Deodorant Ultimate White by Dove

Dove Deodorant Spray Ultimate White 169ml

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CLAIM TO FAME: Dove’s ultimate solution to stubborn dark underarm spots, packaged in a quick and convenient aerosol bottle

FAST FACTS: Made with nourishing omega 6; speeds up skin restoration; lifts away dark spots; protects from sweat and unpleasant odors; reveals lighter, more even underarms with regular use

PERFECT FOR: Keeping your underarm area fresh and fair

WHAT YOU GET: (1) bottle Ultimate White Aerosol Deodorant

Real Beauty from Real Care, that is the Dove philosophy. For years, Dove has been helping women embrace their natural beauty by producing some of the best personal care products on the market. Just try them out and you’ll realize, it’s no wonder why real women all over the world trust Dove.

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Top Reviewer

Love the effect!

My first and current deo for life! I never try any other deo, i just stick to this one. I'm a dove lover and all of their products slay. The scent is so good, it lasts all day. It's not drying and whitens too! I love how it moisturize underarms and keeps it fresh. Dove truly knows how to care :)

about 1 month ago

My current Deo

I'm afraid using commercial deos because it might ruin my underarm skin due to their chemicals so I'm really an organic deo user. Recently, I feel getting bored of organics and why not try a commercialized brand and Im searching which one, and I ended up with this. Of course and as usual, I read reviews first from BMNL ladies, and Im quite impressed so I bought one to try. Currently enjoying it spraying on my underarm for 3 seconds and 15inch away. So far, no breakouts happen on my underarms yet and hoping this is really hiyang to me. :)

about 1 month ago
Top Reviewer

Mild and whitening :)

I find this product to be mild on the skin and also has definitely whitening effect. I have tried deos from Nivea that smells good and performs well at first but after months of using it, I find it to be harsh on the underarm. It first starts being itchy and then it leaves a scar on my skin but this one after using it for awhile now doesn't irritate my skin, makes me fresh-smelling all day and controls underarm sweating. :)

about 2 months ago
Top Reviewer

My go-to deo!

I am certified dove girl! This is my go-to deodorant everytime i go out of the house. It does not give foul odors, controls my sweat and does not leave stains on my clothes. Not to mention it keeps my underarm smelling fresh and clean. Although i did not see any significant difference on the lightening of my UA.

about 2 months ago

Must try!

Before using dove deospray ultimate white, i have tried different deodorants and deosprays--which didn't satisfy me at all. I did not like using other under arm producers because they make my underaems darker and leave yellow stain on my clothes. What i really liked with this product is its light scent and it really did make my under arm lighter after several weeks!

2 months ago
Top Reviewer

Underarm protection

I've been using Dove deos ever since and I've tried a lot of their variants. Ultimate white has this mild scent that I like but I still prefer deos with no scent. This deo does its job well and gives my underarms all days protection from sweat and bad odor.

3 months ago
Top Reviewer

Mild scent, great underarm protection

I've been using Dove deodorant for years and it's still the best in my book. No "perfumey" smells, which I don't like, just basic deodorant protection. I have also had allergic reactions to other deodorants, even ones I used for a long time, but never with Dove. And the whitening formula really works for me! 😊

3 months ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer

Very good!

I have nothing but awesome words for this Dove Deodorant Spray Ultimate. I have been using this for ages now and this deodorant never failed to make me feel fresh and dry all day. I like that it dries up easily and that it does not stain my clothes. It smells absolutely great too.

3 months ago
Top Reviewer

smooth and fresh all day!

This deodorant is definitely the best out of all that I had tried (nivea, rexona etc.). It really whitens your underarms and lessens the bumps you have. In addition, the scent lasts all day despite the sweating! If you just spray the right amount and let it dry for tops five minutes, it won't stick or transfer onto your clothes. Definitely a must-have for all busy teens!

4 months ago

I love it!

I've been hearing and reading nice reviews about this product so I decided to try it myself, I'll say I'm satisfied and that the reviews are true. it really does whiten your underarms and it is indeed, a great deodorant. I love the scent, too! totally worth the buy and will definitely repurchase!

4 months ago


I like this deodorant. I love the scent, and it's not too strong. It doesn't irritate my underarms. It works and I look for this product a lot. It lightens the skin and I really love that it can sustain the fresh smell all day. It is a great product. I love their products.

8 months ago


First of all, this product really smells good! I feel refreshed all day everyday because of the scent. It really reduced my chicken skin and better, it whitened the underarms. Plus, it made them smooth! This is a must-try and definitely recommended for every girl that is having the same problems as mine.

9 months ago
Top Reviewer

Lighter underarms!

My underarms are not dark but there's a tiny discoloration. I trust Dove with their products so I bought this knowing for a fact this won't damage my skin further. This did whiten my underarms but I'm not sure about people who have really dark underarms, but this worked well for me.

9 months ago

All day freshness

Not only does this deo spray lighten your underarms, it also gives your underams a powdery fresh smell that lasts for more than 24hrs after application! No fuss application, non-sticky so it leaves you feeling fresh all day, plus it leaves little to no stain on your clothes unlike some roll-on deos.

9 months ago
Top Reviewer

True to Its Claim

True to its claim, this made my underarm whiter and this does not irritate my skin as well. Usually after I shave, when I put on a deodorant it will feel irritated but this does not give that. I also love how this smells really good! Great for days when you just shaved your underarm and you don't want to irritate it more but you don't have a choice but to put on deo.

9 months ago
Top Reviewer

Another great deo from Dove!

After trying Dove's Original Whitening Deo Spray, I decided to give this one a shot as it claims to be an ultimate whitening deodorant. Like the previous variant, this product comes in a handy aerosol spray that gives you an even application of deodorant. Provided me with whole day protection from bad odor and sweat without being too harsh on my skin. As for the lightening effect, it did help a little, especially with removing chicken skin.

11 months ago
Top Reviewer

One of the best deo spray out there

I've been using this for around 6-7 months already. This is the only deodorant I use. Before I am using the blue one, but when I tried the Ultimate White variant, I fell in love with it. It's non sticky, dries fast, controls sweat odor and smells so great that sometimes I even skip perfume coz it almost smells like one. It keeps my armpits dry all day and the scent lasts too.

11 months ago
Top Reviewer

fresh and dry all day!

I only have praises for this particular aerosol deodorant from Dove. Like the original deo, this dispenses just the right amount of product with its even spritz. This one did not cause any stains on my clothes. It helped me feel confident by making sure that my underarms stay fresh and dry all day!

11 months ago
Top Reviewer

Works Great!

I love the smell of this deo spray and works really well to smoothen and whiten my underarms. It dries fast after spraying so it gives no hassle when changing clothes after bath. It doesn't leave any stain so that's a major plus. After just two weeks of using this, my underarm skin's texture has significantly improved, and after using it a bit longer, it indeed whitened my underarms! Still using this to date.

12 months ago
Top Reviewer

A Great Whitening Deodorant!

This is definitely one of the best-smelling deodorants in the market! I like that it dries in a flash and it really helps me feel fresh all day without leaving white marks or staining my clothes. It makes me feel dry and confident. I also like that it doesn't irritate and darken my underarms. I also love that that one bottle lasts decently.

12 months ago