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Collagen Eye Zone Mask

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I thought this one isn't gonna work (where will you find 30 sheets of eye mask for 100 bucks?!). But then again, this proved me wrong. I love this product! It lessens the puffiness of my eyes after long hours of working in front of the computer. And for 100 pesos, this one's a must buy!

over 1 year ago
Certified Buyer


I love that its has 30 sheets and costs P100! Imaging being sleep deprived everyday. My eues are getting puffy! My eye mask before was broken so I bought this. I use this before I sleep. I love this than putting eye cream. I feel more refreshed with this. Totally pampering my eyes! Great buy!

10 months ago
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Certified Buyer


This is my first time trying an Eye Mask, I didn't know it'll be wonderful. I don't suffer from wrinkles yet but this mask made the skin beneath my eyes look healthier just the day after using it. I also love that it has 30 sheets! It's so cheap and I can use it 15 times. This definitely became part of my routine. I'll buy another one just to have it on stock in my fridge! Thank you~

over 1 year ago

Cheap but effective!

I've been looking for affordable eye masks all over drugstores here in Manila but I can't find one. I'm very ecstatic with this product because it's super moisturizing and the darkness under my eyes are starting to whiten and the puffiness is starting to flatten. 20 more sheets and I know it's going to be perfect!!

about 1 year ago
Certified Buyer


This product is a must have for girls with panda-eyes, those who have tired eyes, and those who basically wants to pamper themselves. I refrigerate mine so it is cool. It is very relaxing. I use it every single night and on days I have to look fresh. I love this product that I actually hoarded it! I never run out of this product. It is like my lifeline.

3 months ago
Certified Buyer


I've been looking for eye mask that can lessen.the puffiness of my eyebags and I'm happy with this product. I've been using it for a couple of weeks and I love how refreshing it feels when applied to the eyes. Also 30 pads for only 100 pesos, very affordable :)

4 months ago
Top Reviewer

Must Try Product!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

I super duper love this product because I saw the results that it made on my undereye area. I saw that it reduced the puffiness of my eyebags and also it reduced my dark circles a little. At that super affordable price it made good results on me. I also love that it has 30 sheets for 100 pesos that made me wanna buy this product again. ❤️

4 months ago
Certified Buyer

Very refreshing!

It didn't whiten my dark circles and didn't lessen the puffiness of my eyes, BUT, maybe that is because I always sleep late and sleep for a few hours only. However, what I really LOVE about this is the refreshing feeling that it gives when I use it. It makes my eyes feel less stressed.

4 months ago
Certified Buyer

Effective yet affordable! 👌

This is my first time to try an eye mask and I must say that I love this product! It feels refreshing and relaxing when you put it on your face especially under your eyes. This is helpful since most of us are glued to our laptop/computer at work. It totally reduces puffiness and dark circles! I'll definitely order again since this is now a part of my night routine. 😉

6 months ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer

Oh what a steal!

It is easy to doubt this product because of its very cheap price but I understand what the rave is all about! This Collagen Eye Zone Mask is truly effective in giving the eye area the moisture it much needs. When used as part of the night-time routine, the eye area is visibly less puffy and dark in the morning! The anti-aging affect on me is yet to be seen but with consistent use, I think we'd get there soon! I plan to hoard these because they are now an essential part of my self-care routine!

11 months ago
Certified Buyer

I'm in love!

I bought this on a whim because I was looking for a product for the undereyes. P100 for 30 sheets? I'm now on my 2nd pack and I love it! It reduces puffiness and it has a cooling sensation that totally relaxes me. I use this at night and it's now starting to become part of my nightly skin routine. I'm in love!

about 1 year ago

Love Love Love

I have gone through several packs of this eye mask! I must say I love love love this! I cannot imagine running out of this one. This eye mask tames my panda eyes! This really helps reduce puffiness and lightens dark circles. I do not think you can go wrong! For 100 pesos it's a no brainer!

6 days ago
Certified Buyer

Effective and relaxes :)

I've always had a problem with dark eye circles ever since I was a teen. I've tried a lot of products, and so far, this is one of the few that works! It does require some effort though (I'm the lazy kind of girl in terms of developing a habit), but I did put this on for a week. It's very cool and relaxing to the face. I actually used it after a stressful day for a quick pamper :)

12 days ago
Top Reviewer

so worth it

I love how affordable this is. You get so much more bang for your buck with 30 sheets for only 100 pesos. This has definitely made a difference in making me look so much less tired. I'm serious - I almost look like I slept last night (I didn't). This is definitely worth a try. Five stars.

21 days ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer

Good surprises come from small packages!

At first I was skeptical about this product not only it is cheap but it has a lot of promises. Well for someone like me who is always on the lookout for products that can help my skin... I tried this. To my surprise, It really does wonders. it really help my dark circles go away and it made my undereye more relaxed and I looked less stress. This is a must have specially to those who have jobs that are shifting (I am a chemist) .

24 days ago


I LOoOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOve this product! My dark circles didn't disappear but the puffiness and swelling has improved. For a corporate world slave, and a mother, tired eys is like a norm. But with this, it helps me look a lot better. Sometimes, I use this before nap time during weekends and use again before sleeping at night, the results are woooooooooooonderful!!!!!

25 days ago

Great for tired eyes! :)

Tired of work? Working over your computer/laptop for a long time? Having an eye bags already? It's time to use this product now! Been using this product for quite some time now and it never fails to give me a good result. It won't promise to lessen your eye bags but it will give you a derma like treatment to pamper your eyes. What I do is to keep it in the refrigerator so when I use it it will give a cooling effect to m eyes and it's super relaxing too. So this is a must have product.

28 days ago
Certified Buyer

Pleasantly surprised!

I wasn't sure if I would like it but because of the price point and reviews I decided to try it out. I LOVE IT! It's such a nice feeling to put this on your face after a long day of working and it really does make me feel more relaxed and you can see the difference in my under eye area before and after using it. Restock forever!

about 1 month ago

Eye love it!

Just clicked on these on the side while I was ordering because hello P100 haha! But these little babies pack a punch! It's super relaxing to put these on after a long day staring at computer monitors. Works wonders on my dark circles too! Need to stock up on these babies coz they are a super sulit buy!

about 1 month ago

GREAT value for money

I honestly didn't have much expectation for this product because the price-amount of product ratio that it comes in seemed too good to be true. I didn't expect much when I used it to cool my eyes after a long day in front of my computer. It felt very cooling, there was a lot of essence, and it took quite some time before the patches relatively dried out. My skin felt so refreshed after, and the skin even looked good! It was as if I didn't tire them out the whole day! Now, I use it every time my eyes feel tired, especially after sleepless nights. The skin under my eyes looks so fresh, as if I had a lot of sleep! I will definitely repurchase! :D

about 1 month ago