Sturdy Italia Shopper: Stella Solstice by The Container Store

Sturdy Italia Shopper: Stella Solstice

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Get your shop on with The Container Store’s Stella Solstice Italia Shopper. With its bold leather-like details and vibrant solstice design, this water-resistant and machine-washable shopper can carry items summing up to a whopping 65 pounds — making it the absolute best friend of any shopaholic. It also snaps closed and features an inner pocket with a hook and loop closure. When you’re done with all your shopping, you can fold it into a cute little package that you can conveniently slip inside your handbag. Plus, it also has a stitched paraphrased lyric from John Lennon’s song, Beautiful Boy, inside: Life is what happens while we make other plans. Stylish, functional, and perhaps even a little wise… what more can you ask for?

WHAT YOU GET: (1) Sturdy Italia Shopper: Stella Solstice
MATERIAL: Thick polyester (50% recycled plastic bottle content)
Machine washable

Founded in 1978, The Container Store’s first store was filled with products that consumers just couldn’t find anywhere else, such as mailboxes, popcorn tins, burger baskets, and milk crates among others. These products may have been quite quirky, but they fulfilled the promise of actually providing containers for practically anything under the sun. Nonetheless, when their products are used in a home or an office, they indeed allowed customers to save space — and ultimately, time as well.