BMNL 2016 Awards Collagen Eye Zone Mask by Skinlite

Collagen Eye Zone Mask

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CLAIM TO FAME: A collagen-enriched treatment for the sensitive skin around your eyes

FAST FACTS: Gentle, intensive cream formula; made with rich collagen, Vitamin E, and green tea extract; restores moisture and elasticity to eye zone; reduces puffiness, dark circles, and signs of skin aging

PERFECT FOR: A pampering treatment right before bed

WHAT YOU GET: (1) pack Collagen Eye Zone Mask, containing (30) sheets
EXPIRATION: (3) years from manufacturing date indicated on packaging

  • Wash and dry your face.
  • Apply the mask around eyes or on the lip zone, ensuring good contact with skin.
  • Wear mask for 15-20min and remove.
  • Make sure to reseal bag after use.

Skinlite joins the ranks of Korean beauty brands we absolutely love. Its ultra-affordable skincare and body care come in easy-to-use packages and produce beautiful results, fast. Skin innovation has never been this approachable.

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Top Reviewer


I thought this one isn't gonna work (where will you find 30 sheets of eye mask for 100 bucks?!). But then again, this proved me wrong. I love this product! It lessens the puffiness of my eyes after long hours of working in front of the computer. And for 100 pesos, this one's a must buy!

over 2 years ago
Certified Buyer


I love that its has 30 sheets and costs P100! Imaging being sleep deprived everyday. My eues are getting puffy! My eye mask before was broken so I bought this. I use this before I sleep. I love this than putting eye cream. I feel more refreshed with this. Totally pampering my eyes! Great buy!

over 1 year ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer


This is my first time trying an Eye Mask, I didn't know it'll be wonderful. I don't suffer from wrinkles yet but this mask made the skin beneath my eyes look healthier just the day after using it. I also love that it has 30 sheets! It's so cheap and I can use it 15 times. This definitely became part of my routine. I'll buy another one just to have it on stock in my fridge! Thank you~

over 2 years ago

Cheap but effective!

I've been looking for affordable eye masks all over drugstores here in Manila but I can't find one. I'm very ecstatic with this product because it's super moisturizing and the darkness under my eyes are starting to whiten and the puffiness is starting to flatten. 20 more sheets and I know it's going to be perfect!!

over 1 year ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer


This product is a must have for girls with panda-eyes, those who have tired eyes, and those who basically wants to pamper themselves. I refrigerate mine so it is cool. It is very relaxing. I use it every single night and on days I have to look fresh. I love this product that I actually hoarded it! I never run out of this product. It is like my lifeline.

12 months ago
Certified Buyer


I've been looking for eye mask that can lessen.the puffiness of my eyebags and I'm happy with this product. I've been using it for a couple of weeks and I love how refreshing it feels when applied to the eyes. Also 30 pads for only 100 pesos, very affordable :)

12 months ago