Conditioner Intense Repair by Dove

Dove Hair Conditioner Intense Repair 180ml

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CLAIM TO FAME: An intensely nourishing blend of ingredients designed to revitalize tired tresses

FAST FACTS: Made with Dove’s Keratin-Actives technology; repairs and protects proteins in the hair; infuses hair with heaps of hydration; keeps hair soft, smooth, and healthy with regular use

PERFECT FOR: Lavishing damaged hair with an extra layer of moisture

SPECIAL OFFER: For every purchase of any (1) Dove Conditioner 180ml + any (1) Dove Shampoo 350ml, you get (1) FREE Dove Hair Fall Rescue+ Intensive Hair Tonic (while supplies last)!

WHAT YOU GET: (1) bottle Intense Repair Conditioner

Real Beauty from Real Care, that is the Dove philosophy. For years, Dove has been helping women embrace their natural beauty by producing some of the best personal care products on the market. Just try them out and you’ll realize, it’s no wonder why real women all over the world trust Dove.

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Certified Buyer

Dove shampoo blue

Dove products are just so amazing and also affordable. I always experiment with new shampoos and conditioner but dove is always my go to shampoo or conditioner. This dove blue smells really good and it stays really long until the evening, my hair feels ap soft and bouncy whenever I use it.

18 days ago
Top Reviewer

Loyal Dove baby!

I like my hair pampered, and this product gives me that exact option without having to shell out a lot of money. I like pairing this with the Oxygen and Nourishment Shampoo to give my hair the maximum bounce and life. The other product I used to use was Mane and Tail but i shifted products since I like this one's scent better <3

27 days ago
Top Reviewer

Great for Intensely Treated Hair

I have the type of hair that is salon-maintained. That also means that if I do not take care of it on my own, it will tend to go dull and lifeless and then I would have to go back for another salon treatment. So to be proactive, I find ways to do DIY. Dove's intense repair conditioner is part of my self-maintenance squad. And this is true for years. Because it truly works!

about 1 month ago

I love Dove products!

Dove conditioners are a staple in our bathroom! I love at how soft it can make my hair. And it makes my hair smell good the entire day as well. Sometimes I interchange it with the other variants, like the Nourishing Oil Care and the Oxygen one. It's something my family will continue to use for years to come.

about 2 months ago


This is one of my favorite hair conditioners because it really leaves my hair feeling stronger, softer, and hydrated, without it looking limp and lifeless. It's very affordable, available nearly everywhere, and it smells so good. Among all the other Dove hair conditioners that I've tried, I think this one is the best.

about 2 months ago

No more split ends!

I've been using dove for about 2years now and all their products are just so nice! I had problems with split ends and when I found out about this Intense Repair variant, I grabbed a bottle and this one's really amazing. It makes my hair softer and feels like satin!

about 2 months ago


This is a pretty good conditioner. My hair was much softer and shinier. It leaves hair silky to touch and healthy looking And it smells great. It is very good for someone on a budget. Hair is easy to manage and style. I'm very satisfied. I love it! LOve love this product.

about 2 months ago

Good for fine hair

The hardest thing about buying drugstore conditioners for me is how thick they usually are. My hair is really fine and wavy and using a thick conditioner usually means that my hair is weighed down and very limp - not cute. I'm glad I tried this conditioner! A sparse amount will thoroughly condition your ends and won't leave them heavy and gross. Way more affordable than high end ones, too.

about 2 months ago
Top Reviewer

One of my bathroom staples!

So together with Dove's Intense Repair Shampoo, I also have this Intense Repair Conditioner in my bath kit. It's a regular occupant of my hair conditioner products lineup. Similar to the shampoo, this conditioner helps me maintain the life for my thoroughly chemically-exposed hair having been colored, rebonded, relaxed, etc.

2 months ago
Top Reviewer


Loooooooooooooove this line! Like other dove hair care stuff, this also makes my hair soft, although I'm not sure why it makes my hair poofy. It's not necessarily frizzy because it was also soft. I don't really mind though and when I ask my friends how my hair looked they said it look thicker and more volumized so I guess that's what it does. Great for those with thin, straight ot limp hair. From all of dove's hair care line, I love the scent of these the most! It just smells so clean and fresh and wonderful.

4 months ago
Top Reviewer


Aside from the Straight and Silky line up, I also am in love with the Intense Repair ones. When my hair feels dry and damaged, this is my go-to shampoo for all time. Other than its pleasant smell, it also relieves my dried ends. Although this conditioner may somehow be a bit pricier compared to supermarket finds, it is definitely a must have!

4 months ago

Nice. Used it with the shampoo.

Smells good, affordable, and it's gentle to my hair. What more can you ask for? Whenever I change/rotate shampoos and conditioners, they have to be a pair. Tried several varieties of the Dove shampoo/conditioner line, but this is the best for me. The shampoo doesn't dry out my hair too much, and this conditioner softens it and keeps it moisturized. The smell also lasts throughout the day. It helped tame my frizzy hair.

5 months ago
Top Reviewer

My Hair Elixir

My hair gets especially dry during the summer that it appears dull and lifeless. I love this conditioner because it restores shine and bounce to my hair. My hair appears silky smooth and sweet smelling after every wash. I really feel I treated my hair to some TLC whenever I use this. Definitely a must have!

6 months ago
Top Reviewer

Love it!

I love this conditioner!It doesnt let my hair freeze. And I am the type of person who shampoo my hair only every other day. And I thank this product because it does not make my hair look oily and dull at times I didnt shampoo it. This product is best to go with Dove Intense Repair Shampoo by the way.

6 months ago


From the whole line, this is my 2nd favorite after the Nourishing Oil Care variant. It's very easy to spread and a little goes a long way. It makes my hair feel light and breezy. After a few bottles, you will really notice your hair getting better. I frequently color and bleach my hair and this has been a lifesaver!

7 months ago

Love This

This conditioner is one of my favorites. I love this conditioner. It gives me great results. It makes my har soft and not oliy. I love the scent of this conditioner. This is one of the conditioners my hair gets along with. It's not that easy to finding the right conditioner for your hair. Recommending it to everyone.

8 months ago
Top Reviewer


Before anything else, let me just say that I love the scent of this Intense Repair Conditioner from Dove the most out of all the other variants that I have tried before. Aside from that, I like how this really conditions my hair without irritating my scalp. It leaves my hair soft and silky.

9 months ago
Top Reviewer


Who hasn't tried this yet?! This is so in demand and you can purchase this literally anywhere. With such a cheap price it's a great thing dove can provide a shampoo that really works for your hair and may be even better than hi end shampoos. I love the scent of this shampoo and the effect it gives you after using this is just so freaking good!!!

9 months ago

Best choice :)

This is best used together with the shampoo. My hair smells nice, is silky, smooth and manageable after using this conditioner. It gives life to my lifeless hair. Bye bye frizz and dry hair! No more bad hair days! Dove products is one of the best drugstore items for everyday use.

10 months ago
Top Reviewer

Best for dry and damaged hair!

What can I say, Dove definitely know how to address our hair woes. I tried this shampoo since I use heat styling tools almost on a daily and becuase of that, my hair became a bit dry and frizzled out. Together with either dove's intense repair shampoo or hair fall rescue, this is my go-to conditioner. It never fails to leave my hair smooth and soft afterwards.

10 months ago