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Delight Tony Tint

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This tint is really delightful! It is long wearing and the Cherry Pink shade perfectly matches my skin tone and whatever chemical reaction they have with my lips. I have received great compliments from friends and family alike when I wear this lip tint. They always hear them say, "You look different, you're blooming! Better yet, my son told me one time, "Mom, you look nice today." Wearing this tint can really brighten up my look and can really make me feel youthful.

almost 2 years ago
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Amazing lip tint for an affordable price

I bought this in the shade Cherry Pink and its an amazing color, it is really pigmented but you can still blend it out for a lighter color. For me this dries pretty quickly, and it does last the whole day. Even if you're drinking and eating throughout the day.

about 1 year ago

Natural flush and red lips

I'm honestly not a tint girl, because I own a lot of lipsticks and blushes which I have to finish first. But, there was a time that I found the need to get one. So, I immediately ordered one from BeautyMNL, I got the shade Red. I was so impressed with this tint's performance. It is so pigmented, like it will look like a lipstick once you covered it fully. 😊💕 it also gives me the natural flush that I want, lakas maka fresh!

about 1 year ago

Dupe for Face Shop lip and cheek tint

I used to buy the Face Shop lip and cheek stain, and it was my Holy Grail. But sometimes you get into a rut where you try to find a product that is much cheaper and still get the job done. i stumbled into this and I couldnt be any happier. One of the best lip products I encountered, and very cheap too!

over 1 year ago


I never thought this affordable lip tint would be better than bene tint. This lip tint definitely is perfect for my lips especially those lazy lipstick days :) It has the right natural lips look shade. I love love love the smell of it.💕 Definitely my favorite of all. My holy grail lip tint👍🏼

over 1 year ago
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A new tint for my collection

I am such a huge fan of lip tints and this tint..... LOVE IT. I've been using this product for 3 weeks now everyday for school and the color lasts all day long. It gives a natural tint to your lips without it looking like you even applied tint to your lips! This tint is amazing but a little goes a long way. A little bit of tint is all you need for your lips. This tint is a tint I'll add for my collection.

over 1 year ago

so cute and fresh looking..

My sister bought this for me in shade 02 Red. When I tried it on, it was so pigmented.. a little touch on the lips will give you really red tint, you'll have to blend asap..the scent is oh so yummy, like fruity candy..a little goes a long way..it gives color to my lips without being too loud..like a just bitten effect..good for days when you wanna be just fresh makeup free..and the best part, it is super affordable...

over 1 year ago
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my first impression when I got it (Cheery Pink) was well it looks okay for me But the moment I dab it on my lips BAM.. it is so lovely it makes my lips look flustered naturally. And it's so handy when it comes to packaging for a travel like me , so easy to apply, and the price is affordable.

almost 2 years ago
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I love this tint!

I like the smell and the formula of this tint. The color is just right, easy to blend and gives me glowing fresh light pink cheeks. I also use it as a base tint on my lips which makes my lipstick stand out more. Compared to other tints I have tried: The price is more affordable than the Body Shop product and has more pigment. I think this is better than Bench lip and cheek tint which is harder to apply since it sticks to the skin immediately which gives me a pink uneven patch on my cheek. This product is good. I did not know I will like it this much since this is the first Tony Moly product I have tried.

almost 2 years ago
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#1 fan of this product

I get very picky with lip tints and I probably have a whole lot of them that i've tried out and didn't love them but when I finally got my hands on this, good heavens, I instantly loved it. I got the red one and it really gives a RED tint and not some weird bright pink color. It really stays on for the whole day on the cheeks and has this cool consistency that lets me use it on top of nude lipsticks to make a gradient look and it looks soooo goooood. It gives a really nice glow on my face considering that I don't really have fair skin. And the price! Man, it's suuuper worth it. This is probably my one and only <3 The only lip tint that I actually got to finish.

about 2 years ago

Tony Moly = Natural Tint

Used to have this few months back as my friend gave me a trial bottle and only used it for a couple of weeks. Been planning to buy one but didnt have time to go around the mall. Until BeautyMNL included this in the mid year sale. Aside from the awesome price, what made me buy this again and stock (bought 2pcs) is the natural effect on cheeks and lips (yes you can look like Bella Swan youthful red lips using this product) :-D. It also doesnt itch unlike cream based tint. It complements my fair skin especially when I put on my foundation and cream. Going to the office makes it easier with this tint as my best bud and makes me look fresh and blooming :) blending is the next steps to achieve the natural effect, make sure that it is properly blended or must say tapped in your cheeks to get that natural effect :)

over 2 years ago
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Nice shade and non-drying

This is the cheap dupe for Body Shop’s Lip and Cheek Tint but this one is wayyy better. It’s long-lasting, non-drying and natural looking plus it’s cheaper. People are complimenting me whenever I have this on my lips and I don’t really need to re-paint my lips even after eating or drinking. The entire container will last for more than a month. I will definitely but this product again. But I hope there are more shades to choose from.

5 days ago

Holy grail!!

I've been using this lip tint for almost a year now and I can say that I'm super satisfied because it works so well! It's affordable and it works like magic! It feels super light on the lips and it's like you're not even wearing anything (that's how it feels). You just have to apply it again every after every meal but it's okay! I super recommend this lip tint who's after that natural red lips!

8 days ago
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Cherry lips:)

My sister used to have this in cherry so why not give it a try?! I used it one time and im inlove! I bought one for me and I always bring it wherever I go. This tint helps me especially during my rush hours. Definitely recommended for gals who are just starting to do their makeup. A go go for a no makeup look also!:)

11 days ago
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Get that cute Korean pout in an instant!

I've tried both colors (Cherry Pink and Red) and I can't choose between the two! I just love them both!! It gives you that instant fresh and blooming look. This works well especially for students like me who can't afford more expensive lip products but who still wants to look pretty and fab (gandang pulbo at lip tint lang ang peg hahah!). Its price makes it more amazing, because seriously, this is so good for just 198 pesos only!! <3 <3 <3

13 days ago

Long lasting!

I'm using the red shade and the bottle for me lasted for a year. If you want that red lips, you can try this. Long lasting!!! Just one apply in the morning and it can stay in a day! Yung ibang nag aapply nito is napupunta yung tint sa middle ng lips nila. If you want a full coverage of this tint, ang gawin nyo is gawin nyong lip liner. Get an adaquet amount then apply nyo sa line ng lips nyo. Wait until matuyo sya ng konti tapos saka nyo sya ikalat or ano ba tawag dun? Yung ipagcclose nyo yung lips nyo para makalat yung liptint. Basta ayun! Ahahahaha ganun ginagawa ko kaya hindi sa gitna nagsstay yung tint na to! Affordable! And until now hindi ko pa din ubos yung isang bottle

15 days ago
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Mother and daughter's delight!👭

Please, please, restock this product! I have been waiting for this to be available already. My daughter and I love this tint so much that there was even a time that we had a petty fight because I can't find mine and later discovered she used it coz hers ran out already. We had the Cherry Pink variation and it's really perfect for our morena skin tone. Very pigmented and smells so good! My daughter kept pressuring me to buy her again this tint, or else she will keep on using mine,until it ran out as well,huhu..Please restock soon!

16 days ago
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Truly delightful!

This is one of my favorite lip tints and I am so sad that it is currently unavailable :( Red delight is a very pretty color and it lasts so long! It was my first time using a lip tint like this so I was unsure about the maintenance required. I visited the bathroom frequently expecting to have to touch up my color but it stayed put all day :) I highly recommend it, it's cute and it's very affordable!

29 days ago


I was looking for a cheek and lip tint and when I saw this, I got curious as it was very affordable given the size. When I first tried it on, I'll be honest it was hard because unlike other tints, it sticks to your skin right away so you have to spread it immediately. A small amount goes a long way and it lasts the whole day. If you're planning to use it on your lips, just make sure that your lips are well hydrated and it would be helpful to put on a balm first before this.

30 days ago
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This is exactly similar to the very popular the body shop lip and cheek tint but way way way more inexpensive. Very light and watery upon application but the color is still vivid. It dries fast so application should just be minimal at first then just reapply until the color you want is acquired. Can put it in a lighter shade or darker.

about 1 month ago