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Gentle Skin Cleanser for All Skin Types (250ml)

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Practically saved my life

My teen years' savior! used to have bad acne but this helped so much! Washed my face twice a day with this and used it as a cleanser for itchy times and now my skin has cleared and I don't have scars from scratching because I dab this product when I feel the need to scratch. Definitely will not be replacing this

about 1 year ago

My baby!

I've been using this product for a year already! And I never used any facial cleanser anymore aside from this! I love it so much! It's so mild and gentle for my very sensitive skin! It made my skin fresh and smooth as alwaysI so recommend it to everyone out there! A must have indeed!

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

So gentle and mild!

Most cleansers which can powerfully dissolve dirt and make-up are somewhat harsh and can be irritating. But not this Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser! It is definitely effective yet very gentle and mild to thhe skin. It also has no scent at all which adds to its non-chemical properties. This product should be used after a full day to make the face get a well-deserved rest.

about 1 year ago
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the sensitive skin's HOLY GRAIL

I've been using Cetaphil ever since I was a child, and it's so gentle! This is perfect for those downtimes when you want to let your skin breathe. I also use this together with the Cetaphil moisturizer, and I've been getting a lot of compliments on how young I look. Best part? The bottle can last you up to 6 months of every day use! It's that effective!

about 1 year ago

Very gentle I love it

I love cetaphil. My derma recommended this for me years before and still up to now I still use this. I also try other products but cetaphil is a staple. I love that it is super gentle, fragrance free and soap free so it doesn't irritate my skin. I'm glad the brand expanded with lotions and sun screens, etc etc

7 days ago
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Gentle enough :)

So I've had allergies from our last getaway with family and this is my go to cleanser. And as always, it never fails me to heal every itchy parts of my face. No womder why this product is a holy grail for everyone. Very gentle and very smooth on skin.

8 days ago

Gentle facial cleanser and body wash

I've been using this for more than 5 years now! I use the original Cetaphil cleanser as both my facial wash and even body wash for days when I just want to take a nice long bath. This product is very gentle on my skin and I love that it has such a light scent. It has never failed me or given me a terrible breakout. Definitely a must have!

8 days ago
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So tipid because it's all in one!

I remember there was a time I ran out of facial wash and at the same time body soap. Good thing there was a stock of this at our house. I cannot believe how this can be used for both the face and the body, but it really works just as fine.

13 days ago
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Lola's cleanser

While this cleanser is quite famous for use with babies due to its gentle cleansing, this was also the only cleanser dermatologists recommended to my lola for cleansing her skin ulcer. Really, really great product. Cetaphil is really great for the family. I just wished someday they formulate paraben-free products.

13 days ago
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Trusted for 20 years

My family and I have been using Cetaphil for like forever. I started using this for my face back in highschool when I started having breakouts and the dermatologist advised me against using soaps and I never looked back. Now I have 2 kids and ever since they're born we only use cetaphil for their body and face. This is the real deal people. I've been using it for about 20 years and I don't plan on changing to any other brand. I only trust Cetaphil for my family.

13 days ago
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I'm going to keep this concise as possible, this product is 110% different from the facial cleanser formula. I originally have had minimal breakouts with cetaphil, but after using this specific "gentle skin cleanser" once, I immediately have a huge break out. If this cleanser works for your skin type stick with it, otherwise search for the specific variant "FACIAL cleanser."

13 days ago

My skin's soulmate

This product never left my essentials kit since the first time I used it. This is my perfect in between breaks and travel cleanser. This keeps my skin hydrated and I am confident that it is very gentle and it will not strip my skin of it's moisture. I also love that it can be used even without water which makes it easy for my to cleanse anytime and anywhere without the mess.

13 days ago

Gentle Cleanser

Whenever I remove my makeup, I try to remove them with cleansing oil and micellar water. After that, I cleanse my face with Cetaphil because it cleanses while still being gentle. It instantly refreshes my face. Sometimes, I use this without using water and it is still as effective.

16 days ago

One of the best cleansers!!

Might be the priciest product I use, but it works sooo well. I've been using cetaphil products for years, and they've never failed me. This cleanser really works and leaves my face feeling smooth. I love that it has no scent or color and that it also comes in travel friendly sizes.

21 days ago

Gentle Gentle Little Star

This is perfect for those who have sensitive skin like me. I've been battling with mild acne, I tried a lot of products to get rid of it. Later, I realized that I was doing it wrong. I shouldn't use harsh products as it irritates my skin more and that will lead to more acne. So I decided to try this well-known gentle cleanser, so gentle that it can be used for babies. It works wonders. Hindi sya nakaka dry ng skin. I feel that my face is super clean after washing my face with cetaphil. Nagsisisi ako na hindi ko trny to agad. Plus, mas mura dito sa BeautyMnl, compared sa drugstores.

21 days ago


I've been using this product for how many years already. I always go back to this whenever I try different cleansers. It's mild on your skin. It's perfect for the sensitive skin. This will help you remove dry patches on your face. It's indeed a must have! Speialy for acne-prone people.

21 days ago
Top Reviewer

Hasta la vista, dirty

I've been using Cetaphil ever since I can remember. During my puberty, I was breaking out like crazy. I went to the derma, and of course she recommended me Cetaphil. I've been using this for over a decade already and never tried out others. My face is clear now, korean-ish(almost LOL). There's a reason why this cleanser is world famous, you better believe the reviews. It's cheap and goes a long way, good for removing makeup (cc cushion makeup).

25 days ago
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I've been using this product since elementary years. It is a great fragrance free and soap free cleanser to all skin types. However, as an adult, I have already switched to other brands because since this is very gentle, it does not remove makeup at all. Also when I put on colored stuff on my face at night (pink powder for acne for example), I find that this doesn't wash all of it away. But for it being a basic cleanser, this stuff is super good.

28 days ago
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This face wash is amazing. I found myself needing to update my skincare routine, due to going from oily skin to dry skin unexpectedly, this fit the bill. I read some reviews and settled on this one and I am completely satisfied. It doesn't cause my sensitive skin to feel like it is on fire, it doesn't dry your skin out and there was an immediate difference in my skin. It doesn't foam up, so if you need that this isn't for you but it cleans beautifully. Couldn't have found a better fit.

28 days ago

The price is justifiable

My dad has a dry skin and his doctor made him used this product. I can see the changes in his skin so I started to used it too and trust me, whatever your skin type is, it will surely work! It's just that cetaphil products are too expensive! Anyway, the price is justifiable.

about 1 month ago