Nail Cuticle Cleaner by Skinfood

Nail Vita Pineapple Cuticle Cleaner

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CLAIM TO FAME: A cuticle remover with pineapple extracts

FAST FACTS: Helps remove cuticles and dead skin cells around the nails with a formula rich in pineapple extracts; cleanses as it smoothens the skin

PERFECT FOR: Removing hard, dull cuticles

WHAT YOU GET: (1) bottle Nail Vita Pineapple Cuticle Cleaner

Apply generously on cuticles in fingernails and toenails. Let the formula soften the cuticles for at least 15 seconds. Push or remove cuticles.

Known for their “Delicious Cosmetics Made of Delicious Food,” Skinfood is a cult Korean brand that believes healthy food for your body can be healthy for your skin, too. Taking nutrition for your skin seriously, they extract moisturizing oils, whitening agents, antioxidants and other ingredients from grains, vegetables, fruits and other wholesome food to bring you the best products from nature. Skinfood is dedicated to find the highest quality ingredients with the greatest skin benefits, from organic carrots from Jeju Island, black raspberries from central Korea, caviar from Russia to salmon from Hokkaido. They must really be on to something, with 985 stores now all over the world offering products that meet every skin and hair care need. That’s more than enough reason for us to believe in their products, too!

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Top Reviewer

Worth the price

This is such an expensive product for just my nails, no lie. But when I finally got to try this my mind totally changed, it is so worth it! It does smoothen my nails and it also makes it healthy, unlike before I had really dry and ugly looking nails. A little goes a long way too so you won't have regrets about the price.

about 2 years ago
Top Reviewer

great find!

I remember my nail salon technician pulling this out from her nail polish tray and I had no idea what it was. Despite my clueless reaction to this product, I was quite impressed with how it really softened my cuticles. I also love how my nails feel so much softer after using this product.

over 2 years ago
Top Reviewer


I was able to try this when I had my nails done at a nail spa just outside the condominium that I was staying before. I did not know that Skinfood does something like this so it was a pleasant surprise for me. I like how it effectively softens removes cuticles and dead skin cells around my nails. It feels great!

over 2 years ago
Top Reviewer

Easy to use

It makes my cuticles soft so it's easier to clean them.

over 2 years ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer

Great product

Unusual cuticle cleaner, it not only helps with the cleaning, as I never have removed my cuticles, but it makes your nails really smooth too.

over 2 years ago

Works for me!

I have a problem with dry cuticles and peeling nails. This products definitely helped hydrate my cuticles (I use this one or twice a week), and keeps my nails shiny if I'm not wearing any polish. Actually it looks like I'm wearing clear polish sometimes coz of the shininess. Its perfect if you have cuticle problems but it didn't do much for my peeling nails. the consistency is clear and almost unscented.

over 1 year ago