classic favorite. It's very handy, and reliable. And although it's mainly for lips, I've used it many times on burns, cracked skin and other skin emergencies since I have it with me all the time! This tiny tube lasts a good while too. Love the cherry variant of this as well !

about 1 month ago
Certified Buyer

Dry lips, no more!

Since I started using this product, my lips felt so smooth! It was essential for everyday use. Very hydrating and it gives my lips the perfect moisture. I definitely love this product and will absolutely purchase more! Highly recommended for dry and chapped lips. Plus, it's very affordable! For me, this is the best lip balm I ever used.

about 2 months ago
Certified Buyer

No need for expensive lip primers!

Ever since I started using liquid lipsticks, I've been on the hunt for the best lip primer that would make my lips less drying or something that could minimize the lines of my lips. Good thing I discovered this product! I use it after exfoliating my lips and it really makes my lips smooth. I already bought my 2nd tube even if I haven't yet finished the 1st one.

about 2 months ago
Certified Buyer

Bye bye dry and chapped lips! 😝

I said goodbye to my dry and chapped lips when I start using this. I can't leave the house without applying this. I'm using this as a base before my lipstick. My lips became softer and I love how fast the results. A must have and I'll definitely buy again!

about 2 months ago

Best Lip Moisturizer!

I absolutely love this lip product! I apply it on my lips every night before going to bed. It moisturized my dry lips so much! It works so well. It's very useful especially during cold, rainy days when my lips get unbelievably dry and chapped. I love how it's so effective yet affordable. I'll probably use this for a very long time.

about 2 months ago
Certified Buyer

Highly recommended

It moisturizes the lips plus it has great packaging. Back then I was using petroleum jelly that was not in a tube and when I knew about this product I immediately bought it. If you want to rest your lips from lipstick especially from matte which tends to dry the lips this product is a must!

about 2 months ago

An essential!

I have tried so many lip balms that didn't do my dry lips any good so I decided to try this. I apply it every night before I go to sleep and I always wake up with smooth and pinkish lips! Afterwards, I exfoliate my lips by using a toothbrush and the results are heavenly! My lips feel honey-soft throughout the day and I feel like I'll use this until I find anything better (which is least likely possible!).

2 months ago
Certified Buyer

The answer for perfectly moistured lips

I love love love this little tube. I have used alot of lip products to moisturize my lips but this is the only one that gives the perfect moisture I'm looking for. Smooth application, very light on the lips, non greasy, love the smell and does the job on the first use. The only product my lips need and would definitely keep on purchasing! :)

2 months ago

Mattes + this = perfection

Before i used the usual petroleum jelly but i find it messy to apply, when i bought my first tube of vaseline i eas like oh well just another petroleum but why not to buy it the tube is a blessing, plus vaseline is one of the trusted brands when it comes to skin and hair care and di ako nagsisi, it was one of the best lip care i have big lips and working in a very cold environment so my lips tend to get very dry and chappy , theres a time pa nga na it will bleed e. But thanks to this product i dont have to worry about my lips getting chappy and all even if im wearing matte lippies. :)

2 months ago
Certified Buyer

Love it.

Love the formula of this lip product it glides super smooth on my lips, it does the magic overnight i always wake up with smooth lips ready for my favorite matte lipstick, 😊 and for its price super worth it will definitely re purchase when my tube runs out no more flaky lips for me. 😁

2 months ago