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Favorite drugstore blush

This is my ultimate favorite drugstore blush. I have tried a lot, and this has been my favorite for more than a year now. I have been stocking on the shade Pearlescent Pink since my favorite high end blush is the Nars Orgasm. This looks just like the Nars Orgasm, but a little more peachy. Great great color.

over 1 year ago
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One of the best blush formulas

For 299 bucks, I never expected a blush that is so creamy and silky to the touch. I got this in Heather Silk and Mellow Wine, and both are very pigmented and formulated well! Heather Silk is a beautiful dusky pink, I totally recommend it. It's more pigmented than a lot of high-end blushes, trust me.

almost 2 years ago
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Mom's Fave

I got this for my mom around a year ago and she hasn't tried another blush since! She loves this and uses it everyday. It gives her such a natural glow that it makes me want to try it as well! It's so pigmented but it doesn't come off as over the top either. I'll give it a try on my next BeautyMNL haul. ;)

8 months ago
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Best of Drugstore Blushes

What is there to say beyond the 5-star rating? The colors in the line are gorgeous and resemblant to a lot of high-end blushes (Nars Orgasm, MAC Well dressed, etc). The formulation is just right so you can get the control of powder without the fallout, and the pigmentation is the best bang for your buck you can get. It's staying power is pretty impressive as well!

about 1 month ago

BRB going to marry this blush!!!

I used to be head over heels in love with Mac Riri Bad Girl Gone Good. It was the peeeeerfect blush but alas, it was limited edition. I wasn't able to hoard and if I wanted anothe one, I would have to pay for at least fifty dollars plus shipping on eBay. It was the perfect blush, but I guess we weren't meant to be. huhuhu. I tried lots of other blushes from different brands but something was always off. The pigments were too loose. The texture too different. Mac Riri BGGG was like my soulmate; nothing can compare. But alas, I stumbled upon Wet n Wild's Mellow Wine. It was love at first sight. Of course, it isn't as perfect and flawless as my Mac Ririr BGGG but it was close! It was pigmented. The colors were pure, and at least 90% similar to my Riri blush. Plus, it stayed on my skin all day. Super amazing that I immediately bought Heather Silk afterward. Heathersilk is a great color for going out at night. With a big fluffy brush, it gives a beautiful subtle dark vampirey blush look but you can also use an eyeshadow brush and use it on your eyes since it is VERY pigmented. Love love love love love this product. Would buy it even if it were twice the price! <3 love!

about 2 months ago


I love this blush. What I love about this is the glow it gives. I do not need to put any highlighter. It has the right amount of glitter. The pigmentation was superb! A little goes a long way. I've also read that the shade pearlescent pink this is a dupe for nars orgasm.

3 months ago

Pigment pigment pigment!

These blushes give high end ones a run for their money! These are super pigmented, but super blendable on the skin. These blushes last so long on my skin. I love the different colors that they offer. I feel that any skintone will definitely be able to find a shade that would look the best on them.

3 months ago
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my fave blush!

Pearlescent pink is a favorite. The color suits me very well. You only need a little of the product to give your cheeks color and glow. It lasts pretty long on me, about six hours. Buildable, and very blendable too! One of my friends also like this color and so she got one for herself!

3 months ago

HG Blush and Ultimate Fave!

I learned about this blush when a sales lady recommended this to me. She told me to try Mellow Wine and whoa, I super love it since then! This blush is very pigmented, silky in finish, and it definitely lasts long. I use Mellow Wine as my every day blush and I even use it as an eye shadow when I need a pop of color in my eyes. I recently bought Apri-Cot in the Middle, its a dupe of Too Faced blush and its perfect for a nude but glowy look that you want to achieve. This is definitely a value for money!

4 months ago
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Lasts long & delivers on color

Personally i think this could be a dupe of the pricier The Balm Instain blushes. Delivers a good color pay off and the shade Heather Silk closely resembles the Houndstooth shade of the Balm, so if you're looking for bang for your buck this Wet n Wild blush is definitely a great product to try. A little goes a long way and its better to build on the products rather than slapping it on your face coz it's very tinted and you could end up with blotchy pink cheeks if. Ot applied carefully & with a Light hand.

5 months ago
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A Favorite!

I love the formula of this blush. It is very pigmented, so a little goes such a long way! Definitely tap off excess product from your brush before applying if you don't want clown cheeks. I find the formula to be long-wearing as well. I still have color on my cheeks after a long day out in the elements. And lastly, the formula is so smooth and super blendable. This is definitely one of the best blush formulas that you can get at such an affordable price!

5 months ago

Go to for special occasions

I got the shade mellow wine which appears a bit deep on the skin. It's not for everyday but it's definitely my go-to for special occasions and I love it's effect on my skin! It even complements my contour by giving me that pop of colour while defining my cheek bones with its deep tones.

5 months ago
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Beautiful everyday blush

I've been looking for a rosy pink blush that would complement my skin tone. I'm a bit picky when it comes to blushers because the wrong color would either end up washed out or way too harsh for my fair skin. I'm really glad I found this wet n wild blusher in the shade Pearlescent Pink. This shade works best for fair to medium skin. It's quite pigmented and the texture is very smooth. It has this very fine gold shimmers which, at first, made me a bit hesitant to try it but I later realized that it made my blush look more natural than matte finish blushers. I'm really impressed with wet n wild products. This has got to be my favorite purchase from the brand so far.

7 months ago
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Wet n Wild Coloricon Blush was never broke so there was no need to reformulate it. It was pigmented, it blended well, it wore great, it looked amazing on cheeks, and it didn’t cost a ton of money. It blends nicely on your cheeks and it look natural especially if you get the PEARLESCENT PINK. you'll never regret it

7 months ago
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Amazing pigmentation

This blusher is so cheap and so pigmented. What's not to love! I use this with just one swipe of my Real Techniques blush brush and I already get an even flush of color on my cheeks. I love this especially because I think it's great for darker-skinned girls. The color Heather Silk really shows up on my medium skin tone.

7 months ago

Very pigmented, highly-recommended drugstore product for cheeks!

I have this one in Mellow Wine and truthfully, when I ordered it, I did not expect a lot from this product. Since it's cheaper compared to other brands, I figured that it would also be of lower quality. Boy, was I wrong! The product is very pigmented. It only takes 1-2 swipes for you to achieve your desired color pay-off. For those doubting this product, you should give it a chance. It's really great!

7 months ago


This has been one of the best blush I've ever tried. It's pigmented and lasts all day long on my very oily skin. I'm also acne-prone so I'm very glad it doesn't break me out! Love the colors and the quality. It doesn't hurt that the price is very affordable too!

7 months ago
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Dupe for high end brands 👌🏻

This an amazing really pigmented blush! I have this on the shade Mellow wine, it doubles up as a bronzer for me, it gives you thay fierce look, perfect for night parties. The best part of this blush it's very affordable, and perfect dupe for those high-end brands like KVD and ABH.

8 months ago


If you are morena and want to show off that great cheeks of yours, then this blusher is for you. I love Mellow Wine the most. It enhances my cheekbones. It is not overpowering. It doesn't look like you were just slapped. Moreover, this blusher is very pigmented and easy to blend. This product is really really amazing.

8 months ago
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This is my go to blusher for my everyday look. Actually i also love using this even for formal events, it blends well. While it is very pigmented, others might have a hard time blending it and may be overwhelmed, but a little goes a long way. And i suggest that you should use this with a light hand.

8 months ago