Transformers: Summer Rose by JÔ Joyce Oreña

Transformers: Necklace or 3 Bracelets (Summer Rose)

₱9,375.00 ₱7,500.00
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Exclusively designed and handcrafted by former top model and lifestyle writer Joyce Oreña, this charming beauty by JÔ transforms from three bracelets you can wear arm party-style or solo, to a one-of-a-kind necklace — and back. Designed for the woman who wants to infuse fun into her wardrobe, this signature accessory is a testament to why the brand is such a hit in the fashion industry. In fact, within the first month of opening, a customer purchased almost all of her stock! Even Katy Perry couldn’t resist getting a signature JÔ bracelet for herself. Now you can too — all at an exclusive price, only on BeautyMNL.

(1) MaxTribe Bracelet
(1) Asian Chick Bracelet
(1) Eternity 8 Bracelet

Pink/Brown/Antique Copper/Gunmetal/Rose Gold/Silver

It all started with a pair of hand-me-down jeans, crystals, and beads swiped from her mother’s box of trinkets. When the style sweetheart of Manila Designers in the 1990s, Joyce Oreña, went to work one day in jeans she embellished herself, everyone in the room wanted to buy that pair off hers. She eventually went on to creating her own brand of jewelry - JÔ - which had the same effect (times ten) as when she first wore that pair of DIY jeans. Within the first month of opening in 2002 in Manila, a customer purchased almost all of her stock! Her jewelry is also sold internationally, and she is the only Filipino designer to be stocked at a high-end concept store in Manila.