Intense Repair Shampoo by Dove

Dove Shampoo Intense Repair 350ml

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CLAIM TO FAME: An intensely nourishing blend of ingredients designed to cleanse and comfort tired tresses

FAST FACTS: Made with fiber actives and Dove’s patented Micro Moisture Serum; repairs and protects hair proteins; gently cleanses without drying; infuses hair with heaps of hydration; keeps hair soft, smooth, and healthy with regular use

PERFECT FOR: Lackluster locks that need some serious damage control

SPECIAL OFFER: For every purchase of any (1) Dove Conditioner 180ml + any (1) Dove Shampoo 350ml, you get (1) FREE Dove Hair Fall Rescue+ Intensive Hair Tonic (while supplies last)!

WHAT YOU GET: (1) bottle Intense Repair Shampoo

Real Beauty from Real Care, that is the Dove philosophy. For years, Dove has been helping women embrace their natural beauty by producing some of the best personal care products on the market. Just try them out and you’ll realize, it’s no wonder why real women all over the world trust Dove.

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My hair loves Dove!

This is my favorite shampoo from Dove because it works so well with my hair. I don't experience any scalp itchiness, it minimizes my hair fall, doesn't cause any pimples, it makes my hair shiny & soft and it also smells good. A little amount of shampoo cleanses my shoulder-length hair effectively which makes it very economical.

13 days ago
Top Reviewer

Delivers on its promise!

I love using this product so much! It takes care of my hair without much effort, and I love the scent so muuch. Best paired with oxygen and nourishment for maximum life and bounce! I've been using this after I switched from Mane and Tail, mainly because the product is super sulit! Just a small amount and you're good to go!

22 days ago


This shampoo and the whole intense repair line (shampoo, conditioner, daily treatment, etc..) are my Holy Grail hair products. All of the claims in their ads are true! Here is a testimony of its greatness...some time about a year ago, I went to a well-known Korean salon in Makati to have my hair digital permed. The owner of the salon checked if my hair can handle the perm. Unfortunately, he zealously refused to do my hair because it was too damaged due to my previous perm and colouring job that it wouldn't be able to handle the treatment. He sent me home and told me to let my hair fully recover by doing some at-home damage treatments and come back after a year to check if my hair can already handle the perm. After seeing the dove intense repair ad, I immediately went to the nearest supermarket to buy the whole line because of my desperation. After the first usage, my hair was so smooth, soft, and it also smells so good! I went to see the products' effectiveness by religiously using it for a whole 4 months. After 4 months, my hair's condition significantly improved and I attribute it to the Intense Repair line since I have not used any other product for my hair. I didn't expect that it would work so well. Being the stubborn person that I am, I went back to the salon just after the 5th month to have my hair checked. The salon owner asked me why I came back too soon! But lo and behold, upon checking my hair he said that it has significantly improved since my last visit and he said that my hair is ready for perming. Yey! The results of the perm was amazing! Every person in the salon was raving about my hair. The owner said that if he did my hair five months ago when it was still badly damaged, the curls wouldn't hold up well like it did currently. He asked me what kind of witchcraft and sorcery did I do with my hair because he was so surprised and impressed at the same time. I will never get tired of raving about this line. It may be a bit pricier than the other drugstore brands but it is worth it. IT IS AMAZING! (Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review)

25 days ago
Top Reviewer

My DIY Hair Repair Buddy!

Together with the Intense Repair Conditioner, this pair is part of my bathroom staple. I have hair that has undergone a lot of chemical treatments and to preserve or maintain my mane's life and beauty. I notice that my hair is more manageable when I use this and when I use this after curling or teasing (with some 5-10 minutes of soaking), my locks are easier to comb.

29 days ago


It's good for all kinds or type of hair. I just have my hair color done, and my hair I feel like my hair is getting dry and rough, curly or "patay" na hair are getting visible. So I tried using this and it helps in giving me a good balance of moisture in hair. In comsistent use you will see a good changes in your hair. Worth a try!

about 2 months ago

Brilliant shampoo

Got this as a sample and after using it, I just had to go and buy an entire bottle! Dove does it yet again. This shampoo cleans your hair but doesn't leave it dried out and brittle. Even without the conditioner, though I recommend the condition version of this, it works well with my thin hair. Very happy!

about 2 months ago
Top Reviewer

So Intense!

For several years now, I have had my hair colored, treated, rebonded, relaxed, the works... So yes, the salon effect lasts for some time but to ensure that I am maintaining healthy locks, I use this Intense Repair Shampoo (together with its counterpart conditioner most of the time), to return life to my hair. So I don't worry growing my hair really long because I can depend on this shampoo!

about 2 months ago
Top Reviewer

My hero!

I recently got my hair rebonded, so my hair is dry, damaged and more prone to hair fall. But when I used this shampoo, it restored the moisture and health of my hair. My hair looks more healthy and doesn t look like I even rebonded it. The price is also very good for a shampoo that can revive your hair.

2 months ago
Top Reviewer


I've been using this shampoo everyday since I was in high school. Before, I had really dry and frizzy hair that I couldn't tame at all. I was always self conscious about my hair because of how it was. When I tried Dove, it really repaired my hair and I've never used any other shampoo ever since then!

3 months ago
Top Reviewer

Repaired my hair!

I initially doubted it when they said that this is a repairing shampoo. But after a month of use, this worked like magic. It really helped me in removing the frizziness and dryness of my hair. My split ends were lessen, and I can say that I'm really loving it to be a Dove girl!

3 months ago
Top Reviewer

Fancy scented shampoo

I have been using this at home and I like that it does not weigh my hair down nor is it drying. I have natural straight hair and used this before my perm. It smells really nice and luxurious. It doesn't smell cheap. It does come in a nice sturdy bottle.

3 months ago
Top Reviewer

Luxe Shampoo for Less

I LOVE this shampoo. I got a sample sachet free from a magazine I bought. I was excited to try it because Dove products are generally amazing. It exceeded my expectations. In just one wash, my hair looked bouncier and stronger and my split ends were less noticeable. The semll is very inviting as well. Definitely worth it to buy a huge bottle!

5 months ago

My Holy Grail!!

This is my holy grail! I've been using this product last month and it totally works! my hair is so manageable compared to my last month's hair! If you know how to control the amount of shampoo onto your hair it works (this rule works with my hair, but hey, you do you) It's worth the hype and you gotta buy!!

5 months ago
Top Reviewer


Our family uses this shampoo. My sister, whose hair is very frizzy loves this. It is very moisturizing and it leaves your hair very smooth. I usually don't shampoo my hair everyday, but when I do, I use this one and it leaves my hair feeling fresh even on the second day! It also leaves a not too powering scent which i absolutely love.

5 months ago

Love, love love!

My hair has been confusingly dry and oily at the same time. But ever since I discovered this shampoo, my hair has been so soft and manageable! There are times when I can just use it without conditioner and it still remains tangle free! I've been using it for a very long time and I can say, I have no immediate plans on switching anytime soon!

5 months ago

great shampoo!

i tend to grab this product whenever i buy shampoo because im a suck for shampoos that repair the hair. i don't really have damaged hair since i have virgin hair, which means it's not colored or doesn't contain chemicals in it, but i still want to give my hair a treatment through the use of shampoo. i love this for making my hair feel soft and clean!

7 months ago

Surprisingly amazing!

My sis-in-law handed us some samples of these over the weekend. I have actually switched into using natural shampoo ever since I got pregnant but I was convinced to try it because of the good feedback. Well, I was really surprised as to how soft and shiny my hair is even after the next day. No conditioner needed. Never though that shampoo alone can tame my tresses. The scent lingers for days, too. I do not shampoo my hair everyday, by the way. I'd surely be keeping one on our bathroom after my samples ran out and would be using this in between my other fave shampoos.

8 months ago
Top Reviewer

Can be used even without a conditioner!

It is very seldom that you can use a nourishing shampoo that will never make your hair dry! Dove Intense Repair is the shampoo to have! It is the best and even if you use it everyday, it won't make your hair dry! My friends and I use this all the time and we have a variety of different hair types, this certainly works well with anyone!

8 months ago
Top Reviewer


I have been using this shampoo every single day before. It is one of the very first hair care products from Dove that I have ever tried and I enjoyed using this so much. I like how this lathers up pretty quickly. It cleanses my hair while making sure that it remains hydrated as well too.

8 months ago

My everyday shampoo

I've been using this since I started coloring my hair. It's very gentle and I can easily feel that my hair is smoother and healthier after every wash. It's light treatment is good for everyday use and it doesn't dry my hair. It has always been my go-to shampoo since then.

9 months ago