Instant Fair Lotion by Vaseline

Healthy White Instant Fair Body Lotion

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CLAIM TO FAME: A whitening body lotion that delivers 4x fairer skin

FAST FACTS: Visibly whitens skin after one application; formulated with microreflectors and skin-illuminating minerals to boost the appearance of fairness; infused with Vitamin B3 for long-term whitening; features broad-spectrum sunscreen that fights UVA/UVB rays

PERFECT FOR: Brightening and moisturizing dull skin

“love it! nice product. :)”
– Ruth (from

WHAT YOU GET: (1) bottle Healthy White Instant Fair Body Lotion

A household name thanks to its “wonder jelly,” Vaseline has long attained iconic skincare status. Best known for quenching parched skin and hydrating chapped lips, the brand’s lotions and lip care are healing dry skin sufferers all over the globe (including England’s late and great Queen Victoria). Imitated by many since their launch in the late 1800s, all bona fide Vaseline moisturizing products bear the iconic “Blue Seal,” which means that they are the only potions in the world that contain the original triple-purified Vaseline Jelly.

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Top Reviewer

This works!

I was not really a believer of the instant white claim but I counted on the reviews when I bought a bottle of this in preparation for an important event. So upon application, I could not believe it, my skin (on the forearms) became instantly one shade fairer and it evened out the color! So I have been keeping a bottle of this ever since for those days when I want to expose more skin.

29 days ago
Top Reviewer


I find this lotion lightweight thus super easy to blend onto my skin. Easy to absorb as well making it instantly fairer. I love th scent of it. Since im sensitive to fragrances, this did not bother me at all. The price is so reasonable as well. And the lotion was not sticky even during and after application.

29 days ago
Top Reviewer

Light and fresh.

I find this product worth the try and worth your money. I apply this every single morning after taking a bath and. This does not leave a sticky feeling and is super easy to blend in. The packaging is also easy to use. The scent does not change into this sour smell which is a huge plus.

about 2 months ago
Top Reviewer


I'm so happy of getting to share this to my sisters and that they were able to score a lot while it was still on sale. One thing to love about Vaseline products is the smell. Not only is the consistency thick enough but being true to its promise of an instant whitening effect is a good reason to buy it. Although I'm really proud of my morena skin, protection against the harsh rays isn't so bad.

6 months ago

Moist and White!

This lotion is my go-to lotion for this summer, it has a thicker consistency compared to nivea lotion, but I love using this because of its instant white effect! It gives me that radiant and fresh look when I step out, and it can also be your sunscreen, that is always a plus :)

6 months ago
Top Reviewer

True to its promise

Literally delivers instant fairness. Great for those with uneven skintone, myself included, that needs instant even, fair skin, especially for occasions when your outfit demands showing off some skin. It moisturizes well and is not sticky when applied. It has a nice scent, too. Budget friendly, so repurchasing won't become a problem at all.

8 months ago

Very effective!

I was surprised when this product really delivers that it can give you instant white skin. I was actually doing my grocery when one of the sales lady approach me to test it and I was skeptical about it but to my surprise it really did brighten my skin upon application. Hence, it's my go to lotion after summer to bring back my true skin color and even out my skin tone.

9 months ago
Top Reviewer

Almost instant whitening effect

This really gives that almost instant whitening effect and you don't have to wait so long. This product smells divine although I still prefer the aloe vera one but it almost has the same formula only different scent. The best thing about this is the price! It's relatively cheap and highly effective!

9 months ago

Worth it!

I love Vaseline's line of lotions. I like the smell, it is so light and feminine. It is not overpowering. This lotion really does moisturized my skin without making it feel like so sticky or greasy. I use this especially after beach or pool swimming to help revitalizing my sun damaged skin.

10 months ago

Evens out my skin tone after two bottles

it is a little bit tinted which is probably what gives that instant brightening effect on the skin. it makes you look one shade fairer (a natural look). It is not sticky at all and it has that powdery feminine scent. This is the best Vaseline lotion that I have used so far. It takes me about a month and a half to finish 200 ml (which I apply once a day) on my arms, legs, and thighs. I'm not sure if it made my skin fairer in the long run as I did not notice any dramatic effect but it's alright bec I am only looking for something which can even out my skin tone.

10 months ago
Top Reviewer

Instant brightening effect

Vaseline Instant Fair Lotion was the first "instant whitening lotion" I bought before. It gives you that brightening effect the moment you put it on your skin. But not too fair that looks unreal. I love how it feels applying this as it is non-sticky, and the smell was okay. This gives brightening effect immediately but the whitening underneath may take time for you to notice it when you're not using it.

10 months ago
Top Reviewer

Nice scent and quality

I am fond of body lotions and it is a must for me to apply lotion after taking a shower. I lespecially love this product of Vaseline because of it's scent and quality, plus the whitening benefits. This product is easily absorbed by the skin and doesn't feel sticky after application. I would definitely repurchase!

11 months ago
Top Reviewer

Works great!

I was first hesitant about this product. But when I finally tried it, I really saw the difference right after application. For starters, this lotion feels very light on the skin. It is easily absorbed by the skin too. I like how it makes my skin fairer instantly while keeping it hydrated all day.

11 months ago
Top Reviewer


I don't find the need for lotions but this one is surprisingly nice. I love the microbeads as they vanish when you blend them out on your body. The scent is soothing and the lotion itself isn't sticky when you let it dry. I personally don't really see that it whitens my skin, perhaps because my skin cannot get any more white! HAHA but nonetheless a great lotion!

11 months ago
Top Reviewer

It really, REALLY works!

Wow, this product really makes my skin instantly fairer! There seems to be a tint (the microbeads perhaps) that allows it to lighten skin immediately. It's very moisturizing too! I love the consistency of the product too—not too thick, not too thin, perfect for smearing all over! The scent is heavenly too. Best of all, it's only 190 bucks!

12 months ago
Top Reviewer

Visibly Lighter Skin In An Instant!

This lotion doesn't disappoint at all! It really makes the skin visibly lighter in one application. It spreads evenly and it is easily absorbed by the skin. It keeps my skin hydrated all through out the day without the icky feel. It also gives my skin a healthy sheen. I also love how the scent lingers!

12 months ago
Top Reviewer


I love to apply lotion everyday. And this is one of my favorite because its price and the effect on my skin i see visible result from the long time im using it cheers!!!

12 months ago
Top Reviewer


It effectively evened-out my skin tone within a month. It's great!

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Even skin

After using it for almost a month, I've noticed how it evens my skin tone. My skin brightened and it looks radiant.

about 1 year ago

Good Product!

I climb mountains for fun and it gave me awful tan lines, and this product saved me!!

about 1 year ago