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Delight Tony Tint

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This tint is really delightful! It is long wearing and the Cherry Pink shade perfectly matches my skin tone and whatever chemical reaction they have with my lips. I have received great compliments from friends and family alike when I wear this lip tint. They always hear them say, "You look different, you're blooming! Better yet, my son told me one time, "Mom, you look nice today." Wearing this tint can really brighten up my look and can really make me feel youthful.

about 2 years ago
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Amazing lip tint for an affordable price

I bought this in the shade Cherry Pink and its an amazing color, it is really pigmented but you can still blend it out for a lighter color. For me this dries pretty quickly, and it does last the whole day. Even if you're drinking and eating throughout the day.

over 1 year ago

Natural flush and red lips

I'm honestly not a tint girl, because I own a lot of lipsticks and blushes which I have to finish first. But, there was a time that I found the need to get one. So, I immediately ordered one from BeautyMNL, I got the shade Red. I was so impressed with this tint's performance. It is so pigmented, like it will look like a lipstick once you covered it fully. 😊💕 it also gives me the natural flush that I want, lakas maka fresh!

over 1 year ago

Dupe for Face Shop lip and cheek tint

I used to buy the Face Shop lip and cheek stain, and it was my Holy Grail. But sometimes you get into a rut where you try to find a product that is much cheaper and still get the job done. i stumbled into this and I couldnt be any happier. One of the best lip products I encountered, and very cheap too!

over 1 year ago

Best tint ever!!! ❤️❤️❤️

This is the best lip and cheek tint for me!!! I'm using this tint for years. I already use both of the shades red and cherry pink and both are the best for me. Compared to other cheek and lip tints that i've had tonymoly delight lip and cheek tint is a must-have. It is easier to apply and it lasts all day!! Just use a little dab and it works already. The scent is great, also the packaging is so cute. And it's super affordable not just because of the price but the quality of it as well. It is a double thumbs up for me!!!

3 months ago


I never thought this affordable lip tint would be better than bene tint. This lip tint definitely is perfect for my lips especially those lazy lipstick days :) It has the right natural lips look shade. I love love love the smell of it.💕 Definitely my favorite of all. My holy grail lip tint👍🏼

over 1 year ago
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A new tint for my collection

I am such a huge fan of lip tints and this tint..... LOVE IT. I've been using this product for 3 weeks now everyday for school and the color lasts all day long. It gives a natural tint to your lips without it looking like you even applied tint to your lips! This tint is amazing but a little goes a long way. A little bit of tint is all you need for your lips. This tint is a tint I'll add for my collection.

over 1 year ago
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so cute and fresh looking..

My sister bought this for me in shade 02 Red. When I tried it on, it was so pigmented.. a little touch on the lips will give you really red tint, you'll have to blend asap..the scent is oh so yummy, like fruity candy..a little goes a long way..it gives color to my lips without being too loud..like a just bitten effect..good for days when you wanna be just fresh makeup free..and the best part, it is super affordable...

almost 2 years ago
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my first impression when I got it (Cheery Pink) was well it looks okay for me But the moment I dab it on my lips BAM.. it is so lovely it makes my lips look flustered naturally. And it's so handy when it comes to packaging for a travel like me , so easy to apply, and the price is affordable.

about 2 years ago
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I love this tint!

I like the smell and the formula of this tint. The color is just right, easy to blend and gives me glowing fresh light pink cheeks. I also use it as a base tint on my lips which makes my lipstick stand out more. Compared to other tints I have tried: The price is more affordable than the Body Shop product and has more pigment. I think this is better than Bench lip and cheek tint which is harder to apply since it sticks to the skin immediately which gives me a pink uneven patch on my cheek. This product is good. I did not know I will like it this much since this is the first Tony Moly product I have tried.

about 2 years ago
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#1 fan of this product

I get very picky with lip tints and I probably have a whole lot of them that i've tried out and didn't love them but when I finally got my hands on this, good heavens, I instantly loved it. I got the red one and it really gives a RED tint and not some weird bright pink color. It really stays on for the whole day on the cheeks and has this cool consistency that lets me use it on top of nude lipsticks to make a gradient look and it looks soooo goooood. It gives a really nice glow on my face considering that I don't really have fair skin. And the price! Man, it's suuuper worth it. This is probably my one and only <3 The only lip tint that I actually got to finish.

over 2 years ago

Tony Moly = Natural Tint

Used to have this few months back as my friend gave me a trial bottle and only used it for a couple of weeks. Been planning to buy one but didnt have time to go around the mall. Until BeautyMNL included this in the mid year sale. Aside from the awesome price, what made me buy this again and stock (bought 2pcs) is the natural effect on cheeks and lips (yes you can look like Bella Swan youthful red lips using this product) :-D. It also doesnt itch unlike cream based tint. It complements my fair skin especially when I put on my foundation and cream. Going to the office makes it easier with this tint as my best bud and makes me look fresh and blooming :) blending is the next steps to achieve the natural effect, make sure that it is properly blended or must say tapped in your cheeks to get that natural effect :)

over 2 years ago
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Just bitten lips!

I purchased one of each color. I use the cherry pink as my everyday go to lip tint. For that not so overwhelming color. I use the red one in times that i want to boost my confidence (because of the strong red color). It last for a good 6-8 hours (eating included). Smells good too. Will definitely repurchase.

7 days ago
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I love it so much! I bought mine last January and even if I'm using this on a daily basis, it's so matipid gamitin. It's already March and it's barely half, sulit na sulit yung price. So budget, Check! Next is the color, I have it on 02 Red and it absolutely fits me. I can do it darker or just a hint of red. Long lasting and it can also do my blush. 2-in-1 talaga. This is my go-to lip tint. Just dab it on my lips and I'm on the go. Although, my first 3 days of use, nag dry yung lips ko then after is smooth na sya and plump. (Magic!) I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this to my co-students in college na laging stress and doesn't have the luxury of time to fix themselves.

9 days ago

Achieve and plakadang lips!

Im a very big fan of lip tints! But this one is so freaking good! And also smells so so so good🤑 the packaging was cute, and it's easy to use ;) im very satisfied of it... plus its very affordable and i think it will last long. humbs up tony moly!

24 days ago


super love ko tong lip tint ng tony moly huhuhu isa siya sa pinaka favorite ko gamitinng lip tint kasi nahiyang ako dito e, di nag chachapped yung lips ko everytime na gagamitin ko tong product na to and t will last longer talaga promise! love the packaging atsaka yung mismong tint din syempre hihi!

25 days ago
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The Secret for "No Makeup Look"

I admire a lot of Korean products and I'm glad I had the chance to have this one. Honestly, I've already tried a lot of lip tint brands, but this one is the first Korean brand lip tint that I have ever tried. Good thing that it's also cheap. As I bought this one, I think a month ago, I instantly fell in love with this tint especially with its super cute packaging and its fruity smell! Aside from that, it also gives my lips a natural flush and my cheeks a rosy color. Overall, I can't say anything bad about this product and yes, I recommend this to you guys! P.S I have this in the shade Cherry Pink and it looks perfectly on my morena skin! ❤

about 1 month ago

In love with this!

I love this tint, especially the red one! It’s cheap, buildable and super long-wearing. I usually use three layers to make it a deep red, then I swipe my Human Nature Tinted Lipbalm in Flame Tree, and tada! It’s really matte and pigmented, it’s like I’m wearing a high-end lippie! My friends compliment me whenever I wear this. And it lasts all day, even after I’ve eaten (several times) and gone to the gym! Definitely a winner!

about 1 month ago
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Red Delight <3

I super love this lip tint! I've been wanting to try this before but there are no more stocks here so, good thing I found a Korean store nearby. I love that this can be used for an ombre effect and a full lip coverage. The color 02 is a fresh red apple color that really looks good on my skin. I love that it's easy to apply and sooo long lasting plus the smell is really sweet. A morning application lasted until night with all the food and drinks I've had. It's my second time to try a lip tint because my first try wasn't pleasing as it was watery and the roll-on was difficult for application.

about 1 month ago
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Still The Best For Me <3

This lip tint is not as cheap as the others that you will see here in BeautyMNL, but let me tell you that it's one of the BEST! <3 It really lasts the whole day, and the pigmentation is spot on. what you see in the bottle is the same color when applied on lips. The most pigmented lip tint I have. After few hours on, it actually looks like lipstick. :) Just a tip though, it dries really fast so you should blend it immediately. I don't recommend this as cheek tint. Cos i tried, it left a birthmark-like patch on my cheeks hahaha! Maybe I'm just not skilled enough to blend it. XD Overall, this is really good. :)

about 1 month ago